Monday, March 31, 2008

My Last Day

Today is so bitter sweet for me. Today is the last day for a few things, and they are all good for their own different reasons. The last chance I got to drive my lil ol' Oscar. I will no longer have him, and I'm happy but really sad. We have been through alot and god knows how much I will miss him. With that said, I can move on to better things for myself. *tear* As for now, I have an idea, but nothing is for sure.

Also today was my last day in the Information Center. That alone is super hard, I love everyone I work with, but I know I will love it in accounting too. Which I'm not sure If I may have mentioned it, but I got a promo and am going to accounting. I'm really excited and I can't wait to learn tons of stuff! I will Miss Carole the most, she is like a mommy to me, we have gotten so close... what am I gonna do without her???

So tomorrow is April Fools... :P despite all the EVIL things that have happened on this day. lol. it should be fun. Tomorrow is also the first of the month.. bleh. I am happy to say that things between my mommy and I are great once again. we had a big talk about alot of things today. I'm not quite ready to share all of it just yet. but that time will one day come.

So I'm a tad bit bummed, but in a good way. I have no idea why this is all writting underlined but whatever... Anyways here are some pics that make me really happy!

I think this was on new years or something...

With the person who always makes me smile. I'd be lost without you!

K well I'm gonna say byes now.. time to go to Johnny Carinos with the best guys in my life.. Erick is set to make all well, on Oscars behalf :]

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I must say I am in a super mood and the reason is definetly because I have a whole night of sleep. And by that I mean when I got home last night, after a sweet massage of course, till 6:30 this morning. Wonderful!
This whole week was wearing me thin and to catch up on that much needed sleep was bliss!

I have about an hour and a half left at work and after some shoppin, I want to run home and post some pictures of the concert. I'm learning how to photo shop, ha ha, I can do 4 things by my lonesome, lol. I'll catch on soon enough.

Oh and I dyed my hair!! it was a huge step, and I sorta like it, the only thing is that in the sun it's way lighter, with most, lol and the ends are darker.. this may need a fix up soon, I have to go to the store anyways. Eeek. We all know I love my hair and I bought this darn kit since november and I finally had the guts to do it.. I was bored and M was too busy helpin his family move. lol.
I some bad news... I can't move.. So bummed. I had the app and all the things I needed and then I got rejected... before the app was even entered, lol, which is best or else I would have been out 35 bucks. This place, which I will keep un-named, he he, you have to make this certain amount to be in compliance and some crap... anyways after you move you can make whatever, well I make too much. So I get booted. Fine, i didn't want to live there anyways.... which is a total lie because I loved it there!!!!! ah, oh well, I will move on from this mess. So mike is alone at his casa and I'm still stuck at mine... grrr. This will get better, cuz I have time on my side. I would say but I may jinx myself :)

I would like to take this time and blab on about how awesome I am with budgeting... woo hoo, come on and show me some lovin cuz you know I rock :P

they are showing the daily show clips here at work, lol. the episode with the gut from new york.. :) too funny.. and it's getting busy, so see ya!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Guess who I'm gonna see.....

Here is a bit of eye candy, I love him and his sweet electic violin!!! Makes me want to play again, lol. Why doI have these pics????? welll.....
My week has gotten better, especially since tomorrow is ROCK OUT DAY!!!
That is what I named it, on behalf of M and Me going to see YELLOW CARD!!!!
I'm so stoked, this is my belated v-day gift, and a perfect one at that! I love this band, I have seen them a few times and it was a-mazing :D
I even got to hug Ryan, he is the hot blonde in the middle... oh yeah. I may even wear my signed hoodie, lol their autographs are on my chest, I may pass. :P

Tomorrow's concert is a bit different it is the acoustic tour, and I hearts acoustic songs!! I can't express how grateful and excited I am! hopefully I won't forget my camera and I will have to take a pic with my new shirt ( I get a shirt at every concert, it's like ritual)
Ok well I am off in a half hour and I'm gonna go home with my honey and do a whole lotta nothin, then go sing my voice away tomorrow! have a super duper weekend! Lovies...

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

To Unlearn

It's hard to think about something that you have known for so long and try to unlearn it and replace it with a "newer" version of what it should be.

I find that happening with so many things in my life. I hate it. I want to be happy and ignorant again. If only.

I just feel so unsure of everything, I have never really felt like I doubt so many things all at once before. I think it's time I step out and take a good look and see where it all takes me. far away is all I can hope for. Peace and lorn is all I ask for. My heart aches, my head spins, my body is withdrawn. a state of blue.

"And since there's no one else around we let our hair grow long and forget all we used to know. "

cheer up. I shall.

Sad post...