Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Nice moooves!

Happy August!

I'm back at my desk this morning.. for those of you who are clueless... I was at the front desk for the past forevers while the lead was on vacation. Yeah it was nice but feels good to be back in my desk, which Jared trashed when he sat here the whole week I was up there.
I had my interview yesterday.. Wasn't too bad. I'll know by monday hopefully. If I don't get it it's cuz there is something better waiting for me. yup yups.

Went to the dentist last week, ah i feel like I'm worse off then I was when I went in. Fillings fell out so had them replaced, and now my teeth hurt when I eat like cold or hard things. Sucks! Have another one later this month. That made me so broke, which had brought me to be way stern on my budget.. So right after this and some bvs's I'm gonna cut coups and get to calculating, lol.

Micheal and I found a new hobby/pastime/thing to do.. lol. Went to the "arcade", fun stuff.. I was a bit scared for a bit but it was all worth it in the end. * wink wink*
I have an Idea, ya know how we looked forever to find the picnic basket?? yeah well we have only used it once, time to get on that, glenmere is waiting.
I happen to be in a cleaning mood today, so I clean almost all my desk drawers, hopefully that will run into tonight and I'll get some cleaning done. I could prolly spend all day cleaning the whole house and still need a day just for my room.. sad huh.

My whole body is sore! Must be from all the dancin last night! OMG it was soooo awesome! Micheal and I went to the Daft Punk Concert, the hike up there was horrible but afterwards, oh I'm so glad we went. Effin awesome baby! lol, Yep that was my dork dancin crazy with me! Ha I went up stairs this moring for coffee and My abs ache when I went up, that is when ya know your sore, lol.

K I'm gonna eat some food now. I'll post soon!


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