Friday, May 25, 2007

Lastly lived lies

I'm so excited!!!!!
This weekend looks as though it is going to be amazing! I have a lot lined up and I just can't imagine it going wrong, but now I have prolly jinxed myself. Awe : (
Today is the last time I'm going to update untill June 5th. I'm gonna be so busy in Cali that I don't think I'll update or even check, but I'll will write of it all as soon as I return. ya know you can always call me, I may not answer till way late but I'll def try to give you a ring back!
Arizbe called and they got to Chicago safely and they have alot planned for the next few days too, and I do miss her... 3 more days!

Today I had china man food for lunch. yummos and you can prolly guess with who.. yup Pablo, this cute spanish man I met, I've known him for a while and he is cute!! lol. WE have so been gettin along and if you were there at night you would know. lol Yeah we are to have dinner and a movie and then the whole weekend is ours, well most of it. Manana is graduation and then the parties and I think I'm going to get my nails done too.. then I really really have to wash, then prolly have some fun. Sunday we are going to see pirates. Should be awesome and then Monday you all know I'm leaving... So sad.

Today was customer appreciation day and they had drinkable yogurts from the moo tour and it was fun giving them to people cuz it was so pretty outside.. Wish I could be out there all day long. I had a few drinks already, on was blueberry and this one is strawberry banana, this one is the best. Chris is gone today and I'm so lonely!!! and it is sooooo slow too. Like no one is here today and no one wants to call and yeah... I get off a bit early to go get my glasses!! I hope I end up liking them, I change my mind all kinds and I hope I don't with these.

I have to finish up a few things and then go get my cards... and then look for my odp.. and then... sit here and be cute, and then leave, lol. I have nothing to do so I'm just gonna text everyone.. See ya and be goods! I know I'm not gonna be!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Black Umbrellas

It is bright and early this fine thurdsay morning! I had a ton of sleep last night. I was so tired yesterday and I had a super long night on wednesday, that it all accrued and I was out.
Last night was cool, I guess :) Sweet and simple. Aspirations were revealed and it all seems far fetched but somewhat realistic. It if were true it would be realls nice, but again it's all fictional.
Arizbe is leaving today.. I'm so sad. She leaves work early today and then is off to Chicago. I wish we could have lunch today but we both have a lunch and learn about accounts and misc stuff. technically we are having lunch, but we can't really talk alot. It's only 4 days till I see her again, but still, she has been keepin me sane these past few months. She is gonna kick my butt, and I know why too, lol. I guess she is just trying to watch out for and make sure I don't get hurt. Love ya sis!

Cassie offered me to go camping with her and her grandparets. Sounds like alot of fun but they would leave today unless I go with we would leave on friday since I work and then we would come back early on sunday so I would be back on time for my vacation. which is 4 days away. That remminds me that I have to go withdrawl money from the credit union... I do want to go but I have alot of stuff going on and things to do that it seems like not enough time to do it all. Washing is one of my priorites right now. I have like no more clean work clothes, so I have resorted to all the clothes I never really wear. Today is my little pink and tan frilly skirt with my pink top. Yeah, not feeling the skirt today. Makes me thank full that tomorrow is jean day. And then there is graduation.. Have to be there.

I have put my to do list in action and I WILL do it. I have slacked since Monday, so I'm a bit behind. I'm going to fill out and odp app before I leave. I think today... Yeah and then I'm gonna eat, I'm hungries, prolly finish my bsa's and then Lunch at noon, ah I hate taking an early lunch.. makes the day drag, Off home to clean, not really looking forward to that yet. Avoid text, calls and so forth. :) Alrighty, I'm off... only to sit here and do almost near nothing. Laters!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

wrap me up in misery

I don't think I can begin to describe how my moring has gone. I feel horrible. I couldn't seem to get up this morning, I had misplaced Abby's gift. Which today is her birthday. Happy Birthday! I called her this moring, according to her 12 is an old age. Makes me feel young. I had to stop at the gas station to get my daily fix of sweet tea. Seems to be my latest obsession. Barely made it on time to work. I felt it comming it on, My eyes hurt and my head was pounding, thus the Migrane was born. I hope I get less of them once I get my new glasses. Lucky I had my meds in my purse and I can safely say that I feel alot better. Riz came down stairs and brought me a rice crispie treat and a capri sun. How sweet. Although I'm not a huge fan of those treats, still the thought that counts.

I was in the worst mood when I got home last night. I was so tired, and a bit on the sad side. My mom obviously noticed it and went on a rant to try to cheer me up. I just ended up falling asleep on her bed. I think that may have made it worse because after about an hour hour of napping I woke up really, really grumpy. Cass and Mike came over, they were suppesed to help me with the laundry room, but somehthing about the idea of Mike helping made me want to forget about it. Everything he did pissed me off. I think he was just being his normal self and it annoyed me, to the point where I was basically asking them to leave. We all left to hang out, went to pheasent run and then we were fine for a bit, Less annoyed for sure and then they all tried their hardest to cheer me up. It was ok, till they started fighting. I was so frustrerated at this point that I gave it all to mike. He was mad, I didn't really care.

I was at home and I wanted to ball my face off. Evertything has been going so wrong. Erick and I were texting eachother last night. I dunno where that is going to go.. Gina called, she had sent this really cute pic of her and Rich with Matthew. We talked for a bit and she explained with great detail what her plans are for this weekend. I ended up tellin her all about this last weekend. I couldn't hear enough OMG's. Frankie called me, seems that he knows when I'm down, maybe cuz he is too. He knows how to cheer me up, which is nice to have. Kira and him split up again. He says he isn't as hurt like previous times but you can still hear it in his voice that he really misses her. At least she knows it, maybe cuz he tells her. I guess we are sorta going through the same thing. Goes to show how things change so fast. Don't even really have the chance to say goodbye.

I want to go home early, but i know that will not be happening. I am schedualed to go to lunch at noon and have lunch with my lovely friends.. yup you guessed it mike and Cass. I don't feel like doing lunch really. It's chineese at their new fav place. Orental Express. Hmm do I really want fat drenched noodles. Sounds appetizing but I may pass. All the things I planned to do yesterday are now moved to todays agenda, which will not happen. I'm going to see Abby after work to give her a gift. I have it in a completley oversized sparkly green bag. Hope she loves it.

I have to try to figure out my time sheet. With all this vacation and holidays and overtime, might take me forever at the pace I'm going now. I made a to do list, my own personal way of getting organized.. And I'm gonna ditch it. I don't want to do anything, except pass out. So we all know how I always want to be working some sort.. well I want to get another job.. Just a part time. Thing is I don't want to do anything here.. I want to be able to use the skill I have now, thing is everywhere professional closes at 5 or 6. Not worth it. I have alot of rime on my hands and I want to use it productivly. Not today of course. I feel like crud. I should just embrace the time I have to do nothing, I might miss it later.

Buh byes..

Monday, May 21, 2007

Seeping through

I'm freezin!! It's so cold. Super windy and looks as if it is about to rain. Lucky me am wearing capris and a t shirt. I wanna go lay in my bed for now. It sure is monday. I slept through an hour of my alarm this moring. I had a big weekend with no sleep zzzz. I did somethings I prolly shouldn't have but oh well!! Saturday after work my dad asked that I go home so that I can finish moving all my stuff and then I could take the kitchen table too. So I did and I helped them move their furnature around, then I was set I guess. We were all hungry so I went to wally world to get a prescription for my mom, which by the way we are getting along really well, and then we went to get some meat and such from the carneceria.. yup we be beaners. Had a small BBQ out back, mom says it was for Ab's I think it was cuz we were all hungry, lol. Then I tried to take a nap with no sucess. Juan brought This dude named Omar, he went to school with me I guess at central and aims, and he did look familiar but I didn't really care to become friends with him, He knew me though. I guess he graduated with Kevin.. yeah I drew a blank too.

Anyways, Shrek was cute.. I have no idea where to place it as far as with all the rest. I think in the end the cute babies made it all worth it. I went home and Luis called and wanted to come over and watch a movie. He thinks my living room looks all bare, lol. Hello I have an entertainment center and a love seat, that is about it. not too home-ly feeling yet. stomp the yard is what he brought.. weird movie.. all ghetto, gansta and such, lol. Sotra reminded about drum line with the the whole battle thing in the end and of course the underdog who had a hard time wins. Classic, however drum line was a better movie. like what was the moral, beats me.. maybe I didn't pay that much attention. Sunday was nice. I helped my mom with some things in the garage and cassie came over. We decided that we were going to build my tabel, rearrange my living room and desk, I have the fish tank now and then we scrubbed my fridge and the first thing I put in there was a cherry coke, yay!! GO ME!! jk. Sad really. My closet was the heavest and weakest piece of crap I own. I hate that thing. Still didn't get a chance to do all my boxes or move my bed where I really want it. Tonight I have to go home and finish cleaning the laundry room my clothes is everywhere and then I plan to wash all my clothes before I really decide what to do with it all. Cass is gonna come over and help me out with that, and I really appreciate it. I need to get her something for all her help.
Went to lunch with Riz, when we first went outside it was really nice.. too perfect. I would have given anything right then and there to go to glenmere and sit under a tree. I do wanna go there for lunch sometime again like old times, but na.. lol. Instead we went to qudoba.. yums. I'm so full, and tired and I need to go mimi's early tonight.

Oh, I talked to Gina... She drives me crazy but in a good way.. she says her and Richard got an apartment for me in Denver, like too late hun. Sorries. Besides I would never move down there. Moving on she is tryin to get pregnant.. Like are you kidding me?? I think she should wait but they insist on it. Good luck I guess, may the fertile gods help you, lol. And she sold her Jetta.. smooth move.. Now you have no transportaion of any sort. But they are happy and that is all tha matters. Love you guys!

k well I just got an email, and then I get to go home!!! 20 minutes baby!!!
oh and let you not forget I have 7 days till I go on vacation!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Good Morning!

It's barely 10:00 am and it is busy!!! I'm at work, in the lobby again. I don't mind except for I'm a bit sleepy. I got like maybe 2 hours of sleep last night. Josh invited me to go out with him to the bar/ restaurant that had Karaoke on fridays. I wanted to go, I really did.. But then I opped to not go, Instead I came back to the bank and watched a movie with Riz, Selso and all their kids. It was fun, we watched how to eat fried worms, so cute to hear the kids sigh "groooossseee!" I got to be in charge of money, ya know doing what I do best. So I bet you can imagine how I was about them ones. We did it as a part of the American Cancer society and we raised a bit over $115.00 not too bad considering who was there. I have cute white bracelets that state the mission for this year, one goal... cure. I'm bummed that I can't do it this year! They are cute so if you want one, hit me up. After that I did want to go to milliken to sing my heart out, but then I thought it was too late so I just went home with Cassie and she stayed over. I finally got to watch the ending of Ultimate coyote ugly search and I was disappointed. New York won, I did like them at first but then I wanted Ft. Lauder dale to win. All in all it was a good show. Then we watched mean girls, by that time I was ready to pass out. Tried to go to bed but then we talked about alot of things, came to the conclusion that life sucks, lol, jk it's jsut the people in it.. he he. Ya know I'm sorta kidding. She needs to grow some, fast lol.
I talked to Luis last night, he made me mad last tuesday so I told him I was all pissed.. what all can he say but sorry I guess and then he is so busy, like always.. but we did make plans for tomorrow. I guess it depends on how I feel and If I do really wanna hang with him. Riz thinks he is just SO cute.. I'm like, yeah he's ok. lol. She likes them mexicans, jk. He's whiter than me.. I personally don't think he even looks mexican but whatever.
Today is Abby's party, but my little mini me had no sense of behavior so I think that she might be in trouble.. therfore I have no idea what is going on. She dunno, Riz dunno... um ok, I think we are winging it at this point. I wish they would hurry and decide. I could make plans for laters, All I know is that I'm going to see Shrek today, I just need a time :) I wanna go swimming, tried to convince Luis to go with me tomorrow, but what is it with me finding guys who don't know how to swim.. You would think, but nope. Katlyn is having a pool party at the plex at 3, the big 07 :) b day is not until July 6th but since she never see's her school mates during the summer it's conveniently today ... Still dunno. Isn't my family lovely??
Ha ha, I just helped a customer with his account and I asked if there was anything else I can do for him, he's like "you can tell me that you love me" ha ha, lol. K buddy. Yup just smile and nod. You are cute, southern, so it seems.. but no thanks!
Did some bills... I am so POOR!!!! I had a few unexpected costly things come this month, so that affects me alot. Barely scraping by it seems, well If I want to have enough for Cali. Which I'm excited but then I'm a bit nervous also. 9 days till I leave!!
I keep lookin at the clock and it aint't going by any faster.. I'm gonna say tootles.
Y'all have a an awesome weekend!!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Timely trivia

1. Would you marry for money? No, I think they would marry me for money, lol.

2. Have you had retainers/braces? yup, both.

3. Could you live without a computer? I think my job would be really hard, but I have my phone si I think I could live.

4. If you could live in any past timeperiod, where would it be? I dunno..

5. Do you drink enough water? Yeah and I see now why eight glasses is good, not because it hydrates you, because you have to get up a million times to go pee it all out. That’s your workout right there!

6. Do you wear shoes in the house ortake 'em off? Off.. I was a barefooted person in my past life.

8. What is your favorite place tovisit? not my house that’s for damn sure. I would have to say Glenmere. I could die there and not care.

9. Are you photogenic? ha ha, no. I am beautiful in person though. So if you see me in pics and think I’m pretty, you will be amazed up close… lol *concited*

10. Do you dream in color or black andwhite? Color.

11. Why do you take surveys?
because I’m super bored.. And I say I have a life.

12. Do you drink alcoholic bev? yes

13. What is the most beautifullanguage? Umm.. I dunno, maybe Spanish or Italian. Hello I have to know then to know if they are beautiful.

14. Do you like being kissed when youare asleep? hmm... how am i supposed to know. Mike… Do I?

15. WHAT do you like MORE: Sunrise orsunset? Sunset. it's so pretty!

16. Do you want to live until you're over 80?
I guess unless I was really sick, then maybe it be best I go early.

17. Is a flat stomach important to you? nope… obviously, lol!!!

19. When you watch movies at home, doyou like the lights switched on or off? Off

20. Do you believe in magic? why yes I do… Aurora Borrialis

21. Do you like to watch cartoons? sometimes.

22. At what age did you find out that that what? about the birds and the bees?
Ha ha ha.. well I’m not too sure.. hmm, I think I was in 5th grade…come on well all know what it is now.

23. Do you write poems? i used to. i was corny back then.

24. Do you snore? No, the only time I ever make noise like that is if I’m really tired and pass out.

25. You sleep more on your back, front,or sides? My face…

26. Are you basically a happy person? I guess, things could always be better ya know..

27. Are you tired? Not right now.

28. Did you drink anything withcaffeine? Oh yeah, espresso baby!!!

29. How many landline phones do youhave at home? None, we are poke mofos. All we have are cells.

30. Do you get along with your parents? When they want something. Or when they feel like loving me again.

31. Do u smoke? Yup, smoke it all!!! jk

32. Do you have a kitty? Why must I always get reminded about this? It’s sad : (

33.Have you ever had a turtle? No but Jose did, and it died. RIP daisy.

34. What do you do when you're sad? I drive, and stick my hand out of the window, I’ve been doing a lot of that lately.

35. What do you need most now? Nothing… I have to teach my kids the difference between a need and a want, need is something needed to survive. If you ask me what I want… that would be a different story.

36. What song are you listening to now? Oh my my my… by taylor swift.

37.what are you craving for right now? Nothing..

38. Last person you talked with? Some dude wanting to talk to Selso…

39. What song do you love most?
It’s a tie… Cherry Monroe - anything, and John Mayer – Slow dancing in a burning room.

40. You love him/her? Hmm this him could mean anyone.. Like Lance per say. Why yes I do. He is soooo hot!! I assume you are speaking of an old flame. No, well as a person yes, he is very important to me, but someone seems to think I still do…

Did anyone notice the missing number??? this quiz is jank.

Yes’es and no’es

Q: Kissed someone on the lips that was just your friend?
A: Yes… My mishap.

Q: Had feelings for someone who didn'thave them back?
A: Yes

Q: Been arrested?
A: No

Q: Kissed someone you didn't like?
A: Yeah

Q: Slept in until 5 PM?
A: Yes, when I had two jobs.

Q: Held a snake?
A: Yes

Q: Been suspended from school?
A: No

Q: Been fired from a job?
A: No

Q: Sang karaoke?
A: Yes, I rock too!

Q: Done something you told yourselfyou wouldn't?
A: YES!! Story of my effin life!

Q: Laughed until you started crying?

Q: Kissed in the rain?
A: Yes, it was so romantic..

Q: Sang in the shower?
A: Oh yeah

Q: Sat on a roof top?
A: Yessums

Q: Been pushed into a pool with allyour clothes on?
A: Sorta.. yes

Q: Broken a bone?
A: Nope

Q: Shaved your head?
A: NO!!!!

Q: Blacked out from drugs?
A: NO, I don’t think, lol.

Q: Played a prank on someone?
A: Yes

Q: Had a gym membership?
A: Yes, I have one now.

Q: Felt like killing someone?
A: Hells Yeah

Q: Made a boyfriend cry?
A: Yup

Q: Cried over someone you loved?
A: Yeah

Q: Shot a BBgun?
A: No

Q: Donated Blood?
A: No, I could never do that.

Q: Still love someone you shouldn't?
A: No, I’m not obsessive like that.. If I were, I would count on my friends to get me over it. Fast.

Idiocy is Bliss

Hey there.. my few readers. This seems sorta pointless.. there are like 6 readers maybe, if that. Whatever though, I have noticed this has become my lil journal that is just eaiser for me to update.
I'm eating popcorn, ha ha ha and you are not... unless you are, then disregard that. It's awesome too, it's the theater style kind. Rocks my socks off. Ok so as you see I'm delusional. I'm bored, I am oh so bored... Chris has gone home for the day, he was sickies and now I'm alone. I just got back from doing an hour at the front desk, and that was so different than what I usually do... to be honest it sucked, mainly because it isn't my desk and the computer and keys and well everything is so out of norm to me. But it's home sweet home now and I feel alot better.
I wanna take a break from the world for a bit.. I'm so fed up with everything!!! Like people don't realize how their stupidity affects me, ha some don't even bother to ask. Prolly cuz they so don't care.. Maybe I have been gettin all irritated lately. I've been real selective on who I talk and hang with. Any chance I'll get pissed, I pass. Crazy thing is that these people are like so effin slow that they don't realize that they are so... GRRRR. ya know. Well you know what...Who cares, your gay and You piss me off so there, done and over with you are shun. End of that now. Ahhh I just had to vent a bit, since Chris ain't here to hear me gripe I guess I have to let someone know, lol. Poor guy, who knows how he puts up with me..
I'm gettin me eye brows done today around 1.. Melanie is gonna do them. Chris was givin me crap like "you trust someone who you have no idea how it is going to turn out like in the end, then if they are all messed you're gonna cry the rest of the day" lol. I do trust her, if not I'll just cry my face off like last time.. Which he is lucky he is gonna miss.
I did alot of cleaning last night, Found alot of things I didn't remember that I had. Ah the memories of alot of crap, SO I put it in the box. I don't even wanna look throught it all, it makes me all mad, it was all a big bunch of nothing... makes me sick. I plan to try to finish alot of it off today, but it is friday so who knows, I wanna go watch a movie. After work I'm gonna go to home depot to buy some moving boxes. I'm getting the dining room table so that is cool I suppose. Gotta get a move on all that stuff now.
Tomorrow I work... yeah I know. then after that I'm gonna go see shrek the third.. I'm excited!!! Should be fun... Then after that my weekend is free, I'm sure I'll find something to do.
I'm gonna try to work now, then I'll try to leave for lunch... Nothin sounds good yet. We'll see. I'll just find myself sittin here surfin the net and being a dork. Should be GREAT!!! Buh byes!!
Oh and This is like a help wanted sign, lol.

WORKOT BUDDY: Needed, a person who lives in Greeley, perferably, to go and work out with me.. Anywhere is fine.. although I have a pass to the plex. I'm cool and I think it would be really fun, lol. Position includes: Having to work out, (you can't just sit around a watch me) Know how to make healthy choices, Must be able to be stern with me and my choices, ( meaning you have to keep me from doing horrible) and must be leanient ( means let me do what I want), lol. yeah well this is a hard position, and only one person has had it before, so... send me your info or call..

Thursday, May 17, 2007

save me from them sorrows

It's late, well for the work day it is and seeing how I have to stay late, really blows. I had no time to much of anything really, I was swamped this moring and I didn't really even have much to do. I had to cram in the days lessons before class started. Everyone here at work seems to be on edge... Um, you all suck, jk. Just Chris and I are cool. We are like this... ( if only you could see my fingers making that twisty lookin thing) It's just us in this one far away land we call our office..
Oh I got a raise... forgot to mention it before. I wasn't too excited, ah it was ok. She said that she plans on giving me a raise before my yearly.. then I'll eventually get my yearly, so that is something to look forward to. Our plant is dying.... So we had our gardener lady move it by the window.. I hope it lives.
Today we did desktop Bingo, it was fun except for my cards sucked. Some chick in real estate won. Tomorrow is blackout and I'm more so lookin forward to that.
I went to class today, it was fun I tought them about the goverment and taxes and then they got to vote, they even got paid for the donuts they made last class and then I saw the kids from my last class and they are so cute, they are learning how to make patterns and they made some just for me!! and one girl, her name is Andrea, she drew me a little mouse and a giant piece of cheese.. Awe, I was sad to leave them again. I guess David had my evaluation, which is why I really went in there to get and he's off because school ended at UNC and he said he would keep it because he planned on seeing me again, now when was that going to be?? who knows, but he is supposed to call me :) so I'm excited!!!
Had some tacos from the Milpa, they were good.. I guess that is my dad's friend's brother in law's something that owns that place.. I dunno but one of them knew me, it was weird.. Like um ok freak, starein any harder aint gonna make me remember you.
I have 2 stop payments to do before I leave, I have already have had 3 before too, anyways I gotta go I'm supposed to be off in 8 min, lol.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Starvin Marvin!

OMG I'm so hungry!!! I had sketti last night and Nothing ever since... so yeah. I ordered a venti iced carmel machiatto and some chips and salsa. I'm awaiting it's arrival, here patiently and complaining to you... obviously. I'm skipping my lunch hour today so I can go to the school for that little party they are having for us, it's at 4 and Then I'll be off for the rest of the day, perfect timing too cuz I think that is the time when the other teachers get out or somethin like that, so I'm gonna be hanging out with David, he's so cool.
My eye exam went well. Lets see, I got in at 3:30 to do paperwork and such, left there at 5:48. Yup it took forevers. My pretty brown eyes are safe but they are pretty much blind. Well not really, I just have a huge astigmatism and that means I need special lenses, which cost alot, of course and me being the picky one that I am had to get super cute and expensive glasses I might add. Total cost was 739.00 not including taxes.. Sucks. Luckily with my insurance, I pay a bit less than 300.00 but I think it's still alot for a pair of glasses and clicky shades.
---- Feel the words from my lips to your heart's fingertips, then you know where I come from, cuz I know, yes I know everything there is to know Cuz I lost everythingI had, see I, I could have danced on the sun but my world came undone.... PATRICIA..... --- I'm listening to Flogging Molly, it's originally Laura but I think my name sounds good in here as well :)
I got home around 10:15 and I went upstairs to look out the window cuz I'm weird and there was some dude walking by and yeah... anyways I saw my mother and she said she wanted to talk to me.. ok. She asked that I meet with her early in the moring to discuss a few things. So I did just that. That was the lamest talk ever. It was just about my father and me and moving out and blah blah blah, so she wants me to rethhink everything over. I guess I will have to think about that. I know there are somethings I wanna do and some things I really don't want to do. I'm stuck... very stuck. Riz thinks my mom is just trying to give me the guilt trip, ans it's true, she has mastered it and it works every single time. I need some kind of repelent for that. So here I go contemplating everything, like always. I need someone to knock some sense in me!!! Tell me what is in my best interest! Cuz I really don't know. other than that, I think we are pretty much getting along.
I have been having this odd pain in my tummy, like the neverending butterflies. I don't think I'm nervous or anything, I feel like Maybe I have been so stressed and My mind is sometimes some where else. I'm just sad, but it's like a sutle sad, I don't feel sad untill I think about it, maybe cuz I try to hide it all with excuses and then I get all Pissed... K I'm rambling...
But my food is here and I'm gonna eat, so see yalls later!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

101 Questions

WHOLE NAME? Patricia Maria Soto Espiricueta Villarial Indalecio, my friends call me Pmsevi or sevi for shorts. word...

WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? My middle name is my mother’s name.

IF YOU COULD PICK YOUR OWN NAME, WHAT WOULD IT BE? I like my name… I would have to say Faye. Or Delilah, but that is what I want to name my child.. This is a weird question.



WHERE DO YOU LIVE? Greeley CO. aka G town, lol. Yes I know I’m gay..

THE FURTHEST YOU'VE BEEN FROM HOME? Italy, I didn’t really miss my parents either, boo yak!

WHAT IS THE LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOU? I wish I wasn’t such a beep, lol. Oh and my big toe, it’s a little ugly right now. : (

WHAT'S YOUR SPECIAL TALENT? I can play three instruments. Amoung other things, lol!!

WHAT CHARACTERISTICS CAN YOU NOT STAND IN OTHER PEOPLE? Liars and people who are fake or too ghetto.

THE FIRST THING YOU NOTICE ABOUT PEOPLE YOU ARE ATTRACTED TO? Their eyes, smile, teeth and hair, gotta have good hair..


WHERE DO YOU WORK AT? New Frontier Bank

WHAT DO YOU DO THERE? Everything.. I do transfers, calls and accounts, Certificate notices, CD quotes, filing, faxes are my calling, balance overdrawn accounts, safety deposit boxes… everything.

WHAT DID YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU WERE LITTLE? An oncologist, but before I knew what that meant, a nurse. I was way off.

WHAT IS YOUR BEST CHILDHOOD MEMORIES? Going fishing with my daddy.

DO YOU HAVE ANY KIDS? Maybe… na but I will have a million soon.

WHAT KIND OF CAR DO YOU DRIVE? 2002 ford escort, his name is Oscar, how everyone loves him so :)

HOW MANY TIMES DID YOU FAIL YOUR DRIVERS TEST? The written part once, the driving part none cuz that’s how I roll.

WHO IS THE PERSON YOU TRUST THE MOST? No one, everyone is a liar.

WHAT TIME DID YOU GET UP THIS MORNING? 6:20 am then snoozed till 6:30…

WHEN IS YOUR BEDTIME? Whenever I can no longer keep my eyes open… in other words, late. Last night, around midnight.

ARE YOU A MORING PERSON OR A NIGHT OWL? Night… I have gotten better in the mornings though.

WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY? Last Tuesday night, when I had to make one of the most hardest decisions of my life.

DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG? Physically… kinda, emotionally, not really I’m such a baby, But In comparison to other people, I would have to say yes.

WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? A lot of people really… Erick, my mom, Micheal, Butters and My ten bucks that got stolen!!

DO YOU STILL HAVE YOUR TONSILS? Nope had those babys taken out when I was in 7th grade.

DO YOU HAVE ANY TATOOS? Yup.. its on the small of my back.. good luck care bear. Ha ha jk, As if.. I wouldn’t want to jack up my bod.. but if I was drunk and got one, that would be my best bet :)

HOW MANY PEIRCINGS DO YOU HAVE? 8 five in my ears, two on my girls and you can guess where the other one is.... lol. You know! Another drunk thing I guess, maybe.


WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? Yeah, I would like to but I think it cost a crap load.

DO YOU USE SARCASM A LOT? No not at all, I tell it like it is… using sarcasm.

EVER BEEN TOILET PAPERING? Na I’m too much of a chicken!!

WHAT BOOKS ARE YOU READING? Wicked… the one that is like a spoof of the wizard of oz, tells the witches side of the story. pretty cool.

DO YOU HAVE A JOURNAL? Actually I have a few, I love writing.

DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? Sometimes, it can get real messy. Especially when I’m depressed.


WHAT KIND OF PHONE DO YOU HAVE? A white black berry pearl, I love it!!

FROM WHOM DID YOU GET YOUR LAST EMAIL? Arizbe, she mailed me that she had a gift for me!!! I love gifts!!!

WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? New Frontier bank, oh and my mouse.



YOUR HAIR COLOR? Brownish black, it’s really long now...

EYE COLOR? Dark, dark brown.

HAT SIZE? I dunno, I don’t wear hats too often, even though I look cute in them, k got off track here, I assume it’s a regular size, lol.

SHOE SIZE? 10 or 11. ya know the whole sandals thing.

DO YOU UNTIE YOUR SHOES WHEN YOU TAKE THEM OFF? No and I never really though about it.

WHAT COLOR SHIRT ARE YOU WEARING? Baby blue fleece sweater baby!

WHAT COLOR PANTS AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? Grey and black shoes, yes I am wearing black socks.. lol.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CLOTHES? Jeans and a tee, and oo a hoodie, them are so comfy!

WHICH STORE WOULD YOU CHOOSE TO MAX OUT A CREDIT CARD? Fashion bug and Payless, oh and target…

DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS? Hell no, I don’t like poking or touching my eye ball and stuff… I get the shivers just thinking about it.

DO YOU WEAR GLASSES? Yesums I do, Except for I misplaced them and now they are gone forevers… and it’s only when I can’t see lol.

WHAT DID YOU HAVE FOR BREAKFAST? Fruit and a slice of southwestern keesh.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL? I don’t really like cereal, but apple jacks are good and kix are awesome!

FAVORITE CUSINE? Mejican that is pronounced me' - hee -can.. yums

FAVORITE FOOD? That is a tough one, I go through fazes, lol. I would say pickles and fruit, and pig chips,oo and lemons, Love the lemons.

FAVORITE CHIP? Salt and vinegar.

FAVORITE LUNCH MEAT? Turkey, after that, ham

FAVORITE SANDWHICH? The cabo from quiznos, but now that is gone forevers now… so buffalo chicken from The Village.


FAVORITE FRUIT? Pineapple and watermelon, only the fresh kind, not that jellied crap or the fake tasting stuff.

FAVORITE RESTAURANT? Pf changs… I haven’t been there in a while.

FAVORITE FAST FOOD? Carls jr… or the Bk lounge.

FAVORITE DESSERT? I don’t really like desert, but I would have to say not so sweet things I guess. I likes fruit, lol

WHAT FOOD DO YOU DISLIKE? Mushrooms and other gross things…

LAST THING YOU ATE? Breakfast, and I’m about to go for a jolly rancher.

LAST PERSON YOU WENT TO DINNER WITH? Cassie, went to cici’s and the cute manager sat with us…

FAVORITE SMELL? When it rains and when the lawn is just cut on a summer day that is not too hot.

FAVORITE SOUNDS? Rain falling and waterfalls.. oh and music. I hate thunder, I get soooo scared!!

FAVORITE FLOWER? Lillies and Roses.

FAVORITE DAY OF THE WEEK? Fridays and Saturdays, it’s a toss up.

FAVORITE TIME OF DAY? When I get off work..

FAVORITE ANIMAL? I like cows, piggys , monkeys, cats and dogs. BUT… I’m picky about the animals I do like, they cannot be icky!

DO YOU HAVE PETS? Well I used to have a cat named butters, but he got taken away, then I had a fishy named fatty, but then he got eaten, so no.

FAVORITE SPORTS TO WATCH? Baseball and hockey

FAVORITE SPORT TO PLAY? Basketball and volleyball

FAVORITE TEAM? Chicago cubs!!!


WHAT DID YOU WATCH LAST NIGHT ON TV? The bachelor, I think… With this chick and dude.. shows how much I watched.



FAVORITE CD AT THE MOMENT? Continum.. yeah what does that tell you???

WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? My phone ring, so that prolly means I should get that…


SCARY MOVIES OR HAPPY ENDING? I like both. But scary movies are way more exciting…

SUMMER OR WINTER? I hate both! Summer is ok cuz of my b-day but I would much rather choose fall.

HUGS OR KISSES? This is hard, I love them both, but I think hugs are essential, so hugs, but kisses are right after!


PEDICURE OR MANICURE? Both but pedies are more relaxing..

BEAVERS OR DUCKS? Ducks, the cute ones.

COKE OR PEPSI? Coke, I love COKE!!!

DIAMONDS OR PEARLS? Depends on what you wear them with, but I would have to say diamonds.

NAME FOUR PLACES YOU HAVE BEEN ON VACATION? Italy, mexico, Kansas and soon Cali.


WHERE WOULD YOU WANT TO RETIRE? In mexico, maybe, that is a long ways away.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING RIGHT NOW? Doing this thingy.. duh…

WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE RIGHT NOW? At home sleeping or chillin with my friends. Ooo or maybe shopping, I did get paid today!!

WHAT IS ONE THING YOU REGRET? I don’t regret anything, well except for 1 and a half things, lol. Which is none of your business, jk. But really, cuz see how I’m not telling you.

NOOOOO!!! I’m boring. Or it’s not something I would like to share at this moment, cuz that would just complicate things, and I wouldn’t wanna do that now would I.

Monday, May 14, 2007

A smile a day keeps the grumpies away!!!

Hey Ya'll!!!
It's monday!!! I'm just trying to make moday seem like fun, although we all know it's not... well unless you have it off, and well I haven't had a monday off since last monday holiday, mlk bday I think. Anyways, I have 14 days till I leave on vacation, Till I get my monday off :)
I had a wonderfull weekend and I hope that most of you did as well. Oh and then to all the mothers or mothers to be, or even the mother wanna be's, Happy mother's day! My weekend was so fun and filled, I spent way too much money and I get paid tomorrow and I have like no moneys left.. Oh well I guess.
Friday was cool, had dinner with some amigos and then hung out at my casa, then I passed out cold when I was trying to watch tv, First time in a long time. Woke up around 3 then crawled into bed, ah I love my bed! Saturday morning was Allison's birthday breakfast, she is so cute! Then we went to some stores, I got a cute top... then went to My brothers house for the kid's party... there was some crazy oriental food there... uuhh, but it was cool. Then off to the game. K so we were late, got there like into the 3rd inning. These were club level seats. Spiffy stuff, they had chefs there, no lines, there are people who will take your order so you don't have to miss a bit of the game, mmm chocolate covered strawberrys, so awesome, not regular seats that's for sure :) We won 6 ta 4. it was a quick game though. I also got tickets for sunday same seats and that game was sooo sad, we lost, and horribly, 2 ta 15. I was like a totally different team from saturday, on both sides. It was really fun though...
So I get my mom some flowers and a card and of course that one thing she wants... money. We were sorta speaking during the b day parties, but only sorta. So I wake up on Sunday to tell my mother Happy mother's day... ya know and she was so rude... I was like gonna give her a hug and she turned around, so when I said " aren't you gonna give ma a hug" she was like, So i have a choice. Ha can you belive her? Whatever though, I'll let her act and do whatever she wants. she's happier that way. Ain't we all? Moving on..
Went to dinner with Cassie's family at the sizzin, I dunno yet if I like that place, it was ok. after we picked up mike and went to my house, since it's such a hot spot, lol. Dang.. we were out, lol. Then they started fightin, like always, but they were so out of it was was funny to watch them try to argue with each other. They did let loose and I know for a fact that half that stuff would have never been said if they weren't all messed, lol. I thought my weekend was gonna suck, on acount of evrything that has happened within the last week, but it was really good, I think I may be able to survive the rest of them. lol.
Some one is calling my cell... dunno so you will just have to wait my friend...
OMG stamps went up! I'm so mad... I just a book like the on wednesday or something, like couldn't they have told me when I was buying them? Guess not.. SO now I have to get those retarded 2 cent ones. Not a biggie I just hate how they just keep going up.
Regina called me and wanted to ask me a question right... Will I co-sign for them to get an apartment. Are you serious??? Like no, I can't. Why does everyone turn to me with their financial problems? I so don't trust you, sorry love. I care, but I'm not willing to ruin my credit for you. I have my own financial doings too and that is more than enough for me.
Ahhh and I'm so nervous about tomorrow. I have my eye exam and I'm scared! I had an eye lash in there yesterday and I couldn't for the life of me take it out.. I don't like touching my eyes, like my eye ball, that's icky. And anyone who knows me knows that I can't even put eye drops in by myself, and I don't think having someone, them being a stranger, put stuff in my eyes is gonna go to well. Eee I get this feeling in my tummy, feels like butterflies but much worse. I have this fear that I'm gonna come out blind I guess. I'm such a dork!! I'm sure I'll live, and if not... It was nice knowing ya!
When I get home today I plan on getting everything together, like all my stuff sorted out and eventually put them into boxes and get them labeled and out. I'm tired of seeing my room as a mess and I think I wanna move my bed around and maybe down. I know I can't do it all today but that is on my to do list... but then I might just go hang out and not come home till late, I guess whichever sounds best when I get off : ) Oh and as one of my good deeds of the day I thinkI might have dinner at arby's, they will be donating 20% of profits to the transitional home. So if you wanna do your part, think arby's, well for today anyways. Now I just have to find out what I'm gonna do with the other half of my samich...
Today has gone by so quick so far, and I'm starving... I'm gonna get a bannana now. Oh and I got this really long email, it's a questionere thing, it's fun and I'll maybe post it some time, lets you know some interesting things about people. well me.. lol.
Laters gators.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Fabulous Fun Friday...

Hey guys,
It's been a long few days. I must admit I'm tired, tired of it all. I haven't been feeling well. I told Chris that I'm slowly dying! lol. besides, I'm freezing, I'm half way there, ha and it's like sunny and scorching outside. I must be gettin sick. Gonna admit, Today and yesterday sucked.
I haven't been able to check out her blog yet, won't seem to load on my computer, prolly cuz there is like a mil bad words, and the bank no like bad words lol. Symanic security it says... Ah oh well not one of my prorities right now. I just have to say that I'm done with all of this. I'm just gonna be the mature one here and just stop. Wanna claim how old you are, go for it, how about you act that way too. Anyways this isn't to dis you so I'm over it already. You can have him, I don't want him, not even as a friend. So now you don't have to worry. It's all gravy now. Too bad it had to go down this way.
Now that that that is all over and done with, yesterday was like one of the hardest days I've had in like a really long time. Cass gave me some money on wed. night and for some dumb reason I put it in my glove box, which I like never do, anyways thursday morning I walk outside and there is some of my stuff from my car on the floor. Well my car got broken into. Sad, That money was all that was stolen I think... So I need to get that window fixed. Oh there is another promise that was not kept, but whatever.
I had my class yesterday, it was really fun, I taught them about unit and assembly production, we made donuts. It was so sweet. I love kids. That class was really long though. Was worth it i guess, so I was gone from work for a few hours, aside from having all my work to do, so I had no time for anything. I ended up having lunch in my office after I ran around with Riz lookin for strawberry shortcake invatations. It's for Allison's b-day and we are going to Shorty's grill for breakfast tomorrow and then over to the kid side, ya know pizza blast for the kids afterwards. Then around 3 it's the twin's party. It's at my brothers house. Then there was the Rockies game at 6, dunno what I'm gonna do about that yet. Might just give the tickets to Riz or something.
It was also mexican mothers day yesterday... I haven't spoken to my mother in forever. It's really bothering me. I have never been this distant with her before, and now that all this stuff is going down I usually tell her everything and she will give me advice, not nessisarily good advice but she tries to help out. I do miss her and it's no one's fault but my own. Oh well I guess. I am going to give out gifts on sunday's mother's day... Just don't know what to get everyone. Cassie got me a mother's day gift, she is so silly!
Talked to Regina last night. I feels kinda bad for her, life is so different now that she is over there being all mom like, Hard thing for her is that she has no way of trasportation. Hello honey why you gotta wait like a loser and get your licence when you're like 20? Who does that? Anyways she needs a car to test on and she is sol I guess. Sorries... It will all be better soon, isn't that how it always works, no, well it should.
I'm going to a volunteer luncheon at Maddison today at noon. Then there is a department meeting at 5 ish.. we are gonna have nachos, mmm. I was planning to go to windsor to go look at the animals that are in the adoption truck at the cause for paws event that we are having for the humaine society. but those plans fell through, it all worked out though.
I have a to do list: Bvs; My list; Look over the weekly news letter; Preview, print, staple and fold article from fortune magazine to give to the stockholders, lol and then I have my usual certificates of deposit notification of quarterly interest and I think I best get to it. I'm gonna go upstairs and wish Barb a happy
birthday and steal some of her pineapple angle cake. : )
Buh byes!!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Is that what you think...

YO and hello...
This moring has been frantic. I have lotsa good stuff and then there is the stupid shit, lol.
First I should tell you about the eagles game, it was so awesome. I'm really glad I went. At first I didn't wanna go, then I took a nap befor we went, I must have woken up grumpy. Ah I wasn't feelin too well, then I got a headache later. Anyways we won and tje game was so intense. We even got free subway, lol.
I'm getting super busy with work, I have a few trainings,and then there are llike other staff meetings... All that means is over time!!! I love workin here, I have a carrer, how fun! Cool thing is when i go to my trip I not only get paid for it while i;m gone but just by working here I got up to 300.00 extra for my trip. Since I have those Visa cards and then the extra 100.00 we got. SO I really only have to pay 200.00 plus my spending money which I'm gonna try to be frual on.
Ok so I get online yesterday and I readthis "peace" message. Ha I have never heard so much bullshit in my life!!!! Alright so you wanna know how it is, I'll give it to you, since your bitchin about it. Look I don't "hate" you beacause yeah Idon't know you. ButI really don't like you! I think you're full of it though. You talk so much shit and you say you wanna just get by like everyone. Ha ha well news for you bitch, I'mnot trying to make him love me, That seems to be something that you just can't get.... I could careless if he dates some one else... as long as it's not you. I don't think that you get that you are worthless... You don't deserve him, because you are a liar to be honest I think you are a fucking pshyco. Anyone who threatens to jump off thier house just cuz someone wanted me over them is crazy!! Or cries everytime she is reminded of how not love she is. This is the time you know to just get over it!! Goes to show that if you stick around long enough, cry a river, beg and plead, it just might get you somewhere int he end...fuckin stupid!!!!! Funny how wyou were all sitting there in Ohio thinking your man loved you and the whole tiime he is there with me til 5 in the a.m. Cheating on you, ooo or did you not know that, like everything else he hid from you? you are nothing, well compared to me that is. Evan he knows that. And if he wants to go for some hoe who is GHETTO and has no real job, is illiterate and is well just you..Then go ahead, be my guest. Say buh bye to anything that is somewhat amart. Must feel pretty special huh? There is no competition, remember I was the one who took him from YOU, not the other way around. I would think that he would just want a peice of ass, hey your giving it to the rest, damn he wants a taste too! Reality is that yeah your "master plan" wasn't to not keep us from being friend, it was breaking us up and getting him to like you, right? Yeah, trying to be all buddy buddy with my friends behind my back and tellin lies and shit so that they can hate him and do what a good friend would do and tell me. Just like JOse did and then after we did break up you never spoke to him again. And at first i was cool with you and Mike and i never said a thing, I let you guys be friends and whatever and then you starting talking your shit like you aldwayts do and then i was like, all hell no, and then it just seems like all you do is run your fuckin mouth. I'm tired of playing nice, I'm nice until I'm a bitch. I was told not to stoop down to YOUR leval, as in don't dbe stupid and immature but i think it's time for someone to kick you off your pedastol., you ain't no ones bitch, Talk al the shit you want about m friends, they may be young, but at least i have some, i don't have to rely onjust my family or people in other states to chill with, lol...but they don't fuck me over...i sorta feel bad for you ..awee :( lol, I hope you're not eating up all his words right now, cuz he's just telling you what you want to hear. I ain't foolin aroundits just you baby..mean while who is hea kissing and hugging, and ooo yeah fuckin...yup yours truly!!! oh wait i forgot i'm not supposed to say whenever we do those things cuz he don't want you to find out. my bad, I admire how you can wake up everyday and think that you are so special considering all the stuff you do. Gotta hand it to you, I coul dnever be fucking some gut on the side, while tellin the love of my life that i love him with all my heartk, yeah umm okay slut. You can call me a waste of time all you want cuz you know that he wont pick upt hat phone when he is with me. You just get him by thought, in the civil manner that you wnated to be, but you would much rather be a bitch and say whatever makes you feel better about yourself. Thats cool, so here is me holding nothing bak. dont like it, who cares, that's how it is, deal with it!! I thought you knew
well enough talking about dumb bitches...
Yay my Hippie plant lady is here and i get to pick out a plant for my desk now BRB...hmmmm, dunno yet, don't want it to be too big, maybe I'll get a lamp instead, make it feel homier, if that makes sense. lol
I got my new Nfb shirts today, they are really cute, one is black and one is purple. I went over my clas s materials and i have a lot to do tomorrow, plus i have to get all thier loot together too, i think i'll get athat this afternoon.
Oh and good luck to Jose on your test, i know you will do great. I f not you know my mom is gonna kick your ass! She prolly still likes
Today is Allisons B-day!! she is 7. I still have to get he gift togher. Risz is going to the school, they have chocolate covered strawberries, i wish i could go but since i'm taking extra time off next week i think i should stay put this week. Chris wanted to take vacation the same time i did, but he can't lol, i do feel bad but this had been planned since Feb. ya know. He's going to Ohio to visit some family . So i asked him if all girls down ther are bitches, lol he's like pretty much!!!
I'm gonnna get ready to take off to lunch ehere soon and do some trnasfers. LATERS!!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Pops over rocks

Today has been going pretty great! Despite some peeps being all gay and such, hey that's their life... not mine, Thank God!!!
Ok I have to brag... Last night after dinner we went to Michaels, the store continuing on our quest to find the perfect picnic basket, with no luck of course. but we happened to stumble on a painting, well more like the photograph of a painting. Red on khaki... or something like that. That was the piece that mike wanted and the look on his face was priecless, he even did the head grab. Kodak moment for sures.
We tried out the rocks last night on the singstar, definitely not better than the pops. Long shot I think.
I just got done talking to this dude from t-moblie, like my bill came in and I was getting charged 267.16!! Luckily it was their mess up and my bill is smaller. woo hoo! My credit card bill was pretty good too, I didn't get charged yet for the money that Cassie owes me and I'll have that all taken care of by the end of this month.
Awe I got this invitation from my kids today, they are having this rock and roll party at the school and I'm invited to go, it was really sweet. Since I have this new teacher I gonna have a longer class period. This time I have second graders. I'm nervous, but then that is just how I get around new anythings.
I think it's quite funny how people try to defend themselves... real, real funny. You can talk all the smack you want honey. Don't really faze me. And your right, girls don't give up... Hmm as I recall, you were a trooper, hanging on for the whole year that it lasted. Tellin you love him and you want him.. I guess you can say you were like groveling.. sad I know. Personally I think it's a bit obsessive and not to mention pathetic. Just goes to show how desperate some girls really are. Ha I would never go that low, but some girls are just "different" like that. lol.
Moving on... I have this eye exam next tuesday. I was hoping that I would be able to get my new glasses before I went to Cali, but I don't really see that happening. It's been forever since I had one and since I lost my other glasses I have been getting hella bad headaches. I'm gonna get my eyes dialated so that means I can't drive afterwards or be able to read, so i'm gonna go take the rest of the work day off and I think that might also mean that Mike will have to drive me around... which reminds me I have to ask him still lol.
I scored tickets to the Eagles game tonight, should be a great game... I'm excited!! Beer and hotdogs! Loud musc! I hope we win this time. It's some part of the finals I think, Just can't remeber how far along we are.
We did plan to go work out and go swimming this afternoon but since we are gonna go to the game, I guess it has to wait.
Well I gotta do this thing called work now, laters and have a great night! I know I will!

Monday, May 07, 2007


Hey guys!
I'm sooooo tired!! I wanna go back to mimis!!!! We had a jammed packed weekend which took all the energy we thought we had. Friday night Mike picked me up from work and we got some icecream at culvers, look at repoed houses, they are really nice, supposibly Mike is gonna buy me one someday, Lets just say I won't hold my breath, lol. We headed over to the bank for the art show, which was really nice, but maybe it wasn't what I really expected. I widh there would have been more abstract pieces. Afterwards we sang our hearts out. We got that new sing star thing, it is actually quite fun. Saturday morning was rough, I so didn't want to wake up. We had to get up pretty early to go to the moo tour. We went to 3 dairy farms. It was really cool, to see how milk is colleced proccesed and then see all the cows eating and such. I got really sad at the first dairy, there was this cow and she looked all sad cuz she had a boogey on her little big nose and she was like lookin striaght at me.. Then I though about how I eat meat and it made me really really sad, so then me like a loser was getting all teary. Mike was like, stop, no, not here, lol. I'm such a dork. OOO I even got to see a baby calf and then they suck your finger thinkin there is milk, they are soo cute, all wobling cuz it just stared walking. Mike promised me one of those too, lol. On our way home I was so tired so I took a nap, it was sweet, We were all cuddling, I was the one who really fell asleep though. After we arrived home it was time to take off to the Cinco de Mayo celebration at Island Grove. It was ok I guess, I don't how no parent takes care of their kids now a days. Anyways Mike stayed and helped out for a bit and was annointed as the unofficail employee, considering he is always with me at work events and such. Congratulations, hopefully there are more gift cards to come, lol. There was the concert at 7:30 which was really good, and I felt it was a bit too long, which I must have been really tired to think an orchestra took forever, It was nice and then we looked around a bit and talked to Joe, Left and went to my house where we fell alseep together. I litterally knocked out.
Sunday I slept in till 9. Pathetic, lol. Did some laundry. Went to lunch with mike before I had to go to work again. His dad had already got tickets to see spiderman, but i had to work at that time so I didn't go :( Instead I got to see a bunch of mexicans listen to loud music and see a bunch of munchkins running around and got paid 15 bucks an hour to do so. After work we chilled and went to boarders. We saw spiderman last night, it was 10 already but Mike insisted he go take me, lol. eventhough he saw it already. It was good, I think there could have been a bit more closure, It was still action packed though, I jumped quite a few times :)
I'm really excited about this summer! I'm gonna be going on my trip soon, and then there are a few concerts that are going to be happening, there is Kenny Chestney and sugarland, Brad Paisley and Taylor Swift, and Daft Punk so I'm looking forward to seeing those. The event schedual is a bit busy, And I told mike that if certain things happen during certiain times than I guess some of those fun events just won't happen... Sorry. But you know the way things are and They just ain't gonna roll that way.
As for the position for loan assistan, I didn't get it. There were 9 other applicants and one person who got it was in loan operations and has been her for over a year. I'm not too sad about it, I'm very happy where I am now. We got a bonus on staff meeting day, it was great. We even got award for the best work place in weld county. Pretty spiffy.
Ok so my mom is playing this stupid little game with me... The one I didn't play on her... Gee she makes me soo mad. For Christmas my mom got me a computer, Or so that is what she claims. So since we haven't been talking she told Riz to tell me that I now owe her $500.00 for the computer. Can you believe that?? Hello I'm sittin here Paying YOUR collections and YOUR loan and I pay for YOUR insurance co-pay for your meds and you wanna turn it around and find some other way to milk me for money? I'm so upset right now, Like it has really come down to this and I though about making her pay her own collections, but because I know she can't afford it and I just didn't want to have to fight with her about it, I just kept my mouth shut and forked up the money. Like my own mother is screwing me over! Then my dad was trying to talk to me and ask me why I think of moving out as an option... Maybe Cuz I hate living with you guys! Sad I know, But whatever!
I did plan ahead pretty well, I don't just wanna jump into this. I know how moving out on my own is big responsibliity. Mike and I did talk about moving out a few times but due to some "cercumstances" that would be to weird and then eventually we wouldn't get along if other things happened, ya know. So yeah that is way out there now. As for Cass and I, Yeah That is too risky and I don't need all that drama in my life, lol.
Good news is that I will be getting a raise here this week! yay! I hope it's a good one!
Who knows what I have planned for today. For lunch, prolly go with Micheal somewhere, seems to be the usual. I might go home after work, I wanna talk to my mom about this whole mess, I don't think that will be quite easy. I wanna take a nap later so me and mike might go mimi's for a bit. That would be reals nice.
I have alot of work to do, I have to do my time sheet and then there are 654 certificate notices that have to be done... dreding it. See yalls later!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Pomegratnate skies

Good Morning!
It is like 9:07 am and I have absolutley nothing to do... yup. This is a bit on the boring side. I'm eating a buritto.. mmm. Thanks Chris. I must say you have a way of keeping me off my diet, lol Ah well, I do plan to get on track, just don't know when...
Here I am at work.. yeah this is exciting. I don't think I want to do Certificate notices. I always seem to be off one and I really don't want to deal with that today, lol I feel like a bum today, I'm wearing my big ol' white sweater, At least I'm comfy. I tried to balance today. I'm coming up 13 dollars short and I can't figure out from where. Driving me nuts, I looked over and over, and then to be short... like when I round up... Something is up, but I no find it.
I had this really good horoscope today... Hmm maybe i should copy and paste it.. ok here goes.

Cancer (June 21 - July 21)
Career matters should be going very well for you today, dear Cancer. A sudden change with regard to your work could catapult you into a position you've been hoping to reach for a long time. A rise in income could result. You've worked hard and done very well, so what may seem to others to be a lucky break is actually only the outcome of intense and determined effort on your part. Enjoy your success, and make the most of it.

Nice huh, considering my situation. I'm so nervous. I applied for the loan assitant position here at the bank, Despite me having some loan experience, I feel like I'm not going to get it. Everything happens for a reason and we'll see how this goes :) Once again I must state I'm not getting my hopes up. I did learn today that I do have an interview tomorrow at 2:15, I'm meeting with all 4 consumer and comercial lenders, Selso and Gayle are a few of them and I know them pretty well so that kind of takes a bit of the pressure off... But still, I'm so nervous!!
So I Guess i will tell you about my weekend. The fundraiser was great. I had a really great time and I even learned the jitter bug. After that we headed to the Metrolux to see Hot Fuzz. That was so funny.. I kinda wanna go see it again, lol. Saturday, ooo I slept in till like almost 1 pm, it was soo nice. then Riz came over, left the girls so we played guitar heros and ddr till Mike had to come over and show off :) Then we went to the park and had lunch there. I loves the Park. Then we went on a mission to find a picnic basket. No luck. Afterwards we went to Abby's chior concert. It was nice. Then after being at home for a bit Cassie and her Mike came over. We chatted for a bit and then my Micheal left and then it was party time, jk. We just chilled at my house some more and then went to after prom. That was really boring. It used to be fun and had way cooler things back in my day. I did win some shirts and some moneys. Sunday was just sunday. Ate at golden C's and went to help with the computers, I didn't really help much though, a printer here and there. Off to the movies we went to see Next.. I dunno about that one. it was good, but then it was like "no... really" lol. i guess you have to see it to know what I mean.
Yesterday was good. Went to Mickey's with Mike and then I had made plans to hang with Regina on account of her leaving... Really leaving. It's sad. Despite me always being mad at her for doing stupid things or whatever the case is that time, she is my friend and she is like gone. I know I make it seem like she is gone forevers, lol. She only moved to Denver, but who knows if we will see each other that offten anymore. So she is now like a step mom. I know, I know. Crazy seeing her be a "mom", I really thought I would be a mother before she would. Depressing really. Like she couldn't shut up about it and she has been with him for like what, 3 days.. Hello.
Whatever though.. It was way sad because she started ballin, I did get a bit sad.. afterall she is leaving. Later that night it was me and my buddy :) We talked alot last night. I do like having intelectual conversations with him. Reminds me of how smart I really am, aside from him telling me that, lol. Then on to other subjects. To be honest I'm glad that he can tell me what he does, makes me really get a feel for what he feels, so I'm not left in the dark anymore. We did decide to do a book club thing, that I guess only we are members of it, lol. We'll see how that goes.
I have a staff meeting tomorrow, so yall know what that means, lol. Ok like maybe only 3 of you know what that means, and not like the early part. I did make this really cute event schedule for Mike because he has the memory of a dead elephant... which means no memory what so ever!!! Ha ha it was fun to make though. I feel like I have been a bit emotional lately, but not that kind of emotional that makes you cry for no apparent reason. More like the one that you really don't feel much emotions, as weird as that sounds. Like most things that would just piss me off don't really bother me and then like I just feel so blah lately, like blunt, bland, fellings on some days. Interesting how all my adjectives are all b words. Moving on... Like I haven't talked to my mom in almost about a week. That is so sad. But really I have no desire to talk to her, I know what i'm gonna hear and I would much rather keep to myself than to hear her bitch at me for being her "worse child ever" uh, no thanks.
Ha i have been writtng this for like hours now. I've been getting busy and here I am doing the certificates that I didn't want to do..
K well I have to figure out what i'm going to do for lunch, I'll prolly call mike here in a sec and then waste away here at my desk... doing nothing. I think I will prolly print out some suduko. yep. see ya'lls later and wish me much luck.