Friday, March 07, 2008

Guess who I'm gonna see.....

Here is a bit of eye candy, I love him and his sweet electic violin!!! Makes me want to play again, lol. Why doI have these pics????? welll.....
My week has gotten better, especially since tomorrow is ROCK OUT DAY!!!
That is what I named it, on behalf of M and Me going to see YELLOW CARD!!!!
I'm so stoked, this is my belated v-day gift, and a perfect one at that! I love this band, I have seen them a few times and it was a-mazing :D
I even got to hug Ryan, he is the hot blonde in the middle... oh yeah. I may even wear my signed hoodie, lol their autographs are on my chest, I may pass. :P

Tomorrow's concert is a bit different it is the acoustic tour, and I hearts acoustic songs!! I can't express how grateful and excited I am! hopefully I won't forget my camera and I will have to take a pic with my new shirt ( I get a shirt at every concert, it's like ritual)
Ok well I am off in a half hour and I'm gonna go home with my honey and do a whole lotta nothin, then go sing my voice away tomorrow! have a super duper weekend! Lovies...

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