Saturday, April 22, 2006

D diminishing Triad

Hello again, it's me. I know you missed me, lol. ah, I just haven't updated this in forever, I guess my best excuse is that I have no time, and i bet your thinking how can you not have any time, shall i explain. I have two jobs now. I work at a bank and at walmart. It's alot now, and maybe i've been really frusterated latley, maybe to much stress, and today did so not help. I suppose i can do a mini updated of my vida. I started dating micheal in september after i got back back from mexico. we finaly did meet before he left to mexico and ohio. then i guess after he came back we were inseperable, and still are. we saw and still do see each other everyday. uh... me and all my high school friends are kinda distant except for my lil brothers, and now it's even harder cuz i'm working so much. Micheal left to texas and cali during christmas that was hard, way hard and then when he came back we declared our love for each other, sweet huh. since then uh, let me think..... oh me and regina were best frineds and then we stopped talking cuz she got physco, and me no like that. but then we started talking again, and things are back to normal. that sums it all up, cuz if i write anything else i'll proly hear about it later on another site or something, cuz people are nosy. Ah ha I really remember what i wanted to talk about, my little title. If your lame you prolly don't get it, ha ha and if you get it hurray. A d diminishing triad is a scale. best to describe how i feel as of this very moment. E G and Bb . E is low and then it gets high all da way to b flat, then if you do it like the trio, it hits low once again to e. sigh, kinda sad. This moring was blah, just blah. I went to this place I had to go to, just to find the effing closed sign. oh well now that I think about it, maybe it's best I just stop getting that, i don't need it anyways. I also went to target, and found no shoes, that's what i went for, some grey shoes, and didn't find any at payless either. Then i get home, my parents are still not home. Joser asks me to come over, he wanna talk to me, and then i see shit on the computer and then I see EVENMORE SHIT that just pisses me off. Now I'm super duper nice, that is till you piss me off. And it is the same shit everytime. It goes away then comes back, oh wait it never really goes away i'm just told that. I know I'm not like most girls, and that is why i'm awesome, lol but i still am one and some of the same things still make me mad. It's not fair to take advantage of that and make exceptions. But i's ok i'm over it. already, see how fast. My dad was talking to me the other day, he was saying something that i really wasn't paying attention to. I do remember that he did say something about my choices, that one day based on all the things i do or say i will most likley regret it. That must be why i never say anything when i'm upset, i know i will regret what i say. Thinking on this, i told him, I will never regret any decisions or actions that i do. Cuz i'm a thinker. No one is perfect however, and i know i so am not, today it dawned on me to think of all the things i did or ever have doubts on, and i am a poor decision maker. I've been told so. I can't even decide what i want at village inn. My mom thinks i need to have my priorities strait, and It's true. Which calls for some drastic decisions, which i so hate! I would get into this deeper, but i'm tired and i wanna go mimi's. laters, and hopefully not forevers laters. cuz that's a long time.