Monday, August 06, 2007

Gold Fishies!!!!

We got some gold fishies!! So Micheal and I are now proud parents of goldfish (boy) and goldfishy (girl). They are so cute and we bought them a home and then we gave them kisses before we went to bed. so sweet. We got them at the birthday party yesterday. I'm excited, if you couldn't tell.

Not a whole lot has happened. I did forget to mention the mystery dinner from a few weeks ago, that was really cool and I'm glad my boi came with me, I was real pleased when he was so professional and such talking to my co workers. I remembered cuz we got a lil thank you a bit ago. :) Went to the movies on sat and sunday, we saw Hot Rod, that movie reminds me of Napolean, kinda dumb funny, it's ok, and the Bourne ultimatum. That one was great and really action packed. although it took forever to see the first two. ha ha it was under special circumstances each time, lol.

I'm starting my "new leaf" today. I can update later depending on how it all goes. lol.
Work is sooooo slow today, stil don't know about the bankcard position. I'm curious now.
OOO I bought new shoes yesterday! I heart shoes! I have to go all through my old stuff, My mom wants to have a garage sale this saturday. Then the cubs games are this week!!! yea I'm so stoked! tryin to go to the thursday game, but saturday is for sure!! Friday is a party here at the bank, ah and lets not forget about my mini massage on friday too.. it should be relaxing.

I have to call my nail lady in a bit and then paint them something different.
My fam from Kansas is prolly going to visit next week or something like that, and my parents are thinking of going to Mexico in October. Which Mike promised, lol. But then again we are going in Feburary too, so who knows.. that's still a long while aways.
k well see ya's laters!

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