Friday, April 13, 2007

Robotic happiness

Hi guys!!!
It has so been a while, The main reason being this stupid thing, the switching to google thing.... Retared ass thing wouldn't let me log on. SO i spent forevers trying to unlock it. Finally i logged on yesterday, but i had a busy, busy day. Movin, workin, shoppin, chillin and all :) hello that takes time and effort. I have plenty of time today... it's a bit on the busy side, but i'm justtin sittin here eating string cheese. This past month has been crazy busy, and fun. I won tickets on kiss for gym class heros, so me and jose went to that, i had taken the day off and we spent most the day shoppin in Denver. That was really fun! Dad's b-day was crudy... if you were there you would know why. That night was fun, untill I totally couldn't recollect anything, lol. I love you guys! The bank does alot of things for me to do outside of work, so usually me and mike go to all the events. Like tonight, there is fiesta night, with food, drinks and entertainment. I'm really excited!!! Oh and then there is tomorrow where i meet Micheals mom... I'm really nervous!Then i have tickets to see the orchestra. I can't wait. Then on sunday I go to work at the 9 news health fair... really early! SO if you need some info, hit me up :) Last night we went to walmart to go get gifts for Lynda's baby shower, it was so fun. I love baby stuff... I want a boy so bad!
I just got done talking to Luis, he is so nice. He's taking me out to lunch today and he wants to sit at my desk and chat with me, i think his goal may be to make me feel important, have someone else other than Riz sit at my desk, lol. We all hung out last night, and by that i mean him, Gina and I. It was nice finally catching back up. Crazy to hear about all the jobs we have had along the way since mickey d's and to hear how Regina is still there is so weird. Like she's so stuck in time. She don't know we are going to lunch so I am prepared to be hated a bit.
Justin is going to be leaving to the navy here in a few days, or week, whichever that is... Hope you are safe, and be ready to party it up when you get back home!!! I should ask, what am I to do with Frankie? jk. I guess is should mention copelli's party, ha that was interesting!! but all of you who need to know the details already know.
I was asked to keep all personal things... you know what things,to not be said on here. hmm wonder why. Anyways I promised, And Because I can keep a promise, my lips are sealed, well about that stuff anyways. lol. Sucks for you!!
k well i have to unlock someone off their internet banking...

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