Friday, April 27, 2007


It's Friday! yay!
Im so glad, i have a lot to look forward to this weekend...
I've had a great day so far, busy but a good busy. I got alot of things done and pulled up some statements that i forgot to do yesterday.. oops. I went to lunch with Micheal, went to subway and then made an attempt to go to Glenmere but had no luck due to traffic so we went to Sanborn instead, it was nice. After we ate we went and sat on the hill together, well i was sorta sitting on him because of the fear that my butt would get wet. Thanks Mike you are a bum saver! It was a bit romantic. Ha then we tried to make a wish on those one thingys that you blown on, and if you blow them all off you get your wish... well we ain't gettin our wishes. I went to the NFB store and got some gift cards for my trip and I got this really cute hat, i think I might wear it tomorrow :) Tonight we have plans to go to a fundraiser at the Hilton in collins. I hope it's fun, it's going to be 40's themed i think, or whatever year swing dancing is. I must admit i rock at swinging so be prepared!
The past couple days have been hard, I got sickies on wednesday night, i got a bad migrane, i was really dizzy and then I got real sick and threw up like everywhere, that being the parking lot. Mike had to drive me home and he even put me to bed. How sweet :) Sad part was that because my parents didn't see my car, they assumed that I wasn't home so they were all talking smack about me and it was really mean... So my morning was rough. It got better when I was a work for a bit and then had to go see my kids... Thing is next thursday is our last class and It's a bummer, i really like them!!!! It was also take your kids to work day, i tried to convince Allison to go to teach class with me but she said no.. : ( Still had fun! I was stressing a bit yesterday though. Its something that happens to me everytime I begin to stress, lol. It's nautural now.. no it's this whole job thing... I'll give out news later, I don't wanna jinx it :)
I guess there was a bomb threat at Central today, Jose all calls.. Crazy.. I guess there was one at Northridge too. Then University evacuated kids. What has the worls come to? lol. i think everything is going to be ok though. We were a bit worried that there would be one at west ( the school litterally next to the bank) what would we do? Ah but it's ok now...
I have about half an hour till I go home... and then it's off to the fundraiser. I think tomorrow I'm going to make an effort to work out... go to the plex or even go play tennis. It's prom tomorrow night, I think we might go to after prom, not too sure, I do know that we had made plans to get together and get messed up. I'm scared for some reason, lol.
K well I have to run some checks over to the other side and get some mulah!! Have a great weekend and be good!!! :)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Lovely Lonelies

Today sure feels like a monday, i hate those feelings.
Today i recived the e-mail from the perosonal trainer dude, he set this meal plan for me, ha ha, it's crazy!!! SO like i guess my goal that we had descussed was too high, it was only 20 pounds and he set me up to do 15, becuse my height, weight and activity i do i guess. Basically i am well porportioned, nice huh. Since today has started kinda crudy I think I will start my "diet" tomorrow. Besides i already had a buritto :) and thats no good.
Thursday was jamed packed of stuff... I must say, I had these really cute shoes on, and they looked so good with my outfit, which took me forevers to actually decide if i really looked that good in them, lol. It's all early and i'm sittin there asking Micheal how my pants look, Honestly i just think he told me whatever it took to get me to just decide, lol. I don't think men understand that if you change your pants then you will have to change your shoes and if you change those then you will most likely have to change your top too, and then you have to hope to god that your hair looks cute with your shirt, it's a long process... lol. Bein a girl sucks, jk, I love me! Anyways back to my shoes, they near KILLED me, the most effin painfull shoes i have ever worn. I have only worn them one time before, and I so remembered why. We all went to target to but those little gell pads that you place in your shoe to make it feel all betters and that helped for a bit. I had to run over to my Junior Acheievement class, I was in such a hurry because I was running late, so i'm runnin up to the school and mind you I am in these horrible shoes! I look up and I am at the wrong school!!!! SO i get back in my car and drive like 50 feet to the right school and I'm limpin in at this point, I was a little late but it all worked out... You walk in and all you heat is Ms. SOTO!!! they are so cute. And then they all listen and they tell me stories of how they showed their parents all the things we did and what they learned. I melt like every time!
I went back to work and stayed till 5:30 and went to Cassie's for dinner and over to the captain's house for Coffee Talk... it was nice and i drank alot of coffee. Went home and watched a few movies with Luis.
I had a wonderful friday!! hope most of you all did as well! I was late to work because i was soo tired from events on thursday night, that I fell back asleep after I had woken up. Then Riz calls and asked what was for breakfast, That was more like a wake up call. I ran to work half an hour late... ooppsseyy! It was like the day before, I was late too but this time it was Micheal's Fault because he had my keys in his glove box... who put it there?.. who knows. lol
SO when i think my morning was gonna get better because i had a scheduled massage at 9:30. Yay a half hour of bliss. It was nice, could have been better... mostly because my leg fell asleep. I went to lunch with Rizzy and Jose, we went to taco bell and then to the Credit union to make some payments, and then off to culvers to get some custard! ah I think I deserved it! I was suppoed to go to this place in Milliken to go hang with some co-workers and do a lil Karayoke with some drunk folk, but then I got offered Eagles Tickets and there was no way we were going to pass that up, Mike and I are like regulars there, lol. They lost however, series of events that lead to the loosing. ther were lots of good fights though. After we got back home I took off and Hung with Tyrone, no he ain't black... that seems to be what everyone asks, lol. Then we went to Geneva's house, that was fun. Afterwards chilled with Gina and left to me casa.
Saturday we went to the Museum of nature and science... I had So much fun! The planetarium was so cool, I wish we could have seen the thing on black holes, but we are all cheap mofos. Afterwards we headed to Cici's, it was jammed packed and I was beyond irritated and so was mike. We went home and hung out for bit and then it was mimi time.
I actually woke up early on sunday because I decided to go to church on Sunday. It was ok, i think I would go again, good disscusion i suppose... Made ya think. Went to grub at golden c, that sounds cooler so i think I might just stick to that. the girls and I came to the conclusion of a girls day without the boys. Swimming sounded so great, we were going to work out afterwards but sitting at home sounded so much better :) Later Mike and I had dinner at our place, then went to our other place, lol.
We are gonna go to lunch now, i think we are gonna go to abos.. not really in the mood for anything.. Seems all i wanna eat is pig chips and orange soda.. Strange I know, lol. I don't have my car today, My mommy has it, for tonight i think it is a blank slate,I do need to go tanning, i haven't gone for evers and it's pointless to pay and not go.. ok well i'm gonna run a check over before mike comes. See yall laters!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Movin on up

Happy Hump day!
Indeed it is wednesday and we are closer to friday! I think this weekend i might go to the Museum. Not a for sure thing, but would be nice to get out of Greeley.
Guess what!!!!! I have to move! At work that is. THey are moving me to another office. Kinda stinks, this will be the second time. don't know if it means anything. I;m not really going to be close to anyone in my department... Sad, I am far away as it is and now i'm going to be even farther. Ah i have Chris so i shouldn't complain. I guess I am next to the Senior Vice President of consumer lending. Ooohhh. Spiffy aye. I just hate having to get all my stuff together. Then half of tomorrow i have to sit in marketing. Then spend the other half movin and such. SO busy day for manana! I Just got done putting together our Annual report for the bank, and then set up the books for the share holders meeting. It was fun actually. I also cut post cards for the frontier 50. I think it will prolly be dead this afternoon....
This morning I had forgotten that I had that consultation with that one dude for the fitness program, so i had to run upstairs around 9, my app was at 8:35, but he still worked me in. I set a goal and hopefully i can reach it.
Last night I was so tired! I was out so qiuck. Sorry mike that you had to walk out all by yourself :) Oh and Mike the tool man Bach built me a desk yesterday. Looks reals nice. We got it from some really old man that lives across the street from the house i want to buy. But someone said they would but it for me.. ha yeah ok.
I'm heading off to lunch soon with mister Micheal. Who knows where we are going. Hpoe it's yummy.
Gonna go tanning after work, Maybe Go to the park and teach metche how to use her Helies, if that is how you even spell them, lol. I think I might Hang with Cass tonight. Have a girls night. Ok well i will have to say good byes, Mike is out side, awe, i'll never get this view again :( K well laters!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Fucked up wishes

I Just got done playin ddr with Jose. that kicks my ass!
Weekend was great, busy i might add. Got new speakers for my i-pod. it's really cute. 70 bucks cute! We forgot to go to the concert! SOOOOO depressing. I don't think I have ever sworn so much in my life. We watched Disturbia, that was really good. Freaky! Then we drank some ritas my dad made. yum, then it finally hit us! DAMN. Still regret it.
I met Mike's mom yesterday. She is so sweet, I was beyond nervous. Then she was all like you are so pretty, then came picture time... it was cute. Games and enchiladas later we were going to leave... time for sadness! She told me that she loves me and knows i'm the one.. ah if only she knew... and how i am so part of the family. Then she hugged me and started crying, I ain't gonna lie I was teary too.. SO sad. just wait, it's gonna break her little heart. All i have to say is good luck to the bitch that can think she can take my place, it's gonna be hard, but what can i say, i have that affect on people. They just love me :)
Oh i have to add that i am in denial, ha ha ha according to Regina... You know you are so laughing right now! Luis likes me I guess and she is on this trip that he likes her and that i can't accept that he likes her and not me... So i'm in DENIAL... Nig, as if i cares. I knocked some sense into her now and she knows better, lol. jk He just doesn't have the time for me.. ha and you need time, if ya know what i mean.
Work was pretty busy. I love it though. Had no time to much of anything. I did some coursed and then went to lunch with cass. Poor thing, she got her wisdom teeth out and she is hurting. Awe but the little cheeks are all swollen and she looks like a cute little chipmunk!
So i had this talk with Riz.. I love her! we are so close now and i am so greatfull for that. You need your family near you, it helps keep you sane. Well at least the family that ain't crazy! Anyways she gives great advice. Me and Selso flood her with our probs. :)
So ya know how is was all upset about my eyebrows... well i saw this one bitch and i was like DAMN your eyebrows are fucked up, i didn't think it was possible but i guess with some girls, anything is. Ha i told mike i look like a dirty bitch with these brows, lol. They are so not me, lol. they are just too thin. Look like some puerto rican with a sharpie! na it's not THAT bad. I'll live.
I was downing for a bit earlier. Sad things that just happen before you even realize it. I wish alot of things could have been done differently.. sadness, i tell ya. So i'm bummed, I never regret anything, and i do. that should so tell you something. Just wishin on things to get better. Don't know if they will. Love you! Miss the dirty texts, lol.
K well i'm gonna jump around somemore and then take off.
Nighty nights.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Robotic happiness

Hi guys!!!
It has so been a while, The main reason being this stupid thing, the switching to google thing.... Retared ass thing wouldn't let me log on. SO i spent forevers trying to unlock it. Finally i logged on yesterday, but i had a busy, busy day. Movin, workin, shoppin, chillin and all :) hello that takes time and effort. I have plenty of time today... it's a bit on the busy side, but i'm justtin sittin here eating string cheese. This past month has been crazy busy, and fun. I won tickets on kiss for gym class heros, so me and jose went to that, i had taken the day off and we spent most the day shoppin in Denver. That was really fun! Dad's b-day was crudy... if you were there you would know why. That night was fun, untill I totally couldn't recollect anything, lol. I love you guys! The bank does alot of things for me to do outside of work, so usually me and mike go to all the events. Like tonight, there is fiesta night, with food, drinks and entertainment. I'm really excited!!! Oh and then there is tomorrow where i meet Micheals mom... I'm really nervous!Then i have tickets to see the orchestra. I can't wait. Then on sunday I go to work at the 9 news health fair... really early! SO if you need some info, hit me up :) Last night we went to walmart to go get gifts for Lynda's baby shower, it was so fun. I love baby stuff... I want a boy so bad!
I just got done talking to Luis, he is so nice. He's taking me out to lunch today and he wants to sit at my desk and chat with me, i think his goal may be to make me feel important, have someone else other than Riz sit at my desk, lol. We all hung out last night, and by that i mean him, Gina and I. It was nice finally catching back up. Crazy to hear about all the jobs we have had along the way since mickey d's and to hear how Regina is still there is so weird. Like she's so stuck in time. She don't know we are going to lunch so I am prepared to be hated a bit.
Justin is going to be leaving to the navy here in a few days, or week, whichever that is... Hope you are safe, and be ready to party it up when you get back home!!! I should ask, what am I to do with Frankie? jk. I guess is should mention copelli's party, ha that was interesting!! but all of you who need to know the details already know.
I was asked to keep all personal things... you know what things,to not be said on here. hmm wonder why. Anyways I promised, And Because I can keep a promise, my lips are sealed, well about that stuff anyways. lol. Sucks for you!!
k well i have to unlock someone off their internet banking...