Friday, February 20, 2009

Rollin with the Homies

Ever watch Clueless and that one chick played by Britany Murphy hits her head and to make sure she is ok, that one not so cute guy gets her to sing " Rollin with the homies" moving her hand? Well that is what I was just thinking of.

Work is moving along quite smoothly for a wonderful and much anticipated Friday. Bliss!

So I have to share that Micheal can be one of the coolest dudes I know. Reason being, ( well not the only reason but the reason why I bring it up now) On V-day he registered/ bought me a website :D and not just any website, PSalways!!!!!! WOOT!!!! I'm so excited! XD See!!!!!
This is specificaly for my scrapbooking aspirations, which at the time is a work in progress. Soon enough it will be up and running. More updates to come on that project.

Well food is here, Quiznos, Yummo! See ya!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Almost 5!

Yup, you heard right, it's almost time for me to head on home! I'm so stoked for this weekend. I have a few things planned, but best of all, I get a luxurious 3 day weekend. If you work on Monday out there, My deepest apologies, I feel for you.

So valentines eh.... Does anyone think that day is a tad bit overrated? I guess I'm in the middle. Like why should you show someone you heart them that one day, when if you really do, you should do it all the time?? But then again who don't like gifts and chocolate? Come on now! Hell I already got a flower and heart shaped box of peanutbuttery goodness. mmmm, So i guess I'm on the fence. I guess it depends if you are dating someone or if you even have a date. If its D: none of the above, then yeah tomorrow must suck. Hold on a sec, not all sorrows my Friends, on Sunday you head over to your local walgreens and pick up some ridiculously cheap treats. Score!

Anyways, Here is a cute comic that I have seen about forever and Mike mailed it to me today, Just in time for v-day. Te he he he! :D

Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Been what???

Forever I know. We all say life gets to busy, but does it really get that busy?? Idk! Maybe, Or maybe I just didnt want to post, Like how I dont do alot of things now, like go on myspace and talk on the phone... ya know? Anyways, I'm back! Not sure for how long or on what level of attention, but with a bit of can do attitude and hopefully the remider from Jroc :) Hey hey hey! lol. Yup, so I dont really wanna go back down memory lane, cuz nothing is worth wasting my time writing about it! So well just go on from here! What to say.. what to say... Hmm. Well I heart my i-pod. It helps drown out the sounds of people asking for help! Peace!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Workity work work

Guess where I am.... Yup, my enslavement continues. Since I have nothing to work on through, except for prcedures, I think I will write up an update.

I wanted to post pics of my few special surprise stuff, it's just news, so don't get too happy, but My camera is now MIA. I can't say I have really looked a whole lot, but I can't remenber where it would even be stashed at. Thus making my mini harder. so I have to pick a date to play catch up. A part of me wants it to remain lost, so I can finally buy the camera of my dreams that I have been pushing back and forth on for a while. It is set in stone, I am getting that darn thing!

Since I can't post pictures, I'll just tell ya what has all gone down the past month. Aside fron the crazy busy madness and such, it has been a wild and fun ride.

I bought a house!!!!
Most of you already know this, but for those who do not, I did :)
something that is totally mine for like evers, I got it a an awesome deal, market is really in the hole, so this would be a perfect time to buy. It has 3 bed rooms, 2 baths, 2 car garage and a whole lotta land. Im happy and I think my parents are too, it's just weird not seeing them everyday. I will admit though that I cried like a baby the first night we stayed at the new house. *sighs*
Moving sucked, I hate moving, and unpacking and all of what revolves around the whole moving deal, bleh! so I still have a ton of boxes to go through, its been a whole month and one room is only boxes... we need to get on that quick. then eventually we will have a house warming party:D

Other news is My sister is going to have a baby!!! I'm super excited, because this will be the first time I will get to see her pregenant. The whole world is havin babies, and it's so sweet. Ya know how ya get baby fever, I found the perfect way to aid it, look at other peoples toddlers..
I am gonna have to get some ideas for baby shower stuff... Im nervous already.

I finally blessed my parents with a grandchild of my own, unfortunetly for them and really fortunate for me, he comes in the form of a dog. Little Snickers. I love this dog soooo much!! He is the sweetest little thing you have ever seen, he is a tiny teacup chihuaha who is adorable to boot! We have had him for a bit over 2 weeks and everyone adores him. Having a puppy is like having a child in a weird not so resticting way. We are not so fond of chihuahas to begin with but when I saw him I just knew he was going to be my baby, and he is super cute. When I get pics I will definetly post them.

We got tickets to see Panic and Motion city soundtrack a few weeks ago and it was stellar! I had tons of fun and if you have not embedded " even if it kills me" msc album in your brian I highly suggest you do.

then there are the game consoles, that when you think of I could have so bought my camera and then some with all the moneys we spent, but it was well worth the cute face mike made when he opened the MGS4 ps3 bundle, with that new console smell he loves, that I can't really smell a whole lot. Plus the Wii, but we have not touched it since we got Metal gear, lol. I have started playing part one, which is scary, mind you I start screaming when some one sees me. ha ha, I'm lame... but I recently found crash, and I am so addicted!

besides the usual funness we have just kickin it, I can't really say there is too much stuff that is new. All of this has happened so fast and sucked the life out of me, but things are great once more.

After work I plan on finally cutting my hair. I still don't know where to go though, the place I usually go is closed today, So I'm gonna wing it. and hopefully I don't come out crying like the time when this lady jacked up my eye brows. then it is off to shop for b-day girts, since everyones' is in july... Hopefully have lunch with mike and see my parental units. then have a mini girls day with Cassie till the boys come home for dinner. ah we are all so domesticated.

I;m going to start on procedures now so I will see you all soon and hopefully with some pics! :) have a super fun weekend!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

20 before my 21

I'm Alive... really. Despite my total disconnect with the outside world for what has been about a month.... I think, ah who knows could be more. Things are perfect :D
but I have to be the worst blogger ever! Guess it rubs off from you know who... My goal is to be better and with all the madness and the inching settlement, things are going to be calm enough for me to get back to regular life mode.

Today is exactly 20 days before my 21st birthday! I'm gonna try to my best abilities to try and get a 20 before 21 mini in. What a "mini" is me scrapping out my whole 20 days before and that way I have a sweet album to look back on this life chapter o' mine. Cool huh. Today I'm gonna start with work and then later we is gonna go to the park and have a sushi picnic. So sweet!
I will have to use my updating goal to let ya see how well I do with keeping up on it :)

There is far too much to catch up on... and I don't know if I wanna try he he he..
However, I will share that we got a special addition to our family... well on my sisters part, and on my behalf as well. I'll leave ya with that, cuz I have to get back to works!

Have a wonderful 2nd official day of summer!
*pinky square to write back soon!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's an M Kind of day...


I'll admit, it's a tad bit pic heavy, but I don't care, I miss him so much right now.
I hate sleeping by myself. So I don't, lovely interweb! Can I last till 7??? By golly I'll sure try!
These are pics that make me smile, it is pretty hard to find some with him alone, we always take shots together.

For the one that loves me. Holds my hand throughout our crazy journey that we call life. Wipes my tears and sings the angel song with the puppy eyes to make me giggle. Insists I need more shoes :D Listens to me whine for a really long time. Helps me make the hardest decisions ever! Calls me the most food related pet names, lol, I must admit some of them are cute, even if they have the word bacon in them...
Can hear every thing in my voice and see it all on my face. Will go to church for me, woo that was hard!!!! lets me steal all his clothes. Calls me his Wifey, and is known as the Hubby. Puts up with my crazy expensive hobby/addiction... and lets me scrapbook all over the living room and kitchen. All the wonderful little things that make it us. I love you, and I can't wait till all this recent madness stops and we can breath peacefully. Thanks for always being by my side.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Love on the battlefield

For Metal Gear Solid 4.
The latest creation from us in the photoshop thingy... or should I say just m really, cuz not only do I suck, but I'm super impatient. :D