Thursday, July 12, 2007

Inhale this freshness

Hey yall. I'm at work :) Woooooo, what a night!
Just want to say thank you to all of everyone who loves me and made my birthday awesome!
There was an incident that I did get all pissed off, and you know why... but then Rix was like who cares, why let them piss you off and ruin your b-day? They are wrong and they know it so screw it all and have a bitchin time. SO I did just that and put it all behind me, well at least for yesterday, lol. Karma baby.... It's all gravy. I'm just gonna be busy after it all..
I stayed at work late yesterday, then I went home, saw some family and then went to the Cec lounge where Erick Tiff and The other Jose threw me a mini partay, I even had fun with Chuck E. Sweet I know... Then Cass said they had something for me, which I already knew that there was going to be a surprise party... she's not to good at being subtle, lol.
We all headed over there and then Mike went and got some booze and then I think you can think of the rest. Tyler.. my new buddy.. I like you and you rock my socks off! Thanks again for getting the hall for me, very cool, and I think you are way cool. So you are so approved for Vangie!! yay! We even went swimming, which I was a lil bit scared... I thought I was going to drown for a bit, just in case, ya know, seeing how I so wasn't all there lol. I guess you can say I got over it cuz I just jumped into the 8 feet. That was fun! When we left, I was all tipsy and I guess I passed out on the floor for a bit while everyone played Guitar hero.. I dunno, I was sleepin. Then we left and Mike and me went to his casa and it was so sweet, my car was all filled with Balloons!! Pink balloons, I couldn't tell at first cuz it was all dark but it was awesome! then I threw up.. yeah that was crapy. Damn that captin Morgan, I think that is what did it, lol. Yeah it was ucky. Yeah and then Stumbled into bed and We were out like a light, or at least I was. Thank you babe for taking care of me, like you always do!
Rise and shine... My boss already knew I was gonna be late since yesterday.. so 10:30 and I'm here! Good morning so far... Got a slim jim and a code red mountain dew.. woo hoo!
Adios.. I gotta do some work and then I have softball, I dunno If i'm lookin forward to it but I suck so i have to practice :)
k well see yall later!

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