Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Miss Banker

I'm at work, late, again. Yep.
Anyways, I'm bored, sooooo bored. I have nothing to do and I'm just sittin here. LAME!!! No one calls after 5:30... except for those few, which I am here to assist them :)
I have some new news however.

It's not that I hate my job now, I love it I really do, I just think and know that I can do so much more. I feel like when ever I fill out a request for transfer I feel as though it seems like I'm just looking for a spot so I can leave the department where I am now.. So not the case. I get so many apps a day wanting a position here. A few new positions opened up, Loan operations and a one point administrator. I would like to go for either one of those. I dunno if I should apply though. Maybe I'm a bit discouraged by being shot down before ( loan assistant :( ) but it is a different position and a different boss. I think I need to get paid more for what I do now and then some, lol. I hate being mini boss cuz there is just too much drama with it. At least since I'm the youngest, lol. I would like a bit of change, shall I take the plunge? I dunno... what do you think??

I did get like 50 pounds of books today from Jackie. She is the general manager for liberty tax. Arizbe worked there I think the past few years. I guess she told her I was interested in a position there during tax season. I just wanted to be a receptionist there for the few months it was open. Instead she thought I would be great at doing the taxes. So she is going to give me the class and the books all free of charge if I agree to go to class and then eventually work for her...
My mom thinks it's a wonderful idea, she had been bothering me about this since last year when Riz tried to get me all in this.. I totally refused. Lol, This time I couldn't, she was like right in my face giving me the books. I guess I have to think it through. Do I want to be a tax prepare-er? not really.. I like my job now at the bank and feel like at times it's overwhelming and I don't have much time for anything else... and to take this on... which Riz said she got about 40 hrs a week, and this was supposed to be a part time position... eeek. I'll take a gander at it all and make a final decision soon.

I had some crazy caller today, after I talked to him he like asked me 20 questions, like if I lived with my parents and If I liked my job and if it paid well, and told me he had to give me some advice, it was something that I needed to do. He told me to take Folic Acid and to eat lots of leafy green veggies..... WHAT??? like what a weirdo.. I have no idea why he thought it would be important to bring it up but he did and he told me why I should take it, because some women don't know they are pregnant till the 6th or 8th week of pregnancy. In order to prevent the nasty disease of spinialbiphia, (which is totally not how you spell it) I had to start early.. yea and then out of no where, he said, I always tell young women like yourself that if there is ever contact with seimen you need to be taking folic acid. At this point I was totally speechless! What the hell was I supposed to say after that??? OMG!! It was so awkward and I think he noticed because after I was like um.... ok, thanks, he was like ok, have a great day, bye and then hung up. HA HA! Crazy stuff. Well I hear that he is an odd customer and has done crazy random stuff before so I guess I don't feel so bad..

As for tonight, I have to go to wally world and pick up a prescription.. and I think I might develop some pictures :D I have 10 minutes left, yay, I'm gonna finish closing here in a few. First tax class is tonight, which I'm not going to, lol. I have plans with my Boo... so see yalls later!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sicker than a...

DOG..... OR.. Whatever is almost dying.
I have been sooooo sick this last week. I hung out with the gang on sunday, it was Gabe's birthday and we all had fun, Then Monday I was feelin a little crudy but I still got up and took a shower, I was trying to get ready and it was sucky.. I didn't feel well at all, My tummy hurt so bad. I called in to work and I drove over to Micheal's house so he can baby me, which I have become quite Accusotme to :) Anyways I was there all day and all night, I have never slept so much in my life it was like about 20 hrs just that one day. I decided not to go into work on tuesday either. I went home got some rest, cleaned and I felt alot better. SO, wednesday I went to work. I was fine till After lunch. I got so sick, I ran to the bathroom and threw up and I left to go home. That entire night I was barfing my guts out. I hate throwing up and then to do it so many times, it was horrible. Micheal stayed and took care of me all night. I heart you honey. I Felt alot better in the moring but I was going to go to the doctors. Which took forever to make the damn appt. Mike was all making me laugh when I called my boss, jerk face, lol. My mom was going to take me so Micheal went home. After the docors appointment I found out I have an inflammed stomach. And a possible cist. that is what made me feel bad and then there is too much acidity in my tummy that that is what made me sick. Everyone thought I was pregnant, haha, yeah right. Have had too many scares with that one already. I have lay off spicy food, Which sucks cuz I love spicy stuff, tomatoes, citrus, and anything acidic for a while till the inflamlation goes down. I Have a follow up in about 2 weeks. Friday was fine, I think I was just so worn out from being sick that the day took forever and I was so tired and at the end of my string.

I'm at work now and I don't feel so good. Riz is going to make me some oatmeal so I can take my meds. I love my sisy :) It is raining outside.. I wish I was at home sleeping in my comfy bed. My morning was so insane!!! I couldn't find my effin keys. I didn't use them all weekend and they are lost, I have no idea where they are at which is really bad cuz they have my bank key on it. My mom was yellin all crazy how I wait till the last minute to go to work and how I'm irrisponisble.. over keys.. come on now. So this morning I had to take my mom's car. It's like a boat compared to Oscar, lol. Luckily I had my yellowcard cd in there and it was nice to hear after all the chaoz. This weeekend I so bummed it out, with my bumming partner Micheal, lol. All we did is stay at home and watch movies and eat... yup. It went by too fast and nothing got done but it was fun to relax at least. Friday night Cass and Mike came over. They brought over some pizza, and a salad for me, (the pizza looked yummy!!) the boys played games and Cass and I scraped booked, it was really fun but got really irritating, really quick. My pages look awesome thought :) I just have to get more pictures developed. It was probably like midnight and we called it a night. Litterally Mike and I crashed and fell asleep so quick. So nice...

I'm gonna do my job now so I'll update later. see ya and hope ya'll are healthy, lol :D

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Just to get it all on paper

If you want me to describe my mood, I would have to say tired. I haven't been myself today. I am tired, irritated, annoyed, Pissed at my hair and have alot of things on my mind. I thnk I need to vent. So here it is, my feelings how they are, yet still hidden. The rest goes in my journal when I go home :) Right now I think I need a cry fest. One of those times I suppose. Anyone care to join me? Don't, its depressing.

I'm at work. Story of my life. I came in at 7 am and leave at 6:30. Almost a 12 hour shift. By the time next pay period comes around I will have about 15 hours of over time for 2 weeks. A friend told me that I work too much. Maybe because I don't spend enough time with her. We all live in this money hungry world that we are all trying to ride the wave instead of drown under it. Inflation in taxes and things are sooo expensive now and however our pay stays the same.
Reality for ya.

I make alot of money for someone my age. I make more than all my friends. I'm basically the brokest of them all. how you ask. Ummm... your guess is as good as mine. I can tell you what I pay and I have no idea where it all goes. I need to get better on that. I feel like I have nothing to show for. I wish I hated shoes and clothes. That is my weakness. Do i really mean it? Hell no. I love clothes and shoes. I might as well die without them. I think about my future and how I want my house and then I get sad just thinking that my biggest fear of becoming a bum will happen. I have no idea why I am so scared of this... must go along with my fear of carnies and scary faces.

I came upon envy today. a teller I know has these beautiful flowers at her station. Her husband gives her a bouqet of flowers every week. Along side with a latte and a dozen kisses on sunday mornings. He has been doing this for 27 years. Sweet I know. I want a love like that. I want to be wisked away in my abundant feeling for love and know that there is something that is so close to my heart that no one can ever replace that special thing. None of this is anywhere near how I feel now. I'm a romantic, some guys are so not, must be an error encoding in their genes.

Ok so Technically I have a boyfriend. Micheal, you all know him. If we want to talk technicality of our past, it would be a huge mess. I feel so drained trying to think of it all in my head. I much rather forget most of it. alot has happened in the span of 2 1/2 years. half was so stupid anyways, all the drama and people involved, not enough to waste my time and energy. Not now anyways. The scoop, It is for officiality. I got tired of us "pretending" we were not a thing to make other people happy. We are and have been acting like we were dating ever since the actual break up last september. Pretty dumb of me I have to add. How can I go along with this crazy ass idea. I dunno, really I don't. It just seemed easy to be with some one you spend all day and every single day with. At the time I didn't care what it was called. We both know what beholds in our future. Just a matter of time now when we decide to move on from here and where we land there. I truly hope that it goes well. honestly. I just don't know if I can allow it to.

My relationship with my parents has matured alot since the last time we have had issues. It must have been a while, I can't seem to remember when.All is well. My mom took me and riz out to lunch today. it was really fun. The only time I can really remember being happy today. My mom is individual who is so wonderful sometimes but can drive you up the damn wall so easily. I guess we are so alike, lol. I can't imagine what on earth I would do the day she leaves this world.

Fyi, I'm at home now. I sucked at driving home today. I almost ran into a dude and his dog. ya know wouldnt be the first time I almost hit someone, there was this guy on a bike, biotch came outta no where. I didn't hit him, by like an effin foot. :) beware when I drive? I left in question for you to answer yourself.

I'm cold and I'm trying to do some laundry. If I can say I accomplished one thing today, that would be puttin new sheets on my bed. Micheal is on his way. I didn't see him yesterday. I miss him. I just feel bad that he is gonna see me all happy and me be in this crapy mood. I think I can place my bets that I will cry tonight. then he will make it all better, always does :)


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Time of the essence

It's late, for me anyways. I am to leave at 5 and here I am working till 6:30. I didn't take a lunch. I left work at 1 yesterday cuz I was feeling sick. I did this morning for a bit too, but I just knew I had to go in. Oh and I got another Job!!! Ha ha , I bet your thinking like why would you get another job? well, cuz I wanna. I got a part time job at the boys and girls club by my house. I'm an Event director, yay!!! I was really excited, Heather, Chris's wife got me the job there, she used to work here but she left to work there, but she is no happy there. she is comming back to the bank, part time, or so we thought, She wants her old full time job back, but I guess it's what she wants. I am most likely going to be there by myself with all these Ghetto people and kids. Ah, I went there yesterday and those kids are so roughty. I'm lookin into trouble, or it feels that way.

So my parents are gone, until sunday. I am so sad! It has been really hard for me to be alone these past few days. Even though I am never with my parents when they are here, still nice to know they are there and you are safe. I hung out with everyone on friday and then Mike and I took my parents to the airport. Which I felt like crap then too... and then we came home and slept till real late. Spent all weekend together, it was really fun. then sunday I hung out with erick and Had a really great weekend till monday night comes.. I was all lonely for a while till erick came over again. Just sucks, I'm not used to being all by myself all the time. When I left yesterday was worse. I hate being sick and then to not have my mom there to take care of me, bummer! I'll get over it soon I hope. I might go with Rizzy tonight, she left to Illinois for the weekend too so I couldn't cling to her. But she is back and I am so HAPPY!!!

I have nothing else to say except for I'm bored, getting a headache and am so ready to go home. I have a whole long lonely hour left, wish me luck! I'm gonna go home and sleep shortly after all of this, and someone is making me dinner! lol.
Buh byes!