Monday, September 24, 2007

Sicker than a...

DOG..... OR.. Whatever is almost dying.
I have been sooooo sick this last week. I hung out with the gang on sunday, it was Gabe's birthday and we all had fun, Then Monday I was feelin a little crudy but I still got up and took a shower, I was trying to get ready and it was sucky.. I didn't feel well at all, My tummy hurt so bad. I called in to work and I drove over to Micheal's house so he can baby me, which I have become quite Accusotme to :) Anyways I was there all day and all night, I have never slept so much in my life it was like about 20 hrs just that one day. I decided not to go into work on tuesday either. I went home got some rest, cleaned and I felt alot better. SO, wednesday I went to work. I was fine till After lunch. I got so sick, I ran to the bathroom and threw up and I left to go home. That entire night I was barfing my guts out. I hate throwing up and then to do it so many times, it was horrible. Micheal stayed and took care of me all night. I heart you honey. I Felt alot better in the moring but I was going to go to the doctors. Which took forever to make the damn appt. Mike was all making me laugh when I called my boss, jerk face, lol. My mom was going to take me so Micheal went home. After the docors appointment I found out I have an inflammed stomach. And a possible cist. that is what made me feel bad and then there is too much acidity in my tummy that that is what made me sick. Everyone thought I was pregnant, haha, yeah right. Have had too many scares with that one already. I have lay off spicy food, Which sucks cuz I love spicy stuff, tomatoes, citrus, and anything acidic for a while till the inflamlation goes down. I Have a follow up in about 2 weeks. Friday was fine, I think I was just so worn out from being sick that the day took forever and I was so tired and at the end of my string.

I'm at work now and I don't feel so good. Riz is going to make me some oatmeal so I can take my meds. I love my sisy :) It is raining outside.. I wish I was at home sleeping in my comfy bed. My morning was so insane!!! I couldn't find my effin keys. I didn't use them all weekend and they are lost, I have no idea where they are at which is really bad cuz they have my bank key on it. My mom was yellin all crazy how I wait till the last minute to go to work and how I'm irrisponisble.. over keys.. come on now. So this morning I had to take my mom's car. It's like a boat compared to Oscar, lol. Luckily I had my yellowcard cd in there and it was nice to hear after all the chaoz. This weeekend I so bummed it out, with my bumming partner Micheal, lol. All we did is stay at home and watch movies and eat... yup. It went by too fast and nothing got done but it was fun to relax at least. Friday night Cass and Mike came over. They brought over some pizza, and a salad for me, (the pizza looked yummy!!) the boys played games and Cass and I scraped booked, it was really fun but got really irritating, really quick. My pages look awesome thought :) I just have to get more pictures developed. It was probably like midnight and we called it a night. Litterally Mike and I crashed and fell asleep so quick. So nice...

I'm gonna do my job now so I'll update later. see ya and hope ya'll are healthy, lol :D

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