Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The same me...

It's all pretty outside. It was raining this morning. Gloomy for a while and then it looks just wonderful. Like it's not hot and there is just enouhg sun outside to say that it is sunny. :)
I had a meeting this morning about what to do when Marnie leaves to have her baby. Should be interesting to see how it will all go down, she is like our ring leader who keeps us in line. If not a few of us would be fightin all the time. SO Jared is staying with me. Yay!! and then everyone else is to move to the other building. I worked late last night, till 6:30... was ok. I would like to work 10 hour shifts regularly, but I don't... I guess you can say on a good day, I like to work alot. Which bring me to say that I need a new job. I is too Poke!

I have some great news!!! that hasn't happened yet, lol! I'll let ya know when it does!
anyways.... John who is a lender told me last night that he would call me about an open position that he has for a loan administrator. that is good news too. I'm a bit nervous. I would like to have a different position but I like what I do now, with slight dislikes and then I dunno if I really want that admin job. I still would have to interview for it, which always makes me nervous... But I guess we will see. I'm not letting it get me like normals :)

I am such a brat, I have come to notice. Bless the men who can handle me! Heart you babe, I was such a meanie yesterday. I didn't have things all my way, so I get all pissy. :) Ya know you heart me still. I think of all the things that make me, me. That is really why all love me. I am just me. Interesting how you can see people and they are so different and how you know them so well that you know exactly how things are going to happen and what they are going to say. I know Micheal like the back of my hand... every look, every sigh. Crazy!! I think I'm gonna have my amigos make a list that is me, like they did for Larry on his b-day, so start brain storming!!I'm going to lunch now, see ya in a bit.

I'm back now. We went to Rizzy's house and ate some soup. We decided to take a repo car to lunch to test drive and to save gas, lol. It was a kia optima, and it is a 5 gear. I really wanted to drive it, but as you all know I suck at driving stick shift. But I still drove it. I was so panicing! Ah!!! Like I freaked out and was like hyper ventalating in the car beggin her to switch with me when I killed it in the middle of the road of the green light. Ha ha, lookin back on it now it was a bit funny. I will prolly not drive a standard till I get to do it in the back roads before I go on to 35.

Tonight I get off at 5 and then Micheal is making Sketti tonight, I'm so excited! I haven't had sketti in like forever. His dad is gone and then My parents are leaving on saturday so we have to take them to the airport real early. This should be a great long weekend! Oh and I did my good deed for the day too, The bank has been trying to raise money for United Way, they have payroll deductions. So I did. So in the whole year it will be 158.00 bucks that I donate to people in need :) Plus we get two extra personal days off and we get entered into a drawing to take a trip to vegas, mexico, and I forgot where else, plus a raffle for a car and a savings bond. great incentives huh. Yup, I have bad luck so I'm not expecting anything, lol.

I have to take transfers now.. see ya guys later!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gypsy Woman

Hey yall!
I'm at work and am about to head to lucnch... dunno where I'm gonna go. hmm, chinese sounds good. I and had some french toast for breakfast.. Chris made it for me :)
So I sit here.. In my semi new position, I have all this new stuff to do. I have to like update all this bank info.. kinda weird. I am in charge of verifying all transfers and GL tickets. I'm not to fond of runing up and down all the stairs, its a work out :) It's so cool though. Being lead and all.. I do get stressed a bit. k so ya know how we are supposed to move to the new building.. I think I'm gonna have to stay.. which is cool but then again i think I might have to stay with someone.. jarod or carole.. Personally I don't care, it's all gravy.

Had a great weekend, just went by too fast. Marnie's baby shower was so cute.. Besides Micheal and I had a wonderful time pickin out all the baby stuff. so cute!!! I love babies.. thing is ya get baby fever and it's just like a cold.. not good for
Drama is all I can really think of that happened like on friday.. gee. I can't really remember much, lol. Then saturday I went to work for a bit at wow.. yup it is really called that. i took the girls with me and then got an oh so good massage... however, never better than the ones i get at home :)

Oh superbad, that was such a good movie. Knocked up is better but they are both up there. I recomend you see it.

Arizbe won tickets on tuesday morning to see Hilary Duff. She is so Fabuous! I have been stuck on her song, play with fire.. good stuff. It was so funny she called me and was all screaming on the phone... she was all shaky.. so I heard her on the radio and she was all stoked. so we went and it was really good. Click five opened for her, they were good.. i got a cd from them and they all signed it... I even took a shot of the cute drummer guy :)

k well I'm gonna go to lunch with Rizzy.
See yall laters!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Grand Slam fell short

Hey guys!
Half an hour till I go home and I thought I would post one last time being at my desk.
yep, I got a promotion, well a mini one. I get to be the lead info girl :) I already know how to do it all, it's just getting the title and then moving to the front. I won't be there long anyways, we are then going to move to a new building.. right next to the bank, would be nice to have our own office again... me and Chris that is.. we can so not be apart and this time when I move alone is gonna be tough, lol. I think I hold the record for the most moves here in the center.. this is going on 5 in like 6 months.. yeah...

So the fishies died.. sadness.. So mike got rid of them yesterday, and they have been dead for a while now, that is so sickies I know but I can't handle dead things.. I'm such a girl. I think we might get the big aquarium set up once we get alot more moneys to buy all the fishies we want. This broke spell doesn't seem like a spell anymore, it's like all the time, lol. I am paying off one of my credit cards! WOO HOO!

The ball games. Thursday night was great, I left work early and then we got there around 5:30 and we still missed the blankets. I was so pissed!!! but then there was this really nice guy who gave us one. the game itself was so good. Theriot went first and then he stole 2 bases right then and it was such a good game and we won 10 ta 2.
Saturday however sucked!!! I went to milliken for the rider ramble, a 5 k race.. and then got home at 8:30 am to the garage sale my mom and sis were having. on the plus side I made $21.00 yay!! lol not really.. so then I was so tired the rest of the day. But we went to the game still. We got our asses kicked! So sad. Like they got a grand slam and then one stole the base and got a run. Cheaters is what they are, lol. Come on, Holliday of all people to get a slam?? Fluke. However when there is one for the cubs and we got a chance for a grand slam, and not to mention we had two chances for it, and ironic enough that Dereck Lee landed them both struck out each time. Pathetic.. that made me so depressed and then when you think it wouldn't get any worse, they as in the Rockies get another 5 runs. Yeah, so we made it up by buying beef jerky! GO CUBS!!!!

Saw rush hour 3 sunday.. ok movie, funny but not as funny. eh, go see it :) then my daddy made food, mmmm. Things have been really great at home lately, so that is a plus.

Erick has me for the night, he's trying to take it off for tonight, a little switch from my usual nite time buddy Micheal :D
k well it looks like it's gonna rain and I'm heading outta here! have a great and safe night!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Gold Fishies!!!!

We got some gold fishies!! So Micheal and I are now proud parents of goldfish (boy) and goldfishy (girl). They are so cute and we bought them a home and then we gave them kisses before we went to bed. so sweet. We got them at the birthday party yesterday. I'm excited, if you couldn't tell.

Not a whole lot has happened. I did forget to mention the mystery dinner from a few weeks ago, that was really cool and I'm glad my boi came with me, I was real pleased when he was so professional and such talking to my co workers. I remembered cuz we got a lil thank you a bit ago. :) Went to the movies on sat and sunday, we saw Hot Rod, that movie reminds me of Napolean, kinda dumb funny, it's ok, and the Bourne ultimatum. That one was great and really action packed. although it took forever to see the first two. ha ha it was under special circumstances each time, lol.

I'm starting my "new leaf" today. I can update later depending on how it all goes. lol.
Work is sooooo slow today, stil don't know about the bankcard position. I'm curious now.
OOO I bought new shoes yesterday! I heart shoes! I have to go all through my old stuff, My mom wants to have a garage sale this saturday. Then the cubs games are this week!!! yea I'm so stoked! tryin to go to the thursday game, but saturday is for sure!! Friday is a party here at the bank, ah and lets not forget about my mini massage on friday too.. it should be relaxing.

I have to call my nail lady in a bit and then paint them something different.
My fam from Kansas is prolly going to visit next week or something like that, and my parents are thinking of going to Mexico in October. Which Mike promised, lol. But then again we are going in Feburary too, so who knows.. that's still a long while aways.
k well see ya's laters!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Nice moooves!

Happy August!

I'm back at my desk this morning.. for those of you who are clueless... I was at the front desk for the past forevers while the lead was on vacation. Yeah it was nice but feels good to be back in my desk, which Jared trashed when he sat here the whole week I was up there.
I had my interview yesterday.. Wasn't too bad. I'll know by monday hopefully. If I don't get it it's cuz there is something better waiting for me. yup yups.

Went to the dentist last week, ah i feel like I'm worse off then I was when I went in. Fillings fell out so had them replaced, and now my teeth hurt when I eat like cold or hard things. Sucks! Have another one later this month. That made me so broke, which had brought me to be way stern on my budget.. So right after this and some bvs's I'm gonna cut coups and get to calculating, lol.

Micheal and I found a new hobby/pastime/thing to do.. lol. Went to the "arcade", fun stuff.. I was a bit scared for a bit but it was all worth it in the end. * wink wink*
I have an Idea, ya know how we looked forever to find the picnic basket?? yeah well we have only used it once, time to get on that, glenmere is waiting.
I happen to be in a cleaning mood today, so I clean almost all my desk drawers, hopefully that will run into tonight and I'll get some cleaning done. I could prolly spend all day cleaning the whole house and still need a day just for my room.. sad huh.

My whole body is sore! Must be from all the dancin last night! OMG it was soooo awesome! Micheal and I went to the Daft Punk Concert, the hike up there was horrible but afterwards, oh I'm so glad we went. Effin awesome baby! lol, Yep that was my dork dancin crazy with me! Ha I went up stairs this moring for coffee and My abs ache when I went up, that is when ya know your sore, lol.

K I'm gonna eat some food now. I'll post soon!