Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's an M Kind of day...


I'll admit, it's a tad bit pic heavy, but I don't care, I miss him so much right now.
I hate sleeping by myself. So I don't, lovely interweb! Can I last till 7??? By golly I'll sure try!
These are pics that make me smile, it is pretty hard to find some with him alone, we always take shots together.

For the one that loves me. Holds my hand throughout our crazy journey that we call life. Wipes my tears and sings the angel song with the puppy eyes to make me giggle. Insists I need more shoes :D Listens to me whine for a really long time. Helps me make the hardest decisions ever! Calls me the most food related pet names, lol, I must admit some of them are cute, even if they have the word bacon in them...
Can hear every thing in my voice and see it all on my face. Will go to church for me, woo that was hard!!!! lets me steal all his clothes. Calls me his Wifey, and is known as the Hubby. Puts up with my crazy expensive hobby/addiction... and lets me scrapbook all over the living room and kitchen. All the wonderful little things that make it us. I love you, and I can't wait till all this recent madness stops and we can breath peacefully. Thanks for always being by my side.