Thursday, June 09, 2005

Screw driver and Knife needed

Hello all, gee I'm really tired. I attemped to sleep yesterday, didn't work. I'm pretty sad too. My dad made give my cat away, it's because we have the baby ( one of the twins hazel had ) and the cat cannot be near. I kinda miss him but it hasn't really hit me yet. Work is really long and boring, and customers are retarded. why can't they go to Burger King??
Moving along, that whole thing with Kevin was a spin, like most things in life. Turns out he said he never did have a chance with me, which is true but i didn't let him know that. My parents hate him with a passion, and everyone hates him, and he hates all my friends. I didn't think i would go out with him, that's why I told him I was with Erick, oh and Kevin wants to Kick Ericks ass now cuz he was my 'boyfriend' ya he's odd. So this whore Megan who liked Jose and lead him on totally told me she didn't like him even though he told her she should be a cheerleader cuz ahe had the looks for he blind and is she blonde enough to know that it is a gay and not to mention cheesy pick up line?? Yea she is. So we went to the club two sundays ago and she totally told me she did not see anything in him. The next night she was texting me and told me she liked him and that she was hanging with him at that moment that she was talking to me. Jacked. I don't care that he is with someone, it's that he is with my friend and that she knew what had happened between us. So now she is dating him and thinks I have no idea. She no longer talks to Jose because he told her that he told Kevin that she was easy and that was the only reason why he was with her, kinda funny huh. So now she tries to be my friend and act like nothing ever happened, maybe because told her that if i found out that she "back stabbed" me like that I would do witch craft on her, or that I would get my mother to, since she knows my mom is like that... I personally though it was great. I kinda got screwed over but it didn't come as a big surprise, maybe cuz I'm used to it from him. Mike you were right you will be who you have always been. Besides, i have a ton of stuff to think about that does so not involve him. Crazy thing is that I have not spoken to him in over two weeks and he still calls and texts me asking me what I'm doing and if I'm mad at him... DUH!! He even had his mom call me, cuz he knows I love her to death, too bad I ignored that call.
On another note, Erick's mom hates me now i think. It's because we spend too much time together, and he hardly spends time with the family. Sorry, but that bothers me, i called yesterday, me and Erick were going to go out, she answers and says he's not going, so I was like ok, well can I talk to him?, so then she says ok, then hangs up. Nice huh. Nothing I can't get over.
I was 100 dollars short on my drawer at work today, I think the manager counted the money wrong, she did a skim, and came up with 930 dollars, yet she only took my hundreds, my fifties and the twenties, she said she was gonna count it again so I better call soon to see if she found the money yet, or i get written up..... big whoop.