Thursday, March 01, 2007

And then i just Smile

Song of the day:

Lilly Allen- Littlest things
Hello goodbye - Saw it on your keyboard
Yellocard- Inside out

Hey there!! Today is a great day, well in comparison the last ones I have been having. I've been having a great morning and I went to Lunch with Rizzy and i just gor 20 nfb bucks, i reached my 2000 wellness points so now i can go get my bag and i'm racking up some overtime hours for next pay period and, I even got 10 extra BVS online courses. yay!!! I don't know how today can get worse.... and it shouldn't! I got over being really sad, which is good, no tears yet anyways. Oh i Should tell you guys about my weekends. They were way fun. A couple of fridays ago i went to big band boogie ball with Jose and i had soooo much fun, i have not danced that much in a really long time but then me and Erick got into a really big fight in the car but we got over it the next day. I went to pf Changs like two weekends ago, mmmm, yummy and then we went to the build a bear workshop and Micheal and I "made" a bear. His name is Noah Floah. How cute huh, he even has two hearts. one that i picked out it's red and white plad and one that Micheal picked out that says I love you... then we rubed it on our heads so it can be really smart and on my muscles so it can be really strong and then we gave it big big kisses so it can be loved and we made a wish. It was so fun, but pickin out those shoes was s though jorb.... We got him cute little converse. Afterwards we went to barnes and nobles, got some coffee and looked at books and checked out some music... I likes that store.
I got paid, and then i became broke just as fast. I have to pay this thing for my mom and it's 240.00 dollars. That way sucks. I had such a plan for my money, i wanted to start saving for my retirement... Sure laugh now but when i'm 50 and can retire with about a million bucks we'll see who will be laughing then, ha ha ha.. lol.
I just had a caller asking for fdic insurance, as if i know... anyways, then i went to this lingare/ pajama party with Erick, and like 10 other people. I was so lets just i was very happy that night. Totally oblivious to the Game on Sunday. I had forgotten and it was like 8 when Cassie called me to wake me up and say i had half an hour to get there. WE won the first game and lost the second one so we got second place and also in the tournament in denver we took second as well. Good news is that we qualify to go to state and I was Picked to be one of the partners. This should be fun!! After that first tournament i got really really sick, so micheal brough over some soup and made me feel better, he always takes care of me when i'm sickies. I tried to go to work the next day but they sent me home, then i felt better but sounded like crapola... But i'm over it now for the most part. Poor mike is kinda sick or feeling like poo i think i gave it to him, maybe it was all those kisses. Damn coodies!!! Micheal and I went to salsa dancing lessons too, it was really funny, they had margaritas which Micheal drank... tis tis... and we all danced, there was this really cute old man who was all trying to shake it. It was a really crazy weekend... Oh and by the way me and Cass are fighting, she pisses me off, but then who again doesn't? I'll get over it but she jsut went a little too far this time. I do love her and can't stay mad too long so i'll prolly make up with her tomorrow. Ah i watched the last kiss last night and that movie soo pissed me off, i didn't really like it, that guy was an asshole and she was jsut too nice to him, but hey she's in love and girls that are in love will do some crazy stuff won't we girls.. yup but i still say it was wrong. It did lead up to a smooch session and i ain't complaing about that... but that space inbetween my wall and bed sure is comfy :) I have 45 min left at work and i just got these really cute e-mails so i'm gonna read them. I'm gonna try to look for my tax sheets and see if i can get them done, i have been putting it off. Maybe chill with Micheal, who knows. k well see yall laters and Get Some!!

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