Tuesday, May 31, 2005


AHHH gee I've been way too lazy to write, oh and especially now that our computer is brokened, ha is the even a word?? well it is now. WEll you all better congradulate me cuz I graduated.... ok and now it is over..... soon, oh well so movin along nothing that new oh wait there is but i choose to leave you in suspence, dun duh daaaa!!!
Pattymay sue man

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Temp.... what?

Hola, another day of crazy weather that I like but at the same time hate. So much to inform ya'll of. Oh my did I just say ya'll, oh yea I did. He he.. My mom is now crazier than ever. I have made the decision to move out, and soon so by the end of month, I will be flying solo... just don't know with who yet. I recently talked to Kevin.. ah, a lost cause. He broke up with his girlfriend that was his fiance' ya... So now he wants to talk, and hang out. He thinks I'm with erick, maybe beause I told him I was. See my whole thing was that I would say I was with someone so he will not try to ask me back out again. Ha so me and Erick are together now, but for fav faves. lol I actually feel really bad for Kevin despite all the things that have happened between us, his gf decided to inform him that she actually did not , and thought that getting married was a bad idea. So now he has lost everything, including his money that was in his joined account. Sad thing is that he keeps mentioning how I was right for him and that he regrets all the things he did, like breaking up with me. Then I recive this text this morning... he says that he is falling for me, as in liking me again, and he feels bad about it because I'm "with" someone. In reality, I don't know if I could ever go back to him. Do you think it is possible for someone to change due to their past experiences??? I think it is possible.... Eventhough I still have feelings for him, I don't want to fall flat on my face again. Since he is the only one I have ever loved, there is that little something that I wish would go away. I'm so confused. I feel that if I do go back to him, everything I have planned will be all jacked, but mostly I'm afraid of the whole " I told you so" thing from everyone. Oh and that My family would be against it.... Hallo!!! AM I a rebound?? I don't think so cuz I'm "with" someone and technically we can't get back together untill I'm single.
Besides all that crap.. I'm not so sure what is on my mind besides school. which is hard and mind shredding. Okies well that is all for now.. cuz I'm currently fighting with Erick on IM. ah that sucks. outties

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

La La La

Ha, well it has been a long time since I have been on, mostly because I had to so all kinds of crap... SO now I am back. OHHHH, I had tons of fun at Prom. I finally chose Erick to go with me, at first he couldn't go cuz his parents were being really mean. But then in the end, he was all mine for the whole night. Jose went to Texas for his Brothers wedding, I have to say I did miss him alot while he was gone. On Prom day I had to go to work, but they called in and wanted me to go in sooner so I could get out sooner, so I got out at 4:00, then went home and got ready. Ah, Erick you looked SOO hot, I must give you props, thanks to me of course, lol. Our night was good, we ate, then we went to prom, about a hour late, I blame those who love to take embarising pictures. We danced all night and took adorable pictures. We went to our house got dressed and went to After Prom, it was fun, but not as fun. We went to Erick's place at 4:30 in the morrning and then I stayed there till I had to go to work at 7:00. Which really sucked. I started falling asleep on Erick's bed then kept waking up. Everything was fine until I stared feeling it after a few hours. Ah that was a bad experience, but I lived aparently.
This week so far has been a real drag, life sucks, most of the time. Good news is that I am a new aunt, again. TWINS yay, and they are so adorable, I love it. Jose came back. Good news, except he is hiding something from me, and I think I know what it is. He thinks he is being repalced by Erick. I don't think so. but me and Erick have really bonded and have spent alot, and I mean alot of time together since he left, and it has drawn us closer. Jose now also thinks that there is something between me and Erick once again, no, at least I don't think so. Unless Erick wants to inform me of something, lol.
uh.. My mom on the other hand, had gone what seems like postal. She is on another one of her crazes and now wants me out of the house at the end of may...... ya ok. SO untill then I will have to figure something out, just incase she does decide to go along with her plans of making me leave.
I met this Italian boy, he is so cool, not to mention cute, lol. His name is Matteo. So I shall say, buen binutto. I think that is how you spell it, who knows, whatever. Ha, so it is off to class now, and to learn about Edgar Allen Poe, eventhough I feel like I know enough about him already.. oh well, So I am off.......