Thursday, July 07, 2005


It has been a while since I have last updated so have a few things to add but not much... work, getting darker, walking around the carnival a million times ( ok it was more like 8 times), talking on the phone, and wishing my room was clean.
yup that was about it..... maybe that is why I have not done anyting, because I'm always busy and really tired. the past few days I fell asleep around 4 or something and then wake up close to midnight. Then lie awake till about 5 then go to work.. shitty huh.
Moving along I decided to make a little thingy or wihltpfm... that means
" What I have learned in the past few months" suweet huh
so here goes.
- My dad really hates butters, to think of it my dad really hates me too.
-What a paralax is, and what it does
-I'm getting fatter from so much McDonalds
-I turn my friends evil... or is it the other way around?
-my sister likes to take advantage of people.
-The Tipping point is a great band
-The triangle trade.
-That my mom usually means what she says, lol.
-Chain letters suck... yet I still send them
-What ethnocentrism means
-I'm secretly rich, well in my mind.
-What mollases is used for
-The D diminishing triad
-People are mean and they tend to suck.... oh and they are great at back stabbing
-I'm kinkier than Micheal
-I know what hot icecream feels like... it seems impossible but it burns
-Ericks parents hate me, as well as his other friends that just so happen to be girls.
-Things will fade in the sun
-Some dude likes me
-I'm lucky
-What the Univac was
- Jose loves me
-I've had a stress attack thingy
-I miss butters
-Tanning oil WILL leak from the bottle
-Ha what assymtopes are... thats funny i remember
- Erick's blogs are usually really always about me.. ok they are Always
-I get happy way to fast
-OOO I know who Venevar Bush... and that I feel sorry his mommy named him that.
-Alot more people hate me than I think.. yup and for no apparent reason, that I know of at least.
-My phone is my life.
-I have tons of photo albums but no photos.
-Erick prefers me over a jacket.
-I can't spell alphabet, and i get made fun of cuz of it, lol.
-I wish Jennifer was still here
- That I need a body guard cuz people like to stalk.
-Some will never change.
- I like someone who doesn't even notice me, or I don't think they do.
-I can't stay home for longer than a day
-I'm a bitch.
- If I could build a time machine and go back in time, I would not change anything, well maybe the April fools thing I did to Jose..... I would have made it funnier, well to me at least.... ahh still brings a tear of joy to my eye when I think about it.. haha
- Life tends to go on....
I think that is it for now, cuz now me and Jose are gonna help his mommy make tamales, mmmm..