Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Let it snow

SONG OF THE DAY : Taylor Swift--- Tim McGraw. I love this song, it is my latest obsession!

Seem like the whole posting thing is like a weekly thing, which is cool, it's like ME WEEKLY! yay, go me. It snowed today, it was cool except for driving in it. I got up all bright and early todays, had a hard time waking up mr. sleepy head. Me and Cass went to look at apartments, I fell in love with a town house. too much $$ but I dunno yet, I 'm far too confused with things in my life, lol. So hmm since last time... uh me and jose hung out and I really made his mom hate me, like she sooooo sooo hates me, she was like way mean. * tear * she is like my mom and to have her hate me too, that suxs. that was sat and half sun i guess you can say. Ah and to make it a bit worse, my credit card got declined. Sad i know. On sunday I saw the departed. Sweet movie I really liked it.. I jumped a few times, but i loved it. I got a pumpin spice latte, ah i love those too! I had a huge one today, hey it was snowing and i was cold. yummy. Oh and Sunday night was horrible, K i have a crazy moment like once every few months, but damn this week has been hell. Sunday night i has a panic/ anxiety/ heart/ my life sucks attack. I seriously could not breath. Like effing a when someone says they need you, like hello they need you, case you didn't catch that. But jose came over and made me feel all betters. I think i need to see a therapist, lol. Monday there was no work , yay, i like holidays! I was gonna go to school, but then me and my dad got into a huge fight. I know he hates me. I know it. It's depressing. But if i continue to live my life the way my parents want me to i know i will never be happy, and I'll be a bum, lol. Ah and i went to hobby lobby, I am infactuated with that store. I love all of it, Micheal got some clay and i got some cute lil boxes. ( and that clay has been sitting under that desk since tuesday) Tuesday hmmm, i went to work it was hella busy. I'm glad we finally get some cars! I decided to stay the night at regina's. It was cool except for I got no sleep at all!!!!!! So i went to work all tired, i took a lil power nap before i went, didn't feel no power though. When i came home, i like passed out.. lol funny i say home.. I didn't even go home. but yeah so that was my night, with like 15 missed calls before i turned off my phone. I don't remember waht happened thursday.. but i remember there being lots of pain, lol. oh now i remember, I had another breakdown.. I think it was then, ya like a 2 in the mornin. that was really crappppy! I guess I finally opened up to you. Bravo. Oh sat was regina's b-day so happy b day! mike and i took her to lunch at chili's yum. Then we all hung at cec and me and jose finally beat the jurassic park game.. I rock! oh and then she meet some freak! but really some 34 yr old dude, fugly! I'm lucky erick was there to save me, lol. I saw man of the year on sunday. was ok guess i though it would be different. And yesterday I didn't go to work. yay.. it was very nice. I had a lil date planned with someone special but that got ruined... but it was still really special.. we will try again wednesday nite. As of right now i'm taking care of the twins.. ah they are a hand full. ha and i want 6!! So I'm gonna be a good aunt now and watch them, lol. so laters and maybe i'll post soon so it's not like a novel : )

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Field of clovers

SONG OF THE DAY: Flogging Mollys - Drunken lullibies (this song rocks)

It's been about a week since my last update, And I know you are all desperatly awaiting an update lol. So Oktober fest was fun, I did the brat toss, and I passed the first round, what can i say i rock like that. but then I lost. Oh wells who wants a season pass to the family funplex anyways... I went to cu band day. I fell asleep in da car so I guess i got my energy back. Central really sucked, sorry but it was way better when i was in it, lol. Oh man CU rocked I admire all their dedication. Oh and i got this really cute sweater, band girl for life! moving along, I didn't get home till all late. Me and erick went to the cheese and we talked alot about everything, Your such a good listener : D So life Is better.
I saw school for scoundrals on sunday, that was funnies!! Ummm Gee i have not gone to school all week, naughty me on my part, Watch i'm gonna fail! Tuesday was fun we went to see Flogging Molly, Thought Micheal would't like them but turns out he did, it was great, oh and I got a really cute shirt and a good CD! Then I made him drive home, then we got lost so I started freakin out, Then when we arrived home safely we went mimi's, then I didn't go to school the next day, it's hard to wake up when your all comfy in your love's arms. I realized that the words I say all day are Hello, and Thank you. I guess I'm polite, but it's my job, lol. Last night I was on a quest to find shoes, I found cute brown ones and some white ethnies, but I wanted runnin shoes, and let me say finish line sucks!! I don't care who works there! Didn't find any there. Went to Wally world and finally picked out these pinkish ones, mike pressured me at the line to make a final decision, come on you know i'm indecisive! I think I want the blue one! We are supposed to go to da park and be all cute together, and walk... but i wanna run. Ha ha bet i won't get too far. I was puttin on my belt this mornin and i had to put it down one more hole, that was way sad, so now drastic measures must be taken, lol. but yeah Mikey bought me a cute jump suit, it's all black with some white, and da pink shoes oh and He bought me the Good luck care bear, the big one, aewww it is sooooo cute, that is like my fav care bear and we like never find it, and we finally did! yay, sorry i get all excited over care bears. We are still in the process of naming it lol.Well I'm gonna hang with my amigo now, laters.