Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Careful what you wish for?

Hey amigos!

Its that time of say when I get to stay late at work and hove nothing to do so I get to update!!! yay!!!! I worked late last night too but I had soooo much to get done, but I'm all caught up today and I must say all is mostly well. I'm training another newbie so it's cool.

I have been so odd the past few weeks accordin to my resources, but I will get to that a bit later, first I want to fill you in on all my cool adventures!!

A couple weeks ago we went to the corn maze and that was super fun, it was just so cold and we left when it began to drizzle and tonight we are going again, tonight it is going to be ahunted so it should be lotsa fun, Erick is for sure going and I'm not all sure who is, we'll see.
We also took a trip to the scare fair, the one by saint michaels. Then there was this play called Maranda's nightmare and it was so good, it was a halloween dance play. I though it was really creative and one of my co workers was in it and she did awesome :) Ok those were ok and 2 were really really lame, Micheal, John, Erick and I went and that was cool I just kept getting scared, I'm such a weenie. Last friday we took a trip to Eliches to go in the ahunted houses there, I must say I loved getting scared, those were sooo amazing and the second would have to best ever! fun fun! Then Our halloween party was on saturday. I had a great time for the most part, although my co-host would dissagree. Whatever, It was great and that is all that matters, well except for the cleaning when you are super tired part.

Ok so recently my life has been so outta wack. I have no idea why either. I have so many mixed emotions. What I think I want, in reality is really not what I want at all. Like I do and I don't, ahh so aggrivating to argue with myself over all of this. My heart is so different than my head. I'm confused, I'm in like, I'm in hate and frusteration. I'm tired, of all of it. Truely and honestly, I don't know if I want to make it work anymore. I'm so unsure right now that anything I say is most likely wrong. I'm not happy and I really don't know what will make me happy. At this point I feel like anything changing is far too drastic for me to take in all at once. It's not fair to you or me. I know this prolly makes no sense or maybe it does, I have to say it all cuz I feel like I can't say it all to you, eventhough you are my best friend. I can't take advice from anyone. they are so bias. screw it maybe I wanna be selfish and you are just along for the ride. I dunno. I just need time, hopefully. I'm done, with letting out my feelins, I even started gettin confused.. I would delete this but maybe it is good for you to hear. My only form to express myself to you at this time. I guess this would be the time to break into tune with the cheap trick song. come on it only seems appropriate, lol.

On a happier note, I get off in 30 min! Tomorrow is halloween, at work we are to all come in as a department and so something really cool. my department sucks and there are only 3 people participating in the deopartment theme. yeah that is ok cuz only the cool people dress up anyways. We are to be goths, ha ha this should be amusing. I will let you know how it all goes d0wn. Wish me luck and fortune, especially luck so I don't fall off my 6 inch star platforms and break something!

Happy Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

On a sad note

Lets take this moment to preserve the memory of Touretts guy. Don't talk (bad word here) about total.

And also my straightener, it gave me a few great years of shiny, smooth, silky, strait hair :)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I'll color you happy

Cuz I know I am :D
On the contrary of all my past un-happyness on my last posts, I have been having a wonderful, stress free, sweet and sutle week. I hope I don't jinx myself...

One point to mention. Micheal's mom came in on Friday, as a sort of surprise I guess. I love her she is so adorable. We make her happy :) oh and tonight we are going to have dinner at the olive garden with my parents and his... I'm nervous. I think maybe cuz my dad is a life runiner and I'm afraid he will do and or say something really embarassing, lol. Cross my fingers!!!!! I hope I'm just over reacting, My dad likes Micheal now, it should go well.

Lets start on friday, work was fine, it just took a really long time to gt through. It was friday night and I had to make Marnie (my boss) dinner. It went well, I made some bomb chicken and some yummy rice with some corn. Her baby, Emi, is soooo cute. Mind you she was crying the whole time, but she was adorable! I think she looks like her daddy :)
This day was especially great because My best friend is my best friend again!!! I was really happy, I got tired of missin him. Funny how Erick was like just call him and ya know you miss him, but me being so stubborn was like no way. I'm glad I finally got over that...
Oktoberfest was up and I had to work it... 9 to 11. So I did and it was pretty cool, the band was good and there was a ton of people and I got my shirt, then Tiffany and Jose came over and that was fun. I got off around 10:45 and we went to the lounge and hung out and went to village inn. Good night all in all.

Saturday I was supposed to wake up at 7 am to go to firestone to get my tires replaced and all that good stuff for oscar. That didn't happen. I was too tired. I eventually got up and cleaned him out really well. Then off to Oktoberfest once again. It was really hectake and I saw Kevin, which was the worst, lol. It wasn't that bad but I was so trying to avoid anything. When that was done I went and got some new tires for my car!! yay, they were much needed. The Ag bbq was at the bank that night too, which was yummy, and we got some cool prizes. Caroline Rhea came to town and we had tickets. Ahhh, she is so not funny. At least it's not the comedy that Micheal and I like, lol. I smell like ham. ha ha , sorry inside joke :)
Later after the lame ass show we walked to to fest again and hungout with John and his new friend Kelly. All I have to say is we so kicked butt at pool. I don't belive in defaults, lol. I chilled and played Guitar hero with my buddies, Ya know the crew, the more intimate crew i should say. Hell of a night, I was soooo spent, lol.

Shots of milk? Priceless!!!

I went home like at 6:30 and I freakin got pulled over! For my lights, hello it was light enough! It's about oh 10 min till sunrise.... yeah ok. Whatever, I didn't get a ticket so that was cool.
Movie time like 5 hrs later, Good luck chuck. It was good, alot of nudity and when you really watch it, it was like a different movie than the trailers on tv. Saw Micheal's mommy this day. Spent all day together. then went home to mimi's.

I requested tuesday off so we could go to Estes Park and go sight seeing I guess. the weather was perfect and the sights were beautiful. I knew I like co for some reason, lol. Going up there just makes me want a really awesome camera more and more. Christmas :) Which I might be in Cali for. First time away from my mommy for christmas, it's not official but looks promising. After the trip we were sleepy from our long day, I crashed out and I think Mike stayed up for the longest time. I love sleeping! especially with my honey. In the a.m. I had to rush home and get ready, I wanna move already.. something to look into again!

I have half an hour left and It's time to go home! which I really look forward to :)