Monday, August 28, 2006

Back to basics

IT is time again for another post, if you can't tell I have been lost in my own little world of things that may not exactly involve posting... If that made any sense. A whole lot of forevers have gone by, good thing I have a great memory. Except for I can't remember when the last time I wrote..? I'm just gonna start off with July, sounds good. MY BIRTHDAY!!! oh and MY HONEY'S BIRTHDAY too, Good times.. It was fun, nothing beats Mcdonalds and Outback, oh and Olive garden then Taco bell. Ha ha.. memories. Anyways, my mom and sis had their b day too, I like embarassing riz, that's fun. Although there is one thing that Micheal and I forgot to do, and that was go to walmart at 3 in the morning and buy some cake and milkies and go eat it outside on OUR bench. Hello it's been tradition since like last year, lol. Just wait till its like 37th annual uh... cake thingy. I don't remember anything else, so on to august. WEll I'm now a college girl, yes yes, go on and tell your friends how cool you are because you have a college friend lol.
I'n not sure if I like it... Not too time consuming, sad for ME to say. I'll get over it once it gets going and hard. Oh and I am happy to say that I'm not slow, YAY!!! I'm in real college courses thanks to my intellegence, also known as my babe. That's right no remedial classes for me, just brains, I think : ) Me and mikey are gonna be together for a year next month, cute huh, I know. Funny to think of all that has happened since last July like when we became inseparable. Deep in starbucks and lawbreaking activites, those were the days when he was nice, lol. HA remember when I kept answering my phone at walrus, and you like hated me but only for a bit cuz you were like in like like with me? I DO!!! OOO and when we went fridge and dryer looking, that was way cute, awe then I hads to go to mexico, when I was supposed to stay here with you but My dad was like NO WAY Just cuz of you, lol. Ah well I gotta go now the library is closing.
buh byes