Monday, July 16, 2007

Patty 1... You Zero

Well when you think of it it's more like Me, prolly over a gagillion and you still zero, but hey who's counting, except for me. :D

Morning! More like almost noon. I have over come the case of the Mondays. Kudos to me I say. I woke up later than I would have liked to, but I still look great and I almost could have died thinking that I may have locked my keys in my room again.. luckily they were on my kitchen table. If not, I would have had to have my dad take me to work, enduring a resposibility and time lecture, and then have my personal locksmith ( Micheal ) come by and unlock my door... again. Yeah I did this yesterday too. I'm hopeless. My bright idea to wear these shoes that just so happen to be toe slayers. Worst part is that they aren't even that cute to be ok with my feet aching all day. Oh well, my quick fix, They are off. I like to be barefoot anyways. My feet are a tad cold, I'm sure I'll live.

I have stuff to do here at work, problem is I don't want to do it, so instead my mind wonders off and then I think about all kinds of things that I prolly shouldn't. What Can I do though?
I should mention some of my thoughts and maybe you can gimme some feed back, k's.

My Hair- Ha ha I feel so blonde bringing this up.. so superficial. Anyways I have to get it cut. It's been well over my two month or whatever I had set as a good re cut date. Technically it's every 6 weeks, but I think it's a waste of time and moneys. Rule of thumb... when I can see split ends. Back to what I was really thinking of, I want to get a spiral. Yup, had one before and kevin's mom did it and it came out super! Ain't about to go ask her to do it again, lol. Then I had it done, um one or twice after that but it wasn't all that great, cuz of where I went.. But yeah, My hair lady would charge me like 95.00 Maybe that, plus my cut.. that is alot of moneys! And I Dunno If I would even like it. I think I would cry twice as hard and long to see that my long long hair was dis"mained" than the tragedy of my eyebrows. thats no good.

School- SO I told myself I would go back. And I did for a semester. See half the reason for leaving the credit union was because the bank would pay for my classes.. Hello, here I sit being uneducated. It's not that bad. I wish I could be a bit more decisive about where and What I want to do with the rest of my life. I wouldn't want to go into accounting and see that I really want to do loans. would having a degree will up my payroll? Studies show that having a degree doesn't really help you get better job and pay... ok you may get a job doing what you went to school for, but you will have to find the door of opportunity, hence all the students with degrees who are working as waitresses and such.. not really what I have to worry about, I already have a great job.I highly doubt that if I showed the bank my degree in anything that they would give me a huge raise or something. I could be wrong of course... I should look furhter into that.

Hmm, I think that is all I wish to share.. so far anyways.
I did have a pretty good weekend. I did go try that new Hooka place called Istanbul. it was fun, Great place to sit and converse with others, Next time I don't think I would smoke that much. poo for Jasmine, good for your nose, not for your mouth. Saw Happy potter for the second time.. I was so antsy.. I think it may have been cuz I wasn't really feeling harry-ish yesterday. Ok movie though. I wanted to go to the drive in and see trasformers and rattotille again. didn't happen. There are some things that I would like to mention but seeing the people who read this, I think it be best that I keep it all to myself. I will say I enjoyed every minute of it..

Greeley cubs... Murdered. The team that is. First game was on saturday. We got killed. Good thing that it was a fun game and it didn't count against us. Loveland made our uniforms and they screwed up. So our jerseys say the Greeley Panthers like the b team and we are really the cubs, as our hats say. Oh well Not like they notice us anyways. Left outfield.. I know. I know. Jk you prolly don't know. I don't get much action there and when I do, I can't really catch for crap, and If I do it hurts my hand.. I'm such a baby. I did get hit in the arm a few times and then once in the face when Micheal and I were playing catch during one of the other games. I made it seem alot worse than it really was. I assure you he made it up to me.

I'm starving!!! I want some food now. Lunch isn't till 2 and I think me and Micheal Agreed on real Mexican food. Sounds like a winner. Till then.. um all I have are twizzlers and sunflower seeds. Hot chettos, which I will not eat and a lemon. Oh and this fortune cookie that I am so considering. mmmm.... manila folders. I'm out..


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