Friday, October 28, 2005

Broken keyboards

it's been well over, um.. forever. I think if I really had to update this it would take me hours. So much has happened where do I begin. I might as well say sorry for waiting forevers, I "planned" to update this but it never happened, sad I know. Moving along. My b day, yay GO ME!!! ha I did nothing and got no cake, that is until later like a few weeks later, we made a trip to walmart at 3 in da morning and ate chocolate cake... I'll never forget having to return back to the store just cuz we forgot milk, lol. Management at mickey d's SUCKS!!! oh well i guess, in case you didn't know I don't work there anymore : ) I sundenly had tons of friends, went to the club every sunday, and hung out with friends, ha but then jose and erick hated me, all cuz of richard, that fag.. so yea, this is boring even me so I'll try to hurry and make it shorter. I went to mexico, got a reeeeaaaalllyyy big phone bill, thanks to you all know who, jk. Jose and Erick don't hate me... but we all never hang now cuz those losers are in school. Micheal and I are dating now..... that's a cute story because ' it's diffrent with us' or ' we are in a diffrent situation'
( wink wink ) lol.. that's funny. Allison seems to always mix up micheal for erick. oh and so did Abby, oopps. okies that's all i can remember for nows, soooo laters.

ps. oh I alomost forgot, Micheal's lil sis is here now and she is super cute, I likes her.
oh, and i also wanna thank mikey for ruining my pumpkin... thanks