Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The shirt off my back

I know I'm a bit late (a whole week!) on the v-day loves, however,

Happy Valentine's day!

It has been pretty busy here in my life... I started training and it is wonderful, alot to take in and at first you don't have time to check mails or even do bvs, which reminds me, I still have 5 to go... anyways, it's nice and I'm learning alot. Today seemed like a race to get things done. I'm a team captain for the bowl-a-thon for junior achievement and a crapy captain at that... I was going to have the shirts made but that ended to me running to hobby lobby during lunch only to pick up shitty things that will not make a good t-shirt. Josh my buddy called around for me to see if we can somehow make due with the wrong sheets that I bought. Kinkos said they could help but just as our luck holds the greeley one was all jammed and ugh, ya know. The other option was to go to fort collins. The easier option would have been to return to hobby lobby and just get different sheets, but no, we likes road trips. So Josh and I jumped into his truck and headed to Fort collins, with a pit stop to office max, just to make sure.. lol. After a few wrong turns and such we arrive only to hear the nerd at the counter say that they could not do it on our paper and that if we decided to use their paper it would be five bucks per sheet. Crazy huh! and then to top it off he said it would not work as an iron on, you would need a real press and, lol.. AND it would not show up on our black shirts. Sweet MESS!!! gee, if only I would have known! anyhoo... So now I have no idea what to do, Josh was cool about it though, lol. Just wear black, as much as I like the idea, it's not our logo... oh well, I'll try to whip something up in the morning. And as for my team, sorry I suck...
On better news, we stopped at big 5, the place where I was trying to find my table, and a version of it was there, hmm, I may have to look at it more and really see what I think about it, it's too late for that now. There is this place called mexicali, mmmmmm! it's like what qudoba is to taco bell, well this is that to qudoba, but way better. Thanks amigo for taking me there! Any better way to spend a thursday?? Na... lol.

I'm gonna back track to last week, :D... Awesome!!!!! love day was so sweet! I got sweet treats and had a romantic night, just simple and beautiful! Friday was so busy it flew by and that was great, and I had supper bummin weekend, made blueberry muffins, my fave, which brought us to go on a muffin hitch, we have various flavors to experiment in and will be having fatty baked goods for a while, gym anyone? that night we had some din and I went off to a sister party, kudos, did well.
Moving on, sunday and monday were shopping days, whoo hoo!!! I likes shopping! Well after the party, it made me realize how unprepared I was.. so I had to get in order and I now have almost everything.. still figuring that one out.

I found something to spend my moneys on... I bought a laptop! And I got it for a great steal, so time to save again and soon, the camera will be mine, mine I say (enter crazy manic laugh here... woooh, tone it down a bit... yeah, more like that :P)

On behalf of love day, Here is my valentine from my honey bear! or shall say scruffy muffin!

This is totally old school. Love it!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ta ta tuesday!

Rizzy left this morning to Cancun, that lucky duck! She hasn't called me yet but I hope she does when she lands. I'm still waiting on the money from the travel agency that we are supposed to get "tomorrow" I put that in quotations because most likely we won't receive it tomorrow or this month at all. Hopefully she has a pleasent time and Congratulations to Patty and Freddy! I saw the chicago wedding pics, beautiful! Many blessings with the years attatched along with it!

Micheal's daddy is sick. I hope he gets better really soon!!! xoxo!

I have some other good news, this is the one I was waiting to spill, I'm starting in the wire department :) It's only part time and then I do what I do now regularly. I'm excited, It's alot to work on, I have a huge procedures manual that I will get looking into, and then I start training on thursday. Yay! That leaves no time for this which I may have to add is quite addicting. My highest score is 1134. Beat that! Anyways, I'm passin on my expertise of Gl's, which is really hard to let go... I'm so used to doing them. I'm a dork I know.

So aside from that, I also want to say Congratulations to Geneva and Dolla! They are soooo In LOVE!!! I'm so happy for her! I saw them at Target last night and they make such an adorable family I can't wait for Kingston to arrive!!!! :D
ps. I haven't seen her smile that big in a long, long time! lol

Looked at computers last night, not in depth, but maybe soon I can really look into one and see if that is my callin for the moment, I can't wait! the things I dream of lol!

All you stay happy!!!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

My one year

Today just so happens to be my one year anniversary at the bank!
I'm so happy and very fortunate to be employed here. I have luck during the "one year" times :) Hey I even got a cute key chain, he he. I'm happy cuz that means raise time! those are always nice... plus who knows, I may even have better news ; ] Oh, and I even get 100 nfb bucks and I have enough to get a visa gift card, can you say shopping spree!! Woot!

As for my "side" project, I'm helping with a party tonight, it was pretty short notice, ok very short notice and I feel so bad. However I know it will benifit me in the end. After all Tomorrow I am ALL yours! I pinky swears! I had a book party this week.... I don't even want to talk about it. I'm a tad bit annoyed but it all comes with the terrain. Good news is so far its well, I feel like I just have to get organized. Will do!

With that said, Tomorrow I am all Mike's so don't call me, I will be too busy in loves!

Oh and in case you were wondering what I'm going to do with my saved up camera fund money.. I found something new to spend it on... but that is another story that I will soon tell :)
(gotta leave some suspense lol) Ah that would kill me so here is a hint!

K well I'm off and I think I may open a new account account tonight so see ya!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

May the force be with us all

Happy Thursday!

I got my arm poked this morning. I took this blood screening test thing that the bank provided. I must say it wasn't that bad, (Aside from the fasting) I thought I would pass out and my arm would fall off but sure enough it's till attached. Ugh I just had to look away, I no like blood and such... I'm glad that is over and done with!

I love this pic, he is just so adorable and green, how can I not love him? So this is what boys do all day.... Silly guys! He he he!

OOOOO!!! I have a special secret!!! I can't tell you yet, I have to wait till it's officially official :P
I've been looking at Flickr acocunts and I think that is the best way to make me want a camera again.. Soon, indulge in the presence of a camera I may... :]

Friday, February 01, 2008

Oh my loves...

Good afternoon!

I have been a bit busy this week, with ordering and notes all for my new bisnas :D I'm so excited and tonight at my good Friend Geneva's house I will be training!!! yay! I know this is going to be tons of fun! Tomorrow after turbo kick (This morning I had a bit of a reprocution from not going... lets just say I changed 3 times, lol) I am off to Erie for a party there. I'm especially scared cuz I dunno anyone there! I'm gonna be a trooper though and bring my lil notebook :) My first party is this month and I'm getting really nervous, however I think it will turn out great dispite all last minute things... Just gonna be positve! So miss positivo I am.

OOO I wanted to share that on Saturday when I came home from work, I got my paintings from this Etsy shop. I love them so much! I plan to put them in my studio, If I ever get one!!! and if you see the cute scarf one, that is is going to go on top of a rack for coats and so on.

Moving out seems harder and harder as time passes by. I am having second thoughs of moving to an apartment. Mainly because all that money goes to a waste. that is like $8,000.00 down the drain!!!! Insane! Me being the frugal investor that I am, considering to get a condo. there are some forclosed properties that are selling for cheap with a 5.88 interest with hoa fees that run under $200.00. that is a good steal. I would like to put more down than my measley 2k. I am just trying to be patient and let the chips fall where they may. Everything happens for a reason.

I finally have enough money for my camera!!!!! I actaully always had it but I wanted to spend aside so it would be "extra" money, anyways, now that it is so close... I'm not sure if that is what I want to invest it in. Don't get me wrong, I really really want it still but if it came between a camera and a home, I would definetly pick a home. I even thought about buying a notebook pc.. since I sold my computer. hmmm. We'll see.

I'm going to make my monthy to do list... and I noticed that I never posted my new years goals. Silly me, but now I dunno if I want to. I'll give it more thought, lol. I never posted my scrap pics either... I will someday get around to that.

I'm off to lunch with the girls and we are gonna go to yummy olive garden! I'm starving!!
Have a wonderful weekend!