Saturday, May 13, 2006

I'm god's gift to Earf :D

Yo and halo again. It's saturday. I'm Hot!! No really like warm hot. I just got out of tanning, ah and now I'm a lil warm. I'm staring up my tan so when me and mikey go to water world or eliches or something like that, Cuz I guess I'm really white, way white. Why do you think I wear hose with my skirts? lol. Ks well Hmm and update of my vida, all is well now I suppose. Let's just say i recived alot of information in the past few days that has thrown things off a bit. Just maybe like this whole month has been like this. I keep alot of things to myself till it's way too much. And then when it comes out it's terrible. I think my best bet is to start writting again, I haven't done it in a long time, it would do me some good. Effing Regina makes me mad sometimes but I learned that I can't hate everyone cuz they are dumb... just most people, he he he. Tommorow is mom's day, and my mom wants a treadmill, yup i know i know uh why? beats me so I think I'm gonna give her money or take her shopping, cuz you know how I'm loaded, jk. OOOOOO I cannot belive I almost forgot that I know have ONE job. well at least for now. And I feel so much better! YAY go me! it was hard but working that much and not doing what you like is really hard. Now that I have alot of time to myself i wanna start sewing again, i still haven't taken my new sewing machine out of the box. Oh and I'll try to work on that good luck carebear latch hooking set Micheal gave me for Christmas. It's way cute, well the part i have done so far. The Credit union is Fun I likes it lots. Mike says I'm very carrer based, yup yup yup cuz looksies I'm 18 have a job at a bank, was a manager at McDonalds, sad i know lol. I just need to stop rocking at everything I do, lol. Ya uh do I have an Ego much? He he I saw Mr. Azari my old orchestra teacher, along with his wife who was my band teacher, he asked if I was gonna continue to play my violin or the clarinet anymore. Um, I'm now a lil rusty so I was like I'm not sure. But he insists on me to continue, after all I was First Violin. I did promise Mr davis I would join the band over seas. Next year they are going to bulgaria, fun huh. So better save up. Ok I'm sleepy now so I'm gonna take a nap, those a nice. Peace