Monday, March 31, 2008

My Last Day

Today is so bitter sweet for me. Today is the last day for a few things, and they are all good for their own different reasons. The last chance I got to drive my lil ol' Oscar. I will no longer have him, and I'm happy but really sad. We have been through alot and god knows how much I will miss him. With that said, I can move on to better things for myself. *tear* As for now, I have an idea, but nothing is for sure.

Also today was my last day in the Information Center. That alone is super hard, I love everyone I work with, but I know I will love it in accounting too. Which I'm not sure If I may have mentioned it, but I got a promo and am going to accounting. I'm really excited and I can't wait to learn tons of stuff! I will Miss Carole the most, she is like a mommy to me, we have gotten so close... what am I gonna do without her???

So tomorrow is April Fools... :P despite all the EVIL things that have happened on this day. lol. it should be fun. Tomorrow is also the first of the month.. bleh. I am happy to say that things between my mommy and I are great once again. we had a big talk about alot of things today. I'm not quite ready to share all of it just yet. but that time will one day come.

So I'm a tad bit bummed, but in a good way. I have no idea why this is all writting underlined but whatever... Anyways here are some pics that make me really happy!

I think this was on new years or something...

With the person who always makes me smile. I'd be lost without you!

K well I'm gonna say byes now.. time to go to Johnny Carinos with the best guys in my life.. Erick is set to make all well, on Oscars behalf :]

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