Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Fa la la la la?

Hey yall!
hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I had fun with my crazy family for the most part and was around the people i love which is the best part! We made tamales, mmm they came out really yummy! We had like 4 x mas dinners, it's ok they all rocked! Very fortunate this year! I will nover forget the faces of my nephews face when they got their gifts, so sweet. I wish there could have been a few that I would have shared the holiday joy with but we aren't exactly talking at this moment. SAD :( But it's all over now and we can stop rippin our hairs out, and relax and just wait for the new year.. FUN!!!

I'm at home, was about to make a payment on my Kohls card but I kinda got distracted. I have a week to get things done but I can't bring myself to do much. Case of the lazies! Tomorrow I think we are heading to Longmont to pick up my entertainment center. I have to wait for Ari's truck. Then I have to make apps to see apartments and start washing and packing all the crap I don't want. I hate this part, Packing is sooo not my thing. I wanted to get so scraping done but the lil devils... I mean kids :) broke my paper cutter thing and heaven forbid I have no so strait lines, I'm gonna wait till I get a new one. Plus I still need stamps. I think I wanna go to Michaels and maybe find another album. I made this really cute one for abby on x mas, kind of like a last minute idea I got right before I wrapped the album. I think she really liked it, and now I want one of my own. I need Pics!

OOOHHH! I got this book from mike on photography, so sweet! I can't wait to get to that too, and then I can't wait any longer, I'm gonna buy my camera!!!! I just have to budget for it and then after the numbers for moving, it's so mine! YAY!!!!

ok well I have to make that payment and then separate my clothes and actually do stuff!!!! I will let you know how it all goes down. Have a super week! xoxo

Thursday, December 20, 2007


I bring this up because Mike seems to think that the best way to describe my nail tips is they are Jaundice. When Clearly, they are silver! Bugs me looking at them type away and think "Really?" Half tempted to change them when I get home.

Anywhooo.. I must admit I have not done anything I was supposed to do today. I am so close to vacation and I must have embedded somewhere in my mind that it has already started. Tomorrow I will be scrambling to get it all done... I leave at 2, so it should be pretty interesting. I have 12 days to sit on my butt and do "not much". I do have plans to clean and pack alot of the things I don't use or throw away the things I really don't use. I'm so excited!

On other notes. We are going to make Tamales for Christmas.. I don't like making tamales. the only way I know how to make them and the only way my mom would let us make them is by using a spoon like old fashioned mexicans. This is so difficult. We never really even make these for the holidays, but my brother wants them and we all know he always gets what he wants. :)
I'm not ready for christmas this year, I still need 4 gifts. We had some last minute visitors come in, I'm nervous to tell you the truth! Just like when I met Mike's brothers for the first time, took him like 20 min to get me to walk through the door. I guess I'm shy when it comes to that. Jared is trying to google me.. if you suceed, then you win a prize!!!! a HIGH FIVE!!!! WOOT!

I work late tonight and then I'm off to wally world. My inital plan was to go to spinning class, but then the lazy over came me and I would much rather bump into hundreds of people who like to do last minute holiday shopping. yay...

Ok well I'm going to fill out a request for transfer now.. again!! It's worth a shot. Wish me LUCK!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Object to post 7 random things about me.
I think you all know me pretty well so this may be a bit difficult. I'll try my best :)

7. I love the way the sticky side of tape or stickers feel, I could peel my fingers off of it all day if I could... and if the sticky would last.

6. I'm a concert junkie. I love love going to any music thing, as long as I like the tunes :) Oh and I have to get a shirt when I go, or else I'm a fussy muffin.

5. I am a cover thief. I try my ever so hardest to share but then some how I end up with the whole blanky. Sorries honey!!

4. I don't like Jello or vanilla pudding. ugh just the thought of it makes me quiver!! However I want to make some jello jigglers with these new cookie cutters I got, I dunno who will eat them.

3. When I was a kid I fell on my face and split my tongue, not in half but it was pretty bad... you can kinda see where the stitches were once.

2. I don't like ranch on my salad but I like to eat it with other things. It has to be good ranch cuz some brands are icky!

1. I'm really afraid to just go and do things or make big decisions on my own. I always feel it necessary to get someones approval. I wish I didn't but it's a sort of comfort thing, I want to make sure I don't fail at anything or run into problems.

As far as my personal life,all is going really well and I am so in love. It's all looking up and I'm very grateful for everyone in my life. My friends, My family and of course my Sweetie. Without them, life would be oh so crazy!! Love you all!

Remember Everything happens for a reason.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

There is snow place like home...

And snowing it is. Just as soon as we thought it had died down a bit, there it goes again. I hate driving in the snow! Ever since the big ol' blizzard of '06 I have a total phobia of getting stuck again. Oscar ( my car) Just got new tires like a month or so ago, that should help... I dunno if we can take it again!! lol. I'm a lil dramatic.. : P

I have cool news!!! Well I guess it's just cool to me... I lost 2 1/2 to 3 pounds now!!! I say that because I'm not really sure, lol. silly I know. It's because I always use a different scale, I used mike's last night and according to his, it's 3. The one I used for my initial weigh in... it would be 2 1/2... Get it? Yup so I'm stoked! You would think that would be motivation enough to keep me from getting a caramel machiato this morning, but ah you are wrong. Plus I keep eyeing The burger king on the corner of the street. It's walking distance so I don't have to drive in the snow... doesn't the walking count?? No?? Oh...

I talked to my mom yesterday, not like I don't talk to her everyday but I told her what I wanted for Christmas and what I wanted to do with my extra Cancun money. According to her, I'm selfish. It's true but why can't I be? I do have goals and she thinks I should focus on them before I splurge and get what I really want. Which brings me back to my class of Wants and Needs. I have to teach kids that and I basically suck at it :) My classes start again in January! I'm excited! I love kids and I have the same teachers this year. Plus for the Fundraiser I think I'm going to be a captain of our bowling team. I have never been captain but Riz thinks I can do it then I guess she is right!

Is it 5 Yet? I Can't wait to go home and put on some warm pj's and sit in my Mikey's arms. Today Is Vangie's surprise birthday party so it may be a while before I get to really go home. It's a thought though.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Car RamRod

yo and hello!

I'm at work and let me tell ya... I was so close to callin in. Mixture of lazy, sickies and so comfy in Mike's arms. I think it may be just this week. Dunno. The interweb went down for a bit. I nearly died. Or so it felt like it. I have a new habit each and everyday.
Sign on to the bank's thingy mabob.
Turn on my phone.
Check my e-mails.
Look on MSN for any good stories.
Check the horoscope.. can't forget that now.
Look at Liz's scrapbooking blog. Ps. I love her songs!!
Look a few at photo blogs that make me wish I had my dream camera.
Look for worthy sales and coupon codes.
Surf I guess with the ocasional translation look ups for overdrawn notices.

Yep... I should be fired, jk. Hey I get my work done, and especial when proxy error pops up, I got 4 thigs of my to do list done. I think I get so tired of all the repetative things I do. I'll live.

Last night was way fun! I was there so much earlier than the other girls, I hate that, mostly because I can't stand to be late to certain things. I brought a gift card to the movies for the gift exchange and we did a white elephant type thing... I got this way cute snow man candle and matching stand with a mini red candle and this super cute snow man plate thingy. I think it would look great on the landing strip that we decorated with pretty x mas flowers in my red vase. I think if we reallly tried hard it would all look alot better. I should put that on our to do list for the weekend along with laundry. I didn't want to stay home this weekend but it seems like that may be the case.

I got some pages done last night. I won't say that they are full ones. I forgot my pictures at home so I improvised. Went to hobby lobby and got tons of paper, I'm excited! Micheal's desk is quite useful, they turned out really nice. It's hard to judge without the pics but I'll try to work those in.Tonight is scrapbooking night. I have so many ideas, I was thinking maybe I should sketch so I can get an idea placement but it comes so natural, its that flow.

Oh and when I get home, I'm so turning on super troopers with a bowl of popcorn! ye- yeah!

It's about lunch time, Riz went to the post office, she needs to get her passport for Cancun. she left without telling me.. so Mike and I are gonna grub somewhere yummy :) byes!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

All I want for Christmas

Good afternoon! It's apears it's about to get pretty gloomy soon. I thought about asking to go home early today... hey what can I say I'm a bit lazy today.

I had a wonderful morning. Mike and I got up really well and surprise surprise, I wasn't a grouch. I love morings like that. I had a staff meeting and had to be at work by 7. Plus it helps when stop lights are in my favor. This morning we even got a bonus! woo hoo!! It was less than I expected but there I go assuming again. Last year it was a thousand and this year it was five hundred. I had plans for all that ya know... I'm not complaining. That uncle sam sure likes his share. I swear I need to have kids. Mike, lets get to that :D

Tonight we are all joining forces, all our buddies and when I say our, I mean Rizzy's and I's friend. Ha lookie that, it was cute! anyways we are gonna have dinner and do a mini gift exchange while we all catch up. Sounds Great!

After work I wanted to run to Hobby Lobby, fyi, scrapbooking items are 50% off. I think I may just spend my whole bonus there. Restrain meself no? Na!!! I do what I wanna :) I may even go during lunch.. I brought soup, mmm.
Looking up... Micheal and I decided to wait on Cancun. going with Riz and the kids seems like a total reduction of alone time, plus all the worries of the wedding.... Blah! In result we are going someother time, alone and loaded.. and hopefully sometime in the near future. saving has been so hard on us both. Since we ain't going we have this idea of blowing the money we do have to spend it on what we really want, the trip and our "wants" are around the same price.. Sucks huh. Anyways, I want a new camera sooooooooo bad. Like the one that I really really want. I realize I sound like a baby.. My bad. I just have so many ideas... ah, I can wait, I guess. We also made lists to make our lives easier instead of thining the other wants something and in reality they really don't.. yeah, we be smart.
Moving.. I want to so bad. Looks like it may be closer than I thought, maybe, the plan was after cancun.. if we weren't broke, ha ha. Maybe I will still aim for march.

Healthy update: I lost a pound and a half.. in lenght it seems like nothing but I'm really proud of myself. Considering how bad I did a few weeks of the 4 or so. Last night I dragged Micheal and Cassie to the gym, it was pretty fun.. Can't wait till basketball starts :)

The sun looks like it's peaking through, what do ya know.. Laters

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Pint

Of haggen daz to mend a broken heart.
Well I wouldn't say broken but I will say hurt. I've been in a sorta crudy mood and I think it's cuz I'm been pissy and pretty bummed. Can you blame me, like no! so after I work out tonight I want to go buy some icecream, super creamy double churned butter pecan ice cream that has 1/3 less the calories than the other stuff, remember I'm on a health speal here. And watch america's next top model. that outta cheer me up.

Lastnight Mike and I got into a disagreement over the same old crap. Wouldn't you think that if it has always caused problems then maybe it should get taken care of. I do. I guess it can't be taken care of the way I would like them to be. Whatever. To be honest I am so tired of arguing and fighting and I'm to the point where I want it all to be over, no matter what it takes or what the results lead to. Drastic? a bit.

Like I hate thinking and we all know when I get to thinkin it leads to no good. I know your sorry for everything that has happened, but how do you expect me to forget it all and not think that you may do it again? You have lied and lied and promised the effin world to me and all that means nothing to me anymore. I can only try and pretend to belive you for so long. You paid dues... How? I forgave you for everything, how is that paying dues... I know you know what you did but are you really sorry for it? Defend her all you want, I don't care. It means nothing to me. I hate how I get screwed over and I have to be the one that has to settle with whatever it is that pisses me off most and deal because I'm with you, and want to stay with you. Not anymore. I shouldn't have to and I won't. I was so afraid of falling in love again due to fear that I would totally get my heart broken again. Saying I love you again was sooo hard. And to feel the way I did, not worth it. It didn't feel like you meant it. But your notorious for saying you love someone and you really don't. It's up to you, I know we need to talk but I will let you know that I'm not budging and I am surley not going to put up with lies. At the same time I feel so torn, I should get over it, afterall, I always do right. I can't begin to tell you how hard it was to sleep without you last night. I didn't get the before bedtime kisses or the cuddles. I couldn't even listen to the sleepytime mix, I just thought about you. Everytime I looked over and you weren't there, or waking up with out your arms around me. sad times. It's really hard not being with someone for one day that you spend every single one with.

As for other things, work is well. And My healthy thing is going well also. I'm going to work out tonight and tomorrow, I try not to get discouraged, Riz is so my motivator. Love ya sis! After I'm gonna go home and prolly do nothing, we'll see.
Peace out.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Post Turkey Trauma

Black friday, the day I thought I couldn't resist. Ha but behold, I did! I think it was lack or sleep to be honest. I wanted that time to myself, afterall not like I had the company or the money to actually go spending like a mad man.. WOman.

I have to say that working today sucked. It went by really fast but I would have much rather stayed at home, it's pretty cold out there. I know I appreciate it much more come Christmas eve, the day I choose. I have to take Jared home after work. Just call me a good samaritan. jk. We get along pretty well, in fact he is here telling me to add that he is peachy.. and I did so get away now, thanks. My weekend, hmm, that will most likely conist of me hanging with my buddies and moving my mom's bed. I guess her and my dad continue to fight about the noise it makes at night. I bet you guys are thinking dirty. FYI, they don't sleep in the same room anymore. It's my mom moving and my dad being an easy sleeper. Moving on before an image appears.

Yesterday was wonderfully crazy. I love my family, but they drive me up the effin wall sometimes. It all started at 8:20 am when I decided to wake up. I tried to wake Micheal up as well with less sucess. And after shaking for a few good minutes, alas he was up. So ya know this Turkey Trot thing we were to go to... It all began with a broken leg and misunderstanding of not listening at all.. To the end result of us not going. I was sooo super pissed for a while there.. I hate being late and then to not do it at all. GGGRRR!! but I quickly got over it, and so instead we headed over to walmart to get the few things that we forgot. There we saw Hannah and her boo, Rueben. He is one odd fellow.

Our and by our I mean Micheal and I, had the first thanksgiving dinner/lunch with his brother John. YUMMY! the turkey rocked. Mad props bro, mikes bro :) Then I went to see Rizzy, ah that was a story all in itself. Played uno till I was all unoed out. Then arrived to my house for madness! My dad was like so drunk already, I may be exagerating a bit, he had wine to drink in a mass consumption than most individuals couldn't endure and then he tried to uphold conversations. Yep. Then my mom was stressen for like no reason. I think she should no longer host the thanks giving festivities, she can no handle it. I cooked and I feel like so not sppreciated for it, not like I want praise or something, just a simple thank you, not a "oh how hard could that be" jerk faces. I do want to add a thank you to Greg, You are jsut so nice, he came to thank me for the slice of pie I gave him on wednesday, very kind. Mind you there are still 2 whole pies at my house that my family will not eat. You all think of all the starving african children before you throw away your food. Comtinuing, the night was full of Buzz, a new game on the ps2, it is quite fun, especiallly the making your own questions part.

Ok well Jared just headed upstairs to lock up, so that Means I have to close up shop down here. Laters and have a great weekend.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey Trot

Hey guys.

It's thanksgiving eve.. You don't reallly hear it like that anymore :) Anyways, I'm at work and trying to advoid real work. A few updates,
I have been doing really well at the whole being good and working out thing.I have gone at least 3 times a week, go me! It helps to have Riz push me. I need to do a weigh in to see the progress. This is for the holiday challenge thing at work, I may have mentioned it before. I want the card so I'm gonna try super hard to lose the 5 lbs.
Yesterday was super, It was food day with yummy stuff, I seen my honey during lunch ; ), I got lots of stuff done, had fun with my temp buddy for the day Calvin, I don't like being alone and I got a raise!!! I was really surprised, I have to figure a few things out and see if I can work out some other issues but sure brought a smile to my face. I ditched working out but then Rizzy came to say bye cuz her and the Family are going to chicago to spend the holiday with Juan's family and her Best friend. Wish her a safe trip! I'm bummed that she won't be around for work, who else am i gonna email all day?

I made some pumpkin pie last night. I brought one to work to share, but I feel kinda bad because they are really dark, like i think I put too much brown sugar, mind you these are pies made from scrath with real pumpkins, I haven't tasted yet but it sure smells yummy. I have to make more tonight. I have to cook thanksgiving dinner. "supposedly" I said I would help but I guess I have to be put to the test to see if I can pull it off all by my lonesome. I'm a big girl I can handle the heat. I did last years turkey, but there is also a ham and then the stuffing and the tatoes and salads and the pies and ect. I'm a bit scared now.

Tomorrow is the 10th annual turkey Trot race! I have never done it before so this year Micheal and I are participating in it, This should make me feel less guilty for all the turkey I eat :) We are doing the 2k race, which really isn't a race at all.. the 5k is but looking at the map the 5k is like almost all around greeley or something, ok I'm exaggerating but it is really long! Plus it snowed today and it is said to snow tomorrow, So good thing we are doing the 2k, less time to freeze our butts off.

As for black Friday, I can't figure out If I want to participate in the mad shopping. Although I have become and online junkie lately. I love shopping online, Like there are so many cool things plus you can get all sorts of coups, and you all know me to be pretty thrifty. I have recently found a new walmart, with out the produce section. Kohls! I like love it now and since I have a kohls shoppers card, which was prolly a bad decision waithing to happen. They have almost everything, and if you know how to shop you can get things for cheaps. I'll have to let you know the amount I end up spending. I know I can't resist.

Some more news to add on, Jose was just in the bank and it was sooo sad. He was to leave today to visit his family in Texas for a long weekend. Last night he spoke to his grandma and then today they got the news that she passed away this morning. I have only seen Jose cry a few times and those few times were very low points so I know that this is just killing him inside. I know it's way bad when he needs a hug from me. If I could I would hug you for like ever till it doesn't hurt anymore. The whole family is going to services. My condonlences are with you and your family at this time. Sorry that what is to be a joyful occasion is to be remembered with the loss of a loved one.

With that said, hope you all have a safe and happy thanksgiving with your families. Give thanks for those who you love and still have with you. Never take them for granted. Lovies

Saturday, November 10, 2007

It's Sabado!!!

Hey boys, and girls!

I'm in a great mood today! It's saturday and I'm at work, hence why I post, easy 5 hours of my job :) My week had gotten better despite all the madness. It came out to 14 hours of meetings. Crazy huh. But my team and I which consits of carole marnie and I all had a organized system and got all tickets done and almost done with DDA! Super I know! And another note of good news, Lil Lynda may work here now, I'm stoked since she rocks and would be a great addition to the department, and the 500.00 bounus never hurts.

The holiday challenge started here at work which has been going alot better than i thought it would. We have these classes that we go to, if you want to and they are really fun.. and sweaty. I did a walking circut and even a spinning class. That one was really good but my butt hurt soooo bad after that class. I want to say I'm so proud of Arizbe cuz she has done so well this week, she pushed through as well as be my little motivator. Love ya sis!!! I found that I felt alot better when I work out cuz then I'm not so stressed, and I have been waking up super early and I'm cool with it. It's hard to wake up at 5:30 ya know. Soon as I get off work I'm heading to the plex with Mike so we can get our sweat on! Appealing huh! Besides all that It's just regular stuff, clean, laundry, so on... I have monday off, Yippee!! I wanted to take a weekend get away but I'm too poor for that, But Cancun is getting closer and I have all of it saved. I still have to decide if I'm going anywhere for Christmas, It's just so pricey during the holidays. But then, who wants to just stay at home all week, and be without my other half and do nothing? That reminds me, it's holiday picure time!!!! I will have to get my haircut soon :)

Byes and have a great weekend!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

The Need to

I have to Vent, Like my brains out, seems to be the norm lately, but who cares, it's blog and I write what I want!

So this moring seemed fine, I woke up without wanting to but what else is new. I went to bed early so who knows why I'm so tired lately. anyways, I was up, I guess I got it all done earlier than usual cuz I even had time to watch the news, which brings me up to say what the hell is wrong with this world??? Crazy issues, its the end, I know it, yeah anyways, back to my story... I get to work and I was so waiting for today because Marnie is back!!!! I can't describe the things we had to work through and all the ugh-ness we had to deal with through her abssence. So yay, cool that! Today I have a big day with tons or meetings and such, which is fine, until they try to "put the fear of god into you", which I state as a direct quote from the meeting. so we are having another audit, since we failed the other ones. Which puts tons more pressure on us. Which stinks!! How difficult is it to fill out a general ledger ticket properly?? so yeah my job just got way more intensive, made it seem like if we suck again, you all are getting fired, lol. Plus I have to update all the lists, which felt like it took forever and I need to make note that I hate excel with a passion.. biotch doesn't want to work with me, and finally I got that squared away :) which made me very, very happy! I'm helping do GL examples for another meeting thursday at 7 am... aside for having to pull up statements for a sepina which I am trying to get done and are due mananna.. and try to get all transfers verified and then of course there is the phone that rings like non stop. I have a staff meeting on wednesday, one on thursday and a training on friday that lasts all morning.. I have my hands full.

I'm stressed but I can't say it's the worst it has ever been and of that I am greatful! I can tell you right now I don't feel like cooking dinner, but for you I will :) All weekend I have not wanted to leave my house, who knows why... Also I have been craving coke like no other.I think I have mono, lol. I doubt there is a sickness that has laziness and addiction to soda as side affects but its a way better thing to blame it on illness than own self weirdness. I have to go to the doctor and the dentist soon so I will see, lol.

I needed a break and now that I got one and seeing how it is about 10 till 1, which I have another meeting in place of my lunch hour, then one shortly after then with marnie and so forth, I will be taking off with my note pad and pen and will soon fall off the face of the earth untill the time I get off.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Careful what you wish for?

Hey amigos!

Its that time of say when I get to stay late at work and hove nothing to do so I get to update!!! yay!!!! I worked late last night too but I had soooo much to get done, but I'm all caught up today and I must say all is mostly well. I'm training another newbie so it's cool.

I have been so odd the past few weeks accordin to my resources, but I will get to that a bit later, first I want to fill you in on all my cool adventures!!

A couple weeks ago we went to the corn maze and that was super fun, it was just so cold and we left when it began to drizzle and tonight we are going again, tonight it is going to be ahunted so it should be lotsa fun, Erick is for sure going and I'm not all sure who is, we'll see.
We also took a trip to the scare fair, the one by saint michaels. Then there was this play called Maranda's nightmare and it was so good, it was a halloween dance play. I though it was really creative and one of my co workers was in it and she did awesome :) Ok those were ok and 2 were really really lame, Micheal, John, Erick and I went and that was cool I just kept getting scared, I'm such a weenie. Last friday we took a trip to Eliches to go in the ahunted houses there, I must say I loved getting scared, those were sooo amazing and the second would have to best ever! fun fun! Then Our halloween party was on saturday. I had a great time for the most part, although my co-host would dissagree. Whatever, It was great and that is all that matters, well except for the cleaning when you are super tired part.

Ok so recently my life has been so outta wack. I have no idea why either. I have so many mixed emotions. What I think I want, in reality is really not what I want at all. Like I do and I don't, ahh so aggrivating to argue with myself over all of this. My heart is so different than my head. I'm confused, I'm in like, I'm in hate and frusteration. I'm tired, of all of it. Truely and honestly, I don't know if I want to make it work anymore. I'm so unsure right now that anything I say is most likely wrong. I'm not happy and I really don't know what will make me happy. At this point I feel like anything changing is far too drastic for me to take in all at once. It's not fair to you or me. I know this prolly makes no sense or maybe it does, I have to say it all cuz I feel like I can't say it all to you, eventhough you are my best friend. I can't take advice from anyone. they are so bias. screw it maybe I wanna be selfish and you are just along for the ride. I dunno. I just need time, hopefully. I'm done, with letting out my feelins, I even started gettin confused.. I would delete this but maybe it is good for you to hear. My only form to express myself to you at this time. I guess this would be the time to break into tune with the cheap trick song. come on it only seems appropriate, lol.

On a happier note, I get off in 30 min! Tomorrow is halloween, at work we are to all come in as a department and so something really cool. my department sucks and there are only 3 people participating in the deopartment theme. yeah that is ok cuz only the cool people dress up anyways. We are to be goths, ha ha this should be amusing. I will let you know how it all goes d0wn. Wish me luck and fortune, especially luck so I don't fall off my 6 inch star platforms and break something!

Happy Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

On a sad note

Lets take this moment to preserve the memory of Touretts guy. Don't talk (bad word here) about total.

And also my straightener, it gave me a few great years of shiny, smooth, silky, strait hair :)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I'll color you happy

Cuz I know I am :D
On the contrary of all my past un-happyness on my last posts, I have been having a wonderful, stress free, sweet and sutle week. I hope I don't jinx myself...

One point to mention. Micheal's mom came in on Friday, as a sort of surprise I guess. I love her she is so adorable. We make her happy :) oh and tonight we are going to have dinner at the olive garden with my parents and his... I'm nervous. I think maybe cuz my dad is a life runiner and I'm afraid he will do and or say something really embarassing, lol. Cross my fingers!!!!! I hope I'm just over reacting, My dad likes Micheal now, it should go well.

Lets start on friday, work was fine, it just took a really long time to gt through. It was friday night and I had to make Marnie (my boss) dinner. It went well, I made some bomb chicken and some yummy rice with some corn. Her baby, Emi, is soooo cute. Mind you she was crying the whole time, but she was adorable! I think she looks like her daddy :)
This day was especially great because My best friend is my best friend again!!! I was really happy, I got tired of missin him. Funny how Erick was like just call him and ya know you miss him, but me being so stubborn was like no way. I'm glad I finally got over that...
Oktoberfest was up and I had to work it... 9 to 11. So I did and it was pretty cool, the band was good and there was a ton of people and I got my shirt, then Tiffany and Jose came over and that was fun. I got off around 10:45 and we went to the lounge and hung out and went to village inn. Good night all in all.

Saturday I was supposed to wake up at 7 am to go to firestone to get my tires replaced and all that good stuff for oscar. That didn't happen. I was too tired. I eventually got up and cleaned him out really well. Then off to Oktoberfest once again. It was really hectake and I saw Kevin, which was the worst, lol. It wasn't that bad but I was so trying to avoid anything. When that was done I went and got some new tires for my car!! yay, they were much needed. The Ag bbq was at the bank that night too, which was yummy, and we got some cool prizes. Caroline Rhea came to town and we had tickets. Ahhh, she is so not funny. At least it's not the comedy that Micheal and I like, lol. I smell like ham. ha ha , sorry inside joke :)
Later after the lame ass show we walked to to fest again and hungout with John and his new friend Kelly. All I have to say is we so kicked butt at pool. I don't belive in defaults, lol. I chilled and played Guitar hero with my buddies, Ya know the crew, the more intimate crew i should say. Hell of a night, I was soooo spent, lol.

Shots of milk? Priceless!!!

I went home like at 6:30 and I freakin got pulled over! For my lights, hello it was light enough! It's about oh 10 min till sunrise.... yeah ok. Whatever, I didn't get a ticket so that was cool.
Movie time like 5 hrs later, Good luck chuck. It was good, alot of nudity and when you really watch it, it was like a different movie than the trailers on tv. Saw Micheal's mommy this day. Spent all day together. then went home to mimi's.

I requested tuesday off so we could go to Estes Park and go sight seeing I guess. the weather was perfect and the sights were beautiful. I knew I like co for some reason, lol. Going up there just makes me want a really awesome camera more and more. Christmas :) Which I might be in Cali for. First time away from my mommy for christmas, it's not official but looks promising. After the trip we were sleepy from our long day, I crashed out and I think Mike stayed up for the longest time. I love sleeping! especially with my honey. In the a.m. I had to rush home and get ready, I wanna move already.. something to look into again!

I have half an hour left and It's time to go home! which I really look forward to :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Miss Banker

I'm at work, late, again. Yep.
Anyways, I'm bored, sooooo bored. I have nothing to do and I'm just sittin here. LAME!!! No one calls after 5:30... except for those few, which I am here to assist them :)
I have some new news however.

It's not that I hate my job now, I love it I really do, I just think and know that I can do so much more. I feel like when ever I fill out a request for transfer I feel as though it seems like I'm just looking for a spot so I can leave the department where I am now.. So not the case. I get so many apps a day wanting a position here. A few new positions opened up, Loan operations and a one point administrator. I would like to go for either one of those. I dunno if I should apply though. Maybe I'm a bit discouraged by being shot down before ( loan assistant :( ) but it is a different position and a different boss. I think I need to get paid more for what I do now and then some, lol. I hate being mini boss cuz there is just too much drama with it. At least since I'm the youngest, lol. I would like a bit of change, shall I take the plunge? I dunno... what do you think??

I did get like 50 pounds of books today from Jackie. She is the general manager for liberty tax. Arizbe worked there I think the past few years. I guess she told her I was interested in a position there during tax season. I just wanted to be a receptionist there for the few months it was open. Instead she thought I would be great at doing the taxes. So she is going to give me the class and the books all free of charge if I agree to go to class and then eventually work for her...
My mom thinks it's a wonderful idea, she had been bothering me about this since last year when Riz tried to get me all in this.. I totally refused. Lol, This time I couldn't, she was like right in my face giving me the books. I guess I have to think it through. Do I want to be a tax prepare-er? not really.. I like my job now at the bank and feel like at times it's overwhelming and I don't have much time for anything else... and to take this on... which Riz said she got about 40 hrs a week, and this was supposed to be a part time position... eeek. I'll take a gander at it all and make a final decision soon.

I had some crazy caller today, after I talked to him he like asked me 20 questions, like if I lived with my parents and If I liked my job and if it paid well, and told me he had to give me some advice, it was something that I needed to do. He told me to take Folic Acid and to eat lots of leafy green veggies..... WHAT??? like what a weirdo.. I have no idea why he thought it would be important to bring it up but he did and he told me why I should take it, because some women don't know they are pregnant till the 6th or 8th week of pregnancy. In order to prevent the nasty disease of spinialbiphia, (which is totally not how you spell it) I had to start early.. yea and then out of no where, he said, I always tell young women like yourself that if there is ever contact with seimen you need to be taking folic acid. At this point I was totally speechless! What the hell was I supposed to say after that??? OMG!! It was so awkward and I think he noticed because after I was like um.... ok, thanks, he was like ok, have a great day, bye and then hung up. HA HA! Crazy stuff. Well I hear that he is an odd customer and has done crazy random stuff before so I guess I don't feel so bad..

As for tonight, I have to go to wally world and pick up a prescription.. and I think I might develop some pictures :D I have 10 minutes left, yay, I'm gonna finish closing here in a few. First tax class is tonight, which I'm not going to, lol. I have plans with my Boo... so see yalls later!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sicker than a...

DOG..... OR.. Whatever is almost dying.
I have been sooooo sick this last week. I hung out with the gang on sunday, it was Gabe's birthday and we all had fun, Then Monday I was feelin a little crudy but I still got up and took a shower, I was trying to get ready and it was sucky.. I didn't feel well at all, My tummy hurt so bad. I called in to work and I drove over to Micheal's house so he can baby me, which I have become quite Accusotme to :) Anyways I was there all day and all night, I have never slept so much in my life it was like about 20 hrs just that one day. I decided not to go into work on tuesday either. I went home got some rest, cleaned and I felt alot better. SO, wednesday I went to work. I was fine till After lunch. I got so sick, I ran to the bathroom and threw up and I left to go home. That entire night I was barfing my guts out. I hate throwing up and then to do it so many times, it was horrible. Micheal stayed and took care of me all night. I heart you honey. I Felt alot better in the moring but I was going to go to the doctors. Which took forever to make the damn appt. Mike was all making me laugh when I called my boss, jerk face, lol. My mom was going to take me so Micheal went home. After the docors appointment I found out I have an inflammed stomach. And a possible cist. that is what made me feel bad and then there is too much acidity in my tummy that that is what made me sick. Everyone thought I was pregnant, haha, yeah right. Have had too many scares with that one already. I have lay off spicy food, Which sucks cuz I love spicy stuff, tomatoes, citrus, and anything acidic for a while till the inflamlation goes down. I Have a follow up in about 2 weeks. Friday was fine, I think I was just so worn out from being sick that the day took forever and I was so tired and at the end of my string.

I'm at work now and I don't feel so good. Riz is going to make me some oatmeal so I can take my meds. I love my sisy :) It is raining outside.. I wish I was at home sleeping in my comfy bed. My morning was so insane!!! I couldn't find my effin keys. I didn't use them all weekend and they are lost, I have no idea where they are at which is really bad cuz they have my bank key on it. My mom was yellin all crazy how I wait till the last minute to go to work and how I'm irrisponisble.. over keys.. come on now. So this morning I had to take my mom's car. It's like a boat compared to Oscar, lol. Luckily I had my yellowcard cd in there and it was nice to hear after all the chaoz. This weeekend I so bummed it out, with my bumming partner Micheal, lol. All we did is stay at home and watch movies and eat... yup. It went by too fast and nothing got done but it was fun to relax at least. Friday night Cass and Mike came over. They brought over some pizza, and a salad for me, (the pizza looked yummy!!) the boys played games and Cass and I scraped booked, it was really fun but got really irritating, really quick. My pages look awesome thought :) I just have to get more pictures developed. It was probably like midnight and we called it a night. Litterally Mike and I crashed and fell asleep so quick. So nice...

I'm gonna do my job now so I'll update later. see ya and hope ya'll are healthy, lol :D

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Just to get it all on paper

If you want me to describe my mood, I would have to say tired. I haven't been myself today. I am tired, irritated, annoyed, Pissed at my hair and have alot of things on my mind. I thnk I need to vent. So here it is, my feelings how they are, yet still hidden. The rest goes in my journal when I go home :) Right now I think I need a cry fest. One of those times I suppose. Anyone care to join me? Don't, its depressing.

I'm at work. Story of my life. I came in at 7 am and leave at 6:30. Almost a 12 hour shift. By the time next pay period comes around I will have about 15 hours of over time for 2 weeks. A friend told me that I work too much. Maybe because I don't spend enough time with her. We all live in this money hungry world that we are all trying to ride the wave instead of drown under it. Inflation in taxes and things are sooo expensive now and however our pay stays the same.
Reality for ya.

I make alot of money for someone my age. I make more than all my friends. I'm basically the brokest of them all. how you ask. Ummm... your guess is as good as mine. I can tell you what I pay and I have no idea where it all goes. I need to get better on that. I feel like I have nothing to show for. I wish I hated shoes and clothes. That is my weakness. Do i really mean it? Hell no. I love clothes and shoes. I might as well die without them. I think about my future and how I want my house and then I get sad just thinking that my biggest fear of becoming a bum will happen. I have no idea why I am so scared of this... must go along with my fear of carnies and scary faces.

I came upon envy today. a teller I know has these beautiful flowers at her station. Her husband gives her a bouqet of flowers every week. Along side with a latte and a dozen kisses on sunday mornings. He has been doing this for 27 years. Sweet I know. I want a love like that. I want to be wisked away in my abundant feeling for love and know that there is something that is so close to my heart that no one can ever replace that special thing. None of this is anywhere near how I feel now. I'm a romantic, some guys are so not, must be an error encoding in their genes.

Ok so Technically I have a boyfriend. Micheal, you all know him. If we want to talk technicality of our past, it would be a huge mess. I feel so drained trying to think of it all in my head. I much rather forget most of it. alot has happened in the span of 2 1/2 years. half was so stupid anyways, all the drama and people involved, not enough to waste my time and energy. Not now anyways. The scoop, It is for officiality. I got tired of us "pretending" we were not a thing to make other people happy. We are and have been acting like we were dating ever since the actual break up last september. Pretty dumb of me I have to add. How can I go along with this crazy ass idea. I dunno, really I don't. It just seemed easy to be with some one you spend all day and every single day with. At the time I didn't care what it was called. We both know what beholds in our future. Just a matter of time now when we decide to move on from here and where we land there. I truly hope that it goes well. honestly. I just don't know if I can allow it to.

My relationship with my parents has matured alot since the last time we have had issues. It must have been a while, I can't seem to remember when.All is well. My mom took me and riz out to lunch today. it was really fun. The only time I can really remember being happy today. My mom is individual who is so wonderful sometimes but can drive you up the damn wall so easily. I guess we are so alike, lol. I can't imagine what on earth I would do the day she leaves this world.

Fyi, I'm at home now. I sucked at driving home today. I almost ran into a dude and his dog. ya know wouldnt be the first time I almost hit someone, there was this guy on a bike, biotch came outta no where. I didn't hit him, by like an effin foot. :) beware when I drive? I left in question for you to answer yourself.

I'm cold and I'm trying to do some laundry. If I can say I accomplished one thing today, that would be puttin new sheets on my bed. Micheal is on his way. I didn't see him yesterday. I miss him. I just feel bad that he is gonna see me all happy and me be in this crapy mood. I think I can place my bets that I will cry tonight. then he will make it all better, always does :)


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Time of the essence

It's late, for me anyways. I am to leave at 5 and here I am working till 6:30. I didn't take a lunch. I left work at 1 yesterday cuz I was feeling sick. I did this morning for a bit too, but I just knew I had to go in. Oh and I got another Job!!! Ha ha , I bet your thinking like why would you get another job? well, cuz I wanna. I got a part time job at the boys and girls club by my house. I'm an Event director, yay!!! I was really excited, Heather, Chris's wife got me the job there, she used to work here but she left to work there, but she is no happy there. she is comming back to the bank, part time, or so we thought, She wants her old full time job back, but I guess it's what she wants. I am most likely going to be there by myself with all these Ghetto people and kids. Ah, I went there yesterday and those kids are so roughty. I'm lookin into trouble, or it feels that way.

So my parents are gone, until sunday. I am so sad! It has been really hard for me to be alone these past few days. Even though I am never with my parents when they are here, still nice to know they are there and you are safe. I hung out with everyone on friday and then Mike and I took my parents to the airport. Which I felt like crap then too... and then we came home and slept till real late. Spent all weekend together, it was really fun. then sunday I hung out with erick and Had a really great weekend till monday night comes.. I was all lonely for a while till erick came over again. Just sucks, I'm not used to being all by myself all the time. When I left yesterday was worse. I hate being sick and then to not have my mom there to take care of me, bummer! I'll get over it soon I hope. I might go with Rizzy tonight, she left to Illinois for the weekend too so I couldn't cling to her. But she is back and I am so HAPPY!!!

I have nothing else to say except for I'm bored, getting a headache and am so ready to go home. I have a whole long lonely hour left, wish me luck! I'm gonna go home and sleep shortly after all of this, and someone is making me dinner! lol.
Buh byes!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The same me...

It's all pretty outside. It was raining this morning. Gloomy for a while and then it looks just wonderful. Like it's not hot and there is just enouhg sun outside to say that it is sunny. :)
I had a meeting this morning about what to do when Marnie leaves to have her baby. Should be interesting to see how it will all go down, she is like our ring leader who keeps us in line. If not a few of us would be fightin all the time. SO Jared is staying with me. Yay!! and then everyone else is to move to the other building. I worked late last night, till 6:30... was ok. I would like to work 10 hour shifts regularly, but I don't... I guess you can say on a good day, I like to work alot. Which bring me to say that I need a new job. I is too Poke!

I have some great news!!! that hasn't happened yet, lol! I'll let ya know when it does!
anyways.... John who is a lender told me last night that he would call me about an open position that he has for a loan administrator. that is good news too. I'm a bit nervous. I would like to have a different position but I like what I do now, with slight dislikes and then I dunno if I really want that admin job. I still would have to interview for it, which always makes me nervous... But I guess we will see. I'm not letting it get me like normals :)

I am such a brat, I have come to notice. Bless the men who can handle me! Heart you babe, I was such a meanie yesterday. I didn't have things all my way, so I get all pissy. :) Ya know you heart me still. I think of all the things that make me, me. That is really why all love me. I am just me. Interesting how you can see people and they are so different and how you know them so well that you know exactly how things are going to happen and what they are going to say. I know Micheal like the back of my hand... every look, every sigh. Crazy!! I think I'm gonna have my amigos make a list that is me, like they did for Larry on his b-day, so start brain storming!!I'm going to lunch now, see ya in a bit.

I'm back now. We went to Rizzy's house and ate some soup. We decided to take a repo car to lunch to test drive and to save gas, lol. It was a kia optima, and it is a 5 gear. I really wanted to drive it, but as you all know I suck at driving stick shift. But I still drove it. I was so panicing! Ah!!! Like I freaked out and was like hyper ventalating in the car beggin her to switch with me when I killed it in the middle of the road of the green light. Ha ha, lookin back on it now it was a bit funny. I will prolly not drive a standard till I get to do it in the back roads before I go on to 35.

Tonight I get off at 5 and then Micheal is making Sketti tonight, I'm so excited! I haven't had sketti in like forever. His dad is gone and then My parents are leaving on saturday so we have to take them to the airport real early. This should be a great long weekend! Oh and I did my good deed for the day too, The bank has been trying to raise money for United Way, they have payroll deductions. So I did. So in the whole year it will be 158.00 bucks that I donate to people in need :) Plus we get two extra personal days off and we get entered into a drawing to take a trip to vegas, mexico, and I forgot where else, plus a raffle for a car and a savings bond. great incentives huh. Yup, I have bad luck so I'm not expecting anything, lol.

I have to take transfers now.. see ya guys later!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gypsy Woman

Hey yall!
I'm at work and am about to head to lucnch... dunno where I'm gonna go. hmm, chinese sounds good. I and had some french toast for breakfast.. Chris made it for me :)
So I sit here.. In my semi new position, I have all this new stuff to do. I have to like update all this bank info.. kinda weird. I am in charge of verifying all transfers and GL tickets. I'm not to fond of runing up and down all the stairs, its a work out :) It's so cool though. Being lead and all.. I do get stressed a bit. k so ya know how we are supposed to move to the new building.. I think I'm gonna have to stay.. which is cool but then again i think I might have to stay with someone.. jarod or carole.. Personally I don't care, it's all gravy.

Had a great weekend, just went by too fast. Marnie's baby shower was so cute.. Besides Micheal and I had a wonderful time pickin out all the baby stuff. so cute!!! I love babies.. thing is ya get baby fever and it's just like a cold.. not good for
Drama is all I can really think of that happened like on friday.. gee. I can't really remember much, lol. Then saturday I went to work for a bit at wow.. yup it is really called that. i took the girls with me and then got an oh so good massage... however, never better than the ones i get at home :)

Oh superbad, that was such a good movie. Knocked up is better but they are both up there. I recomend you see it.

Arizbe won tickets on tuesday morning to see Hilary Duff. She is so Fabuous! I have been stuck on her song, play with fire.. good stuff. It was so funny she called me and was all screaming on the phone... she was all shaky.. so I heard her on the radio and she was all stoked. so we went and it was really good. Click five opened for her, they were good.. i got a cd from them and they all signed it... I even took a shot of the cute drummer guy :)

k well I'm gonna go to lunch with Rizzy.
See yall laters!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Grand Slam fell short

Hey guys!
Half an hour till I go home and I thought I would post one last time being at my desk.
yep, I got a promotion, well a mini one. I get to be the lead info girl :) I already know how to do it all, it's just getting the title and then moving to the front. I won't be there long anyways, we are then going to move to a new building.. right next to the bank, would be nice to have our own office again... me and Chris that is.. we can so not be apart and this time when I move alone is gonna be tough, lol. I think I hold the record for the most moves here in the center.. this is going on 5 in like 6 months.. yeah...

So the fishies died.. sadness.. So mike got rid of them yesterday, and they have been dead for a while now, that is so sickies I know but I can't handle dead things.. I'm such a girl. I think we might get the big aquarium set up once we get alot more moneys to buy all the fishies we want. This broke spell doesn't seem like a spell anymore, it's like all the time, lol. I am paying off one of my credit cards! WOO HOO!

The ball games. Thursday night was great, I left work early and then we got there around 5:30 and we still missed the blankets. I was so pissed!!! but then there was this really nice guy who gave us one. the game itself was so good. Theriot went first and then he stole 2 bases right then and it was such a good game and we won 10 ta 2.
Saturday however sucked!!! I went to milliken for the rider ramble, a 5 k race.. and then got home at 8:30 am to the garage sale my mom and sis were having. on the plus side I made $21.00 yay!! lol not really.. so then I was so tired the rest of the day. But we went to the game still. We got our asses kicked! So sad. Like they got a grand slam and then one stole the base and got a run. Cheaters is what they are, lol. Come on, Holliday of all people to get a slam?? Fluke. However when there is one for the cubs and we got a chance for a grand slam, and not to mention we had two chances for it, and ironic enough that Dereck Lee landed them both struck out each time. Pathetic.. that made me so depressed and then when you think it wouldn't get any worse, they as in the Rockies get another 5 runs. Yeah, so we made it up by buying beef jerky! GO CUBS!!!!

Saw rush hour 3 sunday.. ok movie, funny but not as funny. eh, go see it :) then my daddy made food, mmmm. Things have been really great at home lately, so that is a plus.

Erick has me for the night, he's trying to take it off for tonight, a little switch from my usual nite time buddy Micheal :D
k well it looks like it's gonna rain and I'm heading outta here! have a great and safe night!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Gold Fishies!!!!

We got some gold fishies!! So Micheal and I are now proud parents of goldfish (boy) and goldfishy (girl). They are so cute and we bought them a home and then we gave them kisses before we went to bed. so sweet. We got them at the birthday party yesterday. I'm excited, if you couldn't tell.

Not a whole lot has happened. I did forget to mention the mystery dinner from a few weeks ago, that was really cool and I'm glad my boi came with me, I was real pleased when he was so professional and such talking to my co workers. I remembered cuz we got a lil thank you a bit ago. :) Went to the movies on sat and sunday, we saw Hot Rod, that movie reminds me of Napolean, kinda dumb funny, it's ok, and the Bourne ultimatum. That one was great and really action packed. although it took forever to see the first two. ha ha it was under special circumstances each time, lol.

I'm starting my "new leaf" today. I can update later depending on how it all goes. lol.
Work is sooooo slow today, stil don't know about the bankcard position. I'm curious now.
OOO I bought new shoes yesterday! I heart shoes! I have to go all through my old stuff, My mom wants to have a garage sale this saturday. Then the cubs games are this week!!! yea I'm so stoked! tryin to go to the thursday game, but saturday is for sure!! Friday is a party here at the bank, ah and lets not forget about my mini massage on friday too.. it should be relaxing.

I have to call my nail lady in a bit and then paint them something different.
My fam from Kansas is prolly going to visit next week or something like that, and my parents are thinking of going to Mexico in October. Which Mike promised, lol. But then again we are going in Feburary too, so who knows.. that's still a long while aways.
k well see ya's laters!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Nice moooves!

Happy August!

I'm back at my desk this morning.. for those of you who are clueless... I was at the front desk for the past forevers while the lead was on vacation. Yeah it was nice but feels good to be back in my desk, which Jared trashed when he sat here the whole week I was up there.
I had my interview yesterday.. Wasn't too bad. I'll know by monday hopefully. If I don't get it it's cuz there is something better waiting for me. yup yups.

Went to the dentist last week, ah i feel like I'm worse off then I was when I went in. Fillings fell out so had them replaced, and now my teeth hurt when I eat like cold or hard things. Sucks! Have another one later this month. That made me so broke, which had brought me to be way stern on my budget.. So right after this and some bvs's I'm gonna cut coups and get to calculating, lol.

Micheal and I found a new hobby/pastime/thing to do.. lol. Went to the "arcade", fun stuff.. I was a bit scared for a bit but it was all worth it in the end. * wink wink*
I have an Idea, ya know how we looked forever to find the picnic basket?? yeah well we have only used it once, time to get on that, glenmere is waiting.
I happen to be in a cleaning mood today, so I clean almost all my desk drawers, hopefully that will run into tonight and I'll get some cleaning done. I could prolly spend all day cleaning the whole house and still need a day just for my room.. sad huh.

My whole body is sore! Must be from all the dancin last night! OMG it was soooo awesome! Micheal and I went to the Daft Punk Concert, the hike up there was horrible but afterwards, oh I'm so glad we went. Effin awesome baby! lol, Yep that was my dork dancin crazy with me! Ha I went up stairs this moring for coffee and My abs ache when I went up, that is when ya know your sore, lol.

K I'm gonna eat some food now. I'll post soon!


Monday, July 16, 2007

Patty 1... You Zero

Well when you think of it it's more like Me, prolly over a gagillion and you still zero, but hey who's counting, except for me. :D

Morning! More like almost noon. I have over come the case of the Mondays. Kudos to me I say. I woke up later than I would have liked to, but I still look great and I almost could have died thinking that I may have locked my keys in my room again.. luckily they were on my kitchen table. If not, I would have had to have my dad take me to work, enduring a resposibility and time lecture, and then have my personal locksmith ( Micheal ) come by and unlock my door... again. Yeah I did this yesterday too. I'm hopeless. My bright idea to wear these shoes that just so happen to be toe slayers. Worst part is that they aren't even that cute to be ok with my feet aching all day. Oh well, my quick fix, They are off. I like to be barefoot anyways. My feet are a tad cold, I'm sure I'll live.

I have stuff to do here at work, problem is I don't want to do it, so instead my mind wonders off and then I think about all kinds of things that I prolly shouldn't. What Can I do though?
I should mention some of my thoughts and maybe you can gimme some feed back, k's.

My Hair- Ha ha I feel so blonde bringing this up.. so superficial. Anyways I have to get it cut. It's been well over my two month or whatever I had set as a good re cut date. Technically it's every 6 weeks, but I think it's a waste of time and moneys. Rule of thumb... when I can see split ends. Back to what I was really thinking of, I want to get a spiral. Yup, had one before and kevin's mom did it and it came out super! Ain't about to go ask her to do it again, lol. Then I had it done, um one or twice after that but it wasn't all that great, cuz of where I went.. But yeah, My hair lady would charge me like 95.00 Maybe that, plus my cut.. that is alot of moneys! And I Dunno If I would even like it. I think I would cry twice as hard and long to see that my long long hair was dis"mained" than the tragedy of my eyebrows. thats no good.

School- SO I told myself I would go back. And I did for a semester. See half the reason for leaving the credit union was because the bank would pay for my classes.. Hello, here I sit being uneducated. It's not that bad. I wish I could be a bit more decisive about where and What I want to do with the rest of my life. I wouldn't want to go into accounting and see that I really want to do loans. would having a degree will up my payroll? Studies show that having a degree doesn't really help you get better job and pay... ok you may get a job doing what you went to school for, but you will have to find the door of opportunity, hence all the students with degrees who are working as waitresses and such.. not really what I have to worry about, I already have a great job.I highly doubt that if I showed the bank my degree in anything that they would give me a huge raise or something. I could be wrong of course... I should look furhter into that.

Hmm, I think that is all I wish to share.. so far anyways.
I did have a pretty good weekend. I did go try that new Hooka place called Istanbul. it was fun, Great place to sit and converse with others, Next time I don't think I would smoke that much. poo for Jasmine, good for your nose, not for your mouth. Saw Happy potter for the second time.. I was so antsy.. I think it may have been cuz I wasn't really feeling harry-ish yesterday. Ok movie though. I wanted to go to the drive in and see trasformers and rattotille again. didn't happen. There are some things that I would like to mention but seeing the people who read this, I think it be best that I keep it all to myself. I will say I enjoyed every minute of it..

Greeley cubs... Murdered. The team that is. First game was on saturday. We got killed. Good thing that it was a fun game and it didn't count against us. Loveland made our uniforms and they screwed up. So our jerseys say the Greeley Panthers like the b team and we are really the cubs, as our hats say. Oh well Not like they notice us anyways. Left outfield.. I know. I know. Jk you prolly don't know. I don't get much action there and when I do, I can't really catch for crap, and If I do it hurts my hand.. I'm such a baby. I did get hit in the arm a few times and then once in the face when Micheal and I were playing catch during one of the other games. I made it seem alot worse than it really was. I assure you he made it up to me.

I'm starving!!! I want some food now. Lunch isn't till 2 and I think me and Micheal Agreed on real Mexican food. Sounds like a winner. Till then.. um all I have are twizzlers and sunflower seeds. Hot chettos, which I will not eat and a lemon. Oh and this fortune cookie that I am so considering. mmmm.... manila folders. I'm out..


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Inhale this freshness

Hey yall. I'm at work :) Woooooo, what a night!
Just want to say thank you to all of everyone who loves me and made my birthday awesome!
There was an incident that I did get all pissed off, and you know why... but then Rix was like who cares, why let them piss you off and ruin your b-day? They are wrong and they know it so screw it all and have a bitchin time. SO I did just that and put it all behind me, well at least for yesterday, lol. Karma baby.... It's all gravy. I'm just gonna be busy after it all..
I stayed at work late yesterday, then I went home, saw some family and then went to the Cec lounge where Erick Tiff and The other Jose threw me a mini partay, I even had fun with Chuck E. Sweet I know... Then Cass said they had something for me, which I already knew that there was going to be a surprise party... she's not to good at being subtle, lol.
We all headed over there and then Mike went and got some booze and then I think you can think of the rest. Tyler.. my new buddy.. I like you and you rock my socks off! Thanks again for getting the hall for me, very cool, and I think you are way cool. So you are so approved for Vangie!! yay! We even went swimming, which I was a lil bit scared... I thought I was going to drown for a bit, just in case, ya know, seeing how I so wasn't all there lol. I guess you can say I got over it cuz I just jumped into the 8 feet. That was fun! When we left, I was all tipsy and I guess I passed out on the floor for a bit while everyone played Guitar hero.. I dunno, I was sleepin. Then we left and Mike and me went to his casa and it was so sweet, my car was all filled with Balloons!! Pink balloons, I couldn't tell at first cuz it was all dark but it was awesome! then I threw up.. yeah that was crapy. Damn that captin Morgan, I think that is what did it, lol. Yeah it was ucky. Yeah and then Stumbled into bed and We were out like a light, or at least I was. Thank you babe for taking care of me, like you always do!
Rise and shine... My boss already knew I was gonna be late since yesterday.. so 10:30 and I'm here! Good morning so far... Got a slim jim and a code red mountain dew.. woo hoo!
Adios.. I gotta do some work and then I have softball, I dunno If i'm lookin forward to it but I suck so i have to practice :)
k well see yall later!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's my party...

And I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to... you would cry too if it happened to you!!!!
YAY!!! it's my B-day!!!!! The big 20!
I've gotten some wonderful gifts so far and thanks to all of you!
I got some bath thingys... A poodle cake, it so cute, it's a little poodle made of 2 cup cakes :) 2 gift cards lotsa candy and then tickets of course! and the day is so not done yet, lol.
Hmm, what was I doing when the clock turned midnight???? you don't wanna know, lol... or maybe you would but I don't kiss and tell, lol.

I've been too busy and real lazy to try to keep up with this.. oh wells.. But I should fill you in. on account of it bein my birthday and all, lol.
Happy belated 4th to all of you! That was mom's b-day, that was really cool, first family holiday that no one fights, lol. Her cake was so cute, it had a pic from when she was 15. Many moons later here she is :) I woke up feelin sick thursday morning, Horrible headache and then I was sick to my tummy. I didn't want to miss work cuz my boss was gone on vacation, but then I got sent home anyways. I went to Micheals house so I could be babied... you know me :) It was sweet and then Cass left work too and was determined to make me feel better. We went to the olive garden and looked at some apartments and then we decided to swimming at mikes, which was ok except for Cassie likes to stare lol. that night was so sweet, like late night. Mike and I had a really good talk. It was Deep... lol it really was, And that was when he got my first present :) it was awesome! 4 in the morning awesome.
Friday was Micheals birthday! I took that day off and went and got my nails done. Had a b day lunch and spent the whole day together and crashed at his place... ah i was so tired and it was nice to sleep in all night and not just till 4, lol. Besides I was beat from freebird.. lol inside joke I guess.
Saturday was when Riz's party was at Roses bar. Her b day was on Sunday... I know lots of july birthdays. That was fun at first and the twords the end it sucked so we went home. stayed up all night just hanging... then
WARPED TOUR!!!!!!! Oh yeah! that was amazing. Mike got me tickets for my b-day and it was crazy fun! I got this yellowcard sweater and then we watched a few concerts, mike wanted a sweater too so when we went lookin, yellowcard was right there!!! OMG!!! They are oh so cute and we snapped a few shots and then they all signed my hoodie and then Ryan, ya know the lead singer... oooo he gave me hug! he is soooo cute! Ah the moment was magical, lol. It was pretty spiffy and I had a smile on my face the rest of the day.. even when it was raining and we were all hiding under the beverage tent. It rocked... best gift EVER!!!! Thanks Honey!

Sofball was last night... My hand hurts so bad right now. I was put as catcher for a bit and when we were doing rounds. My glove isn't broken in yet and that effin ball is hard and huge.. it hit my arm a few times, lol. Yeah I got a work out... it was pretty hot outside. First game is on Saturday at Island Groove.. at 10 am so stop on by and watch me rock, lol. jk cuz I really suck. No foolin..

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Puppy Rockstar

I must say that today has been pretty craptastic so far :)
Let me start off with reminising of how great it has all been... leading up to this moment. The concert was so awesome! I heart Taylor! and Brad! and yeah that's it. I got an autographed cd and a cute shirt... highlight right there baby. After, hung out with the homies. We are so funny when we all get together, we made up this color game.. so cuuuttee. I think I wanna go to another concert at the stampede, but I dunno if I will. I am going to the Rodeo on wednesday and friday. Ooo I even got this really cute carnival scrapbooking stuff, ahh I can't wait. Yup yup... I saw Evan Almighty.. Twice. Not because it was good but because I was sorta conned into going, jk. I went with my mom on Saturday and then went with Mike on Sunday. It was ok, wish the ending was better.

Yesterday was so weird.. even I knew it. So called it. So lemmie explain.
I'm fine... Tired, but eh, I'm fine. I work all day, I went to lunch with Riz and Mike and then we took a lil stroll. I have to add that my food sucked! it was lemon chicken and it was discusting.. just so you know ( although this really didn't have anything to do with my mood, I was content with my rice and springroll) I'm still fine. Then I get off work. This is where it all turns on me, lol. I'm happy, giddy, whatever you wanna call it. I call it Pshyco. Then all of a sudden I feel it comming and I say.. Watch, I'm prolly gonna start crying anytime soon. Sure enough, here come the water works. Save me! Any little thing that you tell me will make me bawl my face off. What is up? Dunno. Stressed, I don't think so.. Maybe just a little. I'm better after an hour or so of this cry fest. Talked to Cassie... which I should also add that She got a job.. Good for her! And so did her Michael, Good for both of them.. Moving along, she got off work and called me. so we met up at Romas to eat dinner. They took forever, that has not much to do with anything but yeah.. I'm so annoyed at this point. I'm tired of hearing about mase in others people's face and all that other security talk that mike was all saying. Cassie noticed I had been crying all kinds, then she gave me the face. Ya know the one that they think you know what it means.. I really didn't and then I thought about it and then I was like ah ha.. Still dunno, It was pretty obvious what she was getting at though. I love you Cassie! Finally we get our food, and that was awesome, so made up for lunch. It was really hot all day yesterday, 107 degrees. Crazy huh. So we all went swimming, I had alot of fun, and I was pretty happy afterwards. Then it was carnival time.. then chillin at Beena's home time, and By beena I mean Hannah. I can't belive how old we are now, well in comparison to high school and then all the old pics. Good times, good times.

So there is my story.. As for today, I'm freezing. My fingers a lil blue, I'm pissed off for no reason and I feel like crud. I think maybe cuz I'm in a bad mood. Riz left to Eliches today, so she got to leave work and I didn't. That could be why I'm a bit sour, and then My phone is being all gay, it doesn't wanna work. So if you need me, e-mail me, or call me at work.
I have stuff to do, and then I have to take lunch.. which makes me sad Cuz Rizzy no here, and I even packed my own lunch so that we could go walking, and now i'm all by myself. *tear*

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Color me Emo

Hey Amigos!
Oy... it is reals busy here at work. I was gone at this seminar yesterday for Customer Service. So everyone who didn't go yesterday went today.. yup so Jared is here with me so I wont have to be alone. This seminar was so long!!! it was informational and all but I know a similar thing called common sense. I'm not gonna bash on it too much it was ok, I didn't like driving to Boulder but it was so nice up there compared to Greeley.. Nice to get away for a bit. I'm in such a good mood today!!! yay!!! Well compared to yesterday, I think I was just really tired and super stressed from all that went on. Ahh.. that was crazy.
My weekend was good :) The drive in was fun, it was so hot and then there were a million bugs everywhere.. and then the whole Cassie and Micheal thing. ugh!
Saturday I went to Jenny's bridal shower, it was so sweet! I wanna get married... but just for the fun stuff, not that whole crazy marrige part, lol. Then Me and Mike bummed around the house the rest of the day, and then we got a really early start sunday morning, I had to take him home, so we just went to wally world to get things for the BBQ. Happy be-lated to all those fathers... Eventhough I don't know any besides mine, My bro and my bro in law and then Mike.. Yup ok so I do know some dads, lol.
That was fun exept for it was soooo hot on sunday, so I went swimming! Chilled at Hannah's casa.. And Raneka is back form missouri.. So that was fun. I guess they are all fighting now and Raneka is gonna move out, so they asked if I wanna move in with them.. Um... I dunno. That is alot to think about. I may give it some thought, but seems like I already know where to lean towards.. Afterall we are all in different points in our lives.
Anyways, Last night, omg, so emotional! I have no idea, really, Sucks. Yeah, I have Some Bvs'es lol to do and i should get to that. I'm staying late at work today so this should be funs!
Asta la vista baby!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Readys, sets, GO!!

Friday... Friday... Friday!!!
Yayeah! I long awaited this weekend! So far so good but it is only Friday ya know. Lemme update you...

Monday Night I went to that Jewlery and purse party... You all know what My weakness is.. out of those two anyways... Yeah I know. I bought a purse. And it is soooooooooo Cute!!! but hella Expensive. It's a Beijo Uptown. In pumpkin might I add. the most I have ever spent on a purse. Ummmm... welllllllsssss.... it was 84.00 dollars :O I know But hey it's cute and I'm worth it, as well as deserve it, lol. Went to the roadhouse with Micheal and Cass, that was yums. Oh I almost forgot, I got a new microwave!! it is silver and it was something we can both Agree on. Thanks Micheal! Heart you!

Anyways, at work, I moved again. Sucks!!! But after being in this new office for a few days I think I might like it a bit more. I'm still with Chris, they moved us both to an office closer to our department. Jules and Geneva are here and they help make it a bit more fun.. Lol we just ate pop rocks and soda to see who would get the most fizzies in their mouth and have to spit it out. We moved our plant in here too, sam, you member him, yeah so now he is by my desk, next to all the big windows for extra sunlight. We'll see how long I last in here before they move me again lol.
Ooohh I got paid today. Sucks how I gross about a bit over a grand per paycheck (every 2 weeks) and I get a bit over 700.00 LAME!!! so that is like almost 600.00 a mo going to taxes!!! you peeps on social secutrity best thank me!

Today, I'm going to lunch with Rizzy. I think we might go to Toyko... I wanted hot and sour soup since last night. Then after slaving away for a bit, Me and Mike and Cass are going to the drive in.. This will be so fun, First time I go to the one in Ft. Collins. We are taking Cass because she is havin problems with her Mike. He is such an ass! Like if I see him, I'm gonna punch him in the face, lol. We were going to take her out last night, considering we had tickets to go see this show, we ditched it to make her feel better, but then I could never get a hold of her.. so we did stuff on our own. Last night was a bit odd, I was a bit unusual, I think I know why but I'm not sure.. if that makes sense. Tomorrow, It's Jenny's Bridal shower.. and I dunno what I'm gonna bring to eat, I think I was gonna make drinks, I need to put more thought into it. Alas... Sunday is father's day andI am still without a gift. That is now on my to do list, lol.

Alrighty, I'm gonna gets off now, see yall's later and have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

California Trip: Part 3

Day Six:

It was really early when we had waken up. It was time to get ready and to pack up all out tiliches. That is spanish slag for stuff... if you didn't catch that, lol. We had a lilo and stich breakfast schedualed, it was nice, Took millions of pictures with all the characters, Minnie, max and Daisy were all there too. Food... um that was ok too. Juan's aunt had came with us and after all that was done we went shopping!!! my favorite! It was cool. Then we were going to go back to the hotel to get all our suitcases. There was debate on what we were going to do. Either it was Disney Land for half the day or maybe go to the beach or just go home. The beach won and so we went to ummm... I think it was called north shore, or something with an N, lol. I had tons of fun, OOOO the water is so gross!!!! It was all salty and it makes you wanna gag. Abby kept fallin in the water when the waves came and Riz would get all scarred, it was funny. She lost her goggles in the ocean and then she was all depressed.. We ran to get changed and there was sand everywhere... such a mess. Then we were off to head home, but we decided to stop in Vegas First. It was so hot. the air is just humid and ahhh.... The m and m world was our first stop. I can't belive how much stuff there is, that would have been Cassie's Dream! Then it was to go chow down. Rizzy gambled a bit and then we left to go home. I was so excited!

The Ride Home:

I remeber we stopped somewhere and we all snoozed. I was out most of the whole way home. Since I was sleeping like the whole way everyone had food and I didn't.. I was starving and it was already in the afternoon and everyone had samwithces and burgers... them fatties! anyways we finally stopped somewhere and got some food. Man It seemed like everyones's nerves were on edge. I just wanted to go home and at that point we were like 4 hours away and It seemed to take so much longer. Finally we arrive!!! it was so nice except for my parents were all weird.. like all distant... Oh wells! Mike came over and it was an awesome night!!! I'm gonna end it there :) All in all, I had a great vacation, But it's nice to be home! Now it's time to plan for next year's vacation to Cancun!!! I'm looking forward to this!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Show me your...


+ Who did you last get angry with?
- Hmmm who was it???? Oh yea it was Micheal!!!!!

+ Would you hit a member of theopposite sex?
- Hit or hit on… Hit Prolly Micheal hit on.. prolly David

+ Who was the last person who gotreally angry at you?
- hmmm.. everyone and their mothers, and mine as well.

+ Do you keep grudges, or can you letthem go easily?
- I keep grudges.


+ What is one thing you're supposed todo daily that you haven't done in along time?
- Eat right and workout.

+ What's the latest you’ve ever woken up?
Late in the afternoon, like 3 or so.

+ Who have you been meaning to contact,but haven't?
- Christy, I always forget.. shame on me!

+ What is the last lame excuse u made?
- I dunno… I don’t think I have made any to anyone other than myself, lol.

+ Have you ever watched an infomercial?
- Yeah, that is all that is on all late…

+ How many times did you hit the snoozebutton on your alarm clock today?
- None, I slept thorough the first half.


+ Meat eater?
- Yeah, although I have had trouble eating cow lately.. Damn moo tour!!

+ What is the greatest amount of alcohol you've had in one sitting,outing or event?
- A lot.. Um, three margaritas, a shot of everclear, two oranges and cream, one maibu and orange juice, a miller light, and that is why I don’t remember anything else that happened that night.

+ Have you ever used a professionaldiet company?
- Technically I am now, but this thing is so lenient, that it almost makes it not worth it.

4. LUST...

+ How many people have seen YOUcompletely naked?
- Lol. Does my mom count? Jk hmm. 4.

+ Have you ever caught yourself staringat the chest/crotch of a member ofyour gender of choice during a normalconversation?
- hahaha..winkwink. +

What's ur fave part of ur body?
- My lips, chest, bum, lol, my eyebrows used to be one, but that went to hell!!

+ Have you ever been made a propositionby a prostitute?
- No, unless Micheal counts, jk


+ If you had $1 million, what would youdo with it?
- I would pay off all my stuff, my mothers things, if not I would hear about it later… give some to Riz and Pep, some to the American Cancer society and then I would buy a house… That basically sums it all up.. :)

+ Would you rather be rich, or famous?
- Rich.. Famous peeps get all kinds of stuff said about them.. well it happens in real life too, so… I guess it wouldn’t really matter. But I say Rich.

+ What is the one thing that you'vedone that you're most proud of?
- I went to the eye doctor all by myself!! Go me!!

+ One thing you have done that yourparents are most proud of?
- Nothing, they hate me…

+ What thing would you like toaccomplish in your life?
- I want to be happy, with my own family, and no damn drama!

+ What did you do today that you'reproud of?
- I haven’t done much yet, but I did talk to my mother, if that counts.


+ If you could be anyone else in theworld, who would you be?
- I would be me.. everyone else also has problems.. I don’t want that.

+ Have you ever wished you had aphysical feature diff from ur own?
- Yeah, Don’t we all? I never used to be all insecure, but that changed.. hmm wonder why?? I just wanna be carefree again.

+ Lastly, what is ur fave deadly sin?!
- My whole life.. I know I’m going to hell, I know I’ll see all of you there too, lol.

Monday, June 11, 2007

98 degrees and Rising

Do ya'll remember them??? I do and Nick was HOTT!!! D - he still is!
But that is not the point... it's like 90-something degrees out here.. Like melt your face off hot. Maybe it's just me... but it sucks to be wearing work pants and full shoe's and such in this weather. I just need to shave me legs, tmi I know, lol. C' mon they aren't that hairy, but I really do though and then look for a cute skirt to sport. Hope there was fun in your weekends..I dunno why I said weekends, when there is only one, that comes in a pair.. yeah I'm done. mine was fun, well most of it anyways. I didn't update the rest of last week.. been slacking.

Friday was not so busy but went by reals reals slow. I was to meet with Ryan, but he was late.. that skinny mofo! jk, He's cool I guess.. yeah
Moving on Had a mini get together at my house.. As in just us two couples.. Cass calls it Couples night... umm I call it whatever. Had a pizza and Junk food and then some drinks, I was soo tired. I swears I have mono. Drank some more and then eventually they left and we were alone and it was nice.
Saturday was when My aunt was going to have a garage sale at my house.. I was supposed to work but Good old Jared filled for me. so I got all my stuff and headed out to the garage. I sold a bit and made 77 bucks.. yay! I wanted that money to get a microwave. Which didn't happen because of SOMEONE who doesn't want to live with a white and black microwave! lol. That's ok.. we'll get a better one tonight I hope. back to my story... Saturday was so hot! So me and Cass took advantage of it and sat on my blankie and tanned. While mike sat there and ate a yougurt, lol. After no one came to the sale for a while we all took off to the lake. Sat in the sun for a bit, slathered lotions and such alls over :) I'm not gonna lie, that water was cold, but then you got used to it like always and then we all messed around on the floaties. I wanna go again. OOO I forgot to mention, We got a picnic basket!!! I'm so happy! the quest is over, unless we wanna get a better one, but this one is nice, so that may be a while from now. It was to my casa since that is the cool place I guess and more movie watching. Oh I guess I should tell you about a mishap. It's saturday night, sunday early moring.. it's like 3:30 am and I wake up to my mother at my door. Yeah it was ok, except for Micheal was in my bed. ha ha... So Ironic I swear. She's like put your clothes on and come out here.. um I was fully dressed but ok. Yeah so there was a little discussion on that.. so lame. all it came down to was cleaning. Big issue there, lol.
Yesterday... hmm I bummed it out. I was going to see Ocean's 13.. but then someone pissed me off and I don't go for that. I did hang out with Cass and her Mike before I went to the game with my Mike.. it was ok I guess I was bored so we went to walmart and got groceries. yup.. not too exciting.

I hate waking up... I wanna be a bum like all my other friends and enjoy sleeping in and not having to worry about anything, well in the morning that is and just have summer fun. But no, I have to work from 8 ta 5 everyday. but they all have to work all afternoon I guess I'm fortunate. Sucks, but I love my job sometimes :) Spent all morning doing my list of to do's. I'm so lame. I got alot done actually. My desk is squeeky clean now. Ah and then My goals sheet.. I don't really have to many anymore.. either it's accomplishment or I have lost faith in trying. hard to tell at this point. Ah and my finances. I rule, I truly do, For a small fee, you too can enjoy financial bliss, of worrying that is. I'm available if you needs help : D I went to Pizza hut for lunch.. not cool. It was so busy and there was nothing there. First time I ever stiffed a waitress, but hey she sucked. I have a jewlery and hand bag party to go to tonight, seems fun... I'm gonna try to not spend any money. Good plan lets see if I follow. I have no idea what to get my dad for fathers day. Hmm, I dunno. Not a top priority right now..
Alrighty, I'm gonna get off and watch some videos on msn.

California Trip: Part 2

Day Four:

This is the day that we actually were going to go to Disney Land. All was fine till I woke up that is, lol. See Juan likes to make these stupid comments from time to time. Always likes to dis and then put people down, seems like a sort of a hobby, lol. The thing that pisses me off the most is people talking smack. He always hurts Abby's feelings all the time and can't say anything nice about her, and says things based on what he has heard... from my mother... yeah that is a great source! It's so Stupid!!!!! Anyways, we got into it, to put it nicely. I'm not one to take anyones crap, anyone who knows me knows that. Grrr... Yeah I was mad, threw out alot of words and stormed out the hotel and sat there, too bad I didn't have my phone at first. I was havin a melt down, I wanted to go home soooo bad. I missed everything and hated being there with him at that moment. We had become really good friends with one of the managers of the hotel and he saw me sitting there all sad and stuff and he came and cheered me up. It was really nice of him, and then I went in to the room, got my stuff and and left again and went walking around, which was prolly not the best idea since I reallly didn't know where I was. They sent out Abby to go lookin for me and she was callin me like crazy. It took me a while to finally go back, at that point I didn't even wanna go anywhere but Rizzy convinced me to go. And we were off. It was cool, the first ride we rode was the star tours, so fun! :) Spent most the morning there, and then went to Juan's tia's house for a BBQ... it was sooo good. Then back to Disney Land. It was fun, then the fire works, those were cool, except for it's a bit hard tryin to find a really good spot. After the show I got my Peter Pan hat with my name stiched in it, so cute!! Spent like a fortune there though. at least I got everything that I wanted.. I even got scrapbooking stuff.. yeah I went over, oh wells. It was about 1 when we got to the hotel. The I was out like a light.

Day Five:

It was soooo early, we got up and ready and then went to breakfast to head out to Universal Studios. I forgot where it is at, umm, I think San Fransico... Yeah I could be wrong.. it takes about an hour or so from where we were. it was fun... not a roller coaster place but there are some really fun shows. I went on that tour thing and you get to see all the old sets that weren't taken down from certain movies. It was like oooooo, aaaahhh, lol. I decided to get this pic of me done... ya know the ones where you have a huge head and then the rest of your body is something cool.. yeah I got one, my body is a care bear!!! it is so adorable!! however the pic is a lil crazy and don't really look like me, but kinda sorta, if you squint your eyes.. ha ha, oh well, still cute!! OMG!! the Jurassic park ride is sooooo fun, i think it's the best! We even got that pic of when your mouth is all open, we all looked so funny! After we left we debated what we really wanted to do. We still had one day left for Disney Land so we didn't know how to use it. Save it for sunday or go see the fireworks again... hmmm. It came to the conclusion that we would all go back to the hotel and chill. I wanted to go swimming and so did everyone else and then after that go to bed early to prepare for sunday's events. Oh did I mention that I miss my bed????

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

California Trip: Part 1

Ok, so here is how it all went down when I was away.

The trip down there:

So it's Moday in the am. and I'm still drying some of my clothes, I woke up at 6 so I could finish, and I wasn't fully packed yet. After runnin around for a bit, I got it all done. Maybe around 10 ish is when Arizbe came over and then we were out. I have to say that Colorado is beautiful, if you are lookin at thr right places, those mountins, ah. kodak right there, and then Utah, so boring, untill you are in the platues and its so cool, the layered red walls... yeah and then it seems all so weird because I have never traveled out west, so vegas was so pretty at night and then cali is just cali i guess, lol. the ocean is pretty though. We finally arrived at 3:30 in the morning, I was so expecting more from the room but it was ok I guess. I had to share a bed with Abby and Ally... those girls sleep all crazy. At that point in time I knew I was going to miss my bed :(

Day One:

We woke up all early and by the time we are all done with showers and such it was about 2 hours. Hurried up and ate breakfast.. that was with hardly any variety but can't complain too much. California adventure was the first place we went to and it was cool, that hanglider ride is awesome!!! I think we went on almost every ride. The carousel made me sickies, too much tummy ups and downs... ugh! I was lookin forward to the tower of terror but we didn't get a chance to get on that. The bugs life is one that I would have to say is my fav! I got a really cute sweater and it cost 48 bucks, lol. What can I say... it's pricey. We were there till it closed about 6. starvin so....The first time I ate at Jack in the box... exciting I know!!! lol. Then we went back to the hotel and went swimming... I love swimming! Ally got her floaties, she is so cute, and then Me being the instructor that I am taught her how to swim in the 6 foot area. Then it was mimi's time. After talking to Micheal of course.. 7 more days!

Day Two:

The day we went to Sea world!!! it was so cool!!! Shamu!!! I wish I had another day there, it was so cool and they are so pretty and they splashed water at us and at the shamu show it wasn't that bad at getting us all wet, we did go to the dolphin show and that was wet.. they splashed us and we were litterally soaked. Salt water is so gross!!! ahh it was so fun, but by the end i was freezing. There was this 4-D movie, it was fun, and really cold in there. Spent way too much money there. I got really cute turtle stuffed animals, You should see them, you will litterally go.. AWE!! Did that one ride that takes you really high up there and you can see the whole park, funness. After we left we went to see Juan's tia. that took forever and we finally got to the hotel all late, we still went swimming though. I got so mad at Micheal... I was so serious, lol. I was to the point where I was like screw it all, our friendship, us moving out, Cancun, all of it!!! But then again I always say that and then in the end I forgive em. ahhh, Damn me!! But I must admit that I was really mean. oh well. I'm over it already. After all I had already made the resrvations for Cancun... So I guess I'm obligated to talk to him, lol. Oh yeah, I already planned next years vacation. Cancun in Febuary. Yay!! The only thing that sucked is that when you make the reservations you had to pay for it too.. so yeah.

Day Three:

Today we went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. It was that or the Zoo, this one had those african animals. it was cool. We considered on going on those personal tours that actually let you go up to the wild animals in the little jeep lookin thing, but it was 90 dollars a person. Instead we went on the hot air ballon ride, it was only 15 bucks and it was so cool. Arizbe's knees were all shakey... She hates heights. I can stand them when I'm in a secure place, lol. There was this tour that we went to and that was really awesome. It's just sad seeing some animals that are endangered. I don't know which was my fav.. I like the giraffe. I was adorable, there was even a baby one with wobly little legs, still doesn't beat the baby calves from the moo tour though. We went to the hotel and then ate there and then it was Juan's bright Idea to go and look for the HollyWood sign. Yeah we got lost, really lost. And it took forever to really find it. and the whole reason for that was that it was turned off so we couldn't reallly see if from where we were driving till we were really close. so a million stops and asking all kinds of peeps we finally were heading in the right direction. When we did make it up to there it was so cool, despite no illumination. Pics were really hard to take and those curvy roads up there are crazy fun. Eventually we made it back to Aneheim. I must say I was traumatized lol, we stopped at this gas station to use the restroom and it was scary... it was like in the middle between carnie, white trash and ghettoness. so I bet you can imagine how I felt. lol. it was all better when I got back in the car... :)

K well I have to go home now, I'll update more later!