Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cuts the deepest

Hello again,
I am currently at work. There really isn't much to do, hence why I am on here. I love it here and there are times when I have bad days and some that are wonderful. Today however is a little bit out of the norm. It started yesterday. My mom called me to wake me up and then she was like do you know who passed away last night, i figured that she was going to say one of those spanish actors that come out on the novellas. but it turns out that it was my uncle. I didn't know what to say. I asked her which one it was and it was my uncle from mexico, he was a teacher down there and he also did drum line. We weren't that close but he was my family. My dad called my tia Enevi, that was his wife and she was just bawling. she blamed herself for everything. She took a job out of town and she thinks it was her fault for not being there. I can't imagine what my cousins are going through. I think my dad wants to go, but who knows if he really will. it never hit me untill last night when we were driving home. Amazing how things could just change from one moment to another. Depressing actually. I couldn't help but cry.
So here is a moment of silence for him.

Friday, February 09, 2007

bittersweet goodbyes

It's two thirty in the morning and it just so happens I can't sleep. Micheal left like an hour ago. * sigh * I don't regret anything... Safe to say that. Today was my first day at the bank. I really liked it spent most the morning taking pics for the newspaper guess cuz we be brownies. Riz took me to wendy's for lunch i felt bad cuz Juan is such an ass and she way crying on the way back to work. But I got my cute name plaqe and my business cards!!! Yay I have business cards! My huge desk in this big office. I love it!!! I'm so excited!!! Let me tell ya that leaving the credit union was one of the hardest things to do in my whole life!!! I was fine till I got in my car.. Then I became a mess!! I called mike ballin my face off!! But then we went to pf changs that was soo yummy then Barnes and nobles where I found an interesting book on financial development. I'm glad I got to read some it gave great perspective. Oh we got matching journals that reminds me I have to write in it. I guess I have to try to fall asleep or I'll die by tomorrow afternoon! Peace