Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Wish list

I had forgotten to add one on my last post so... I will add a few that have been stuck in my head.

My chemical romace: Welcome to the black parade. I love the intro's creciendo.. Rocks!
Little Big town: Good as gone
Ok Go: a million ways. Micheals fav song, the one he sings into the i- pod.
Reliant k: which to bury, us or the hachet.

I am so effing cold right now!!! omg, It may be due to da fact that i havw hole in my sock, lol!!!
It's way late, I just watched some tv and abby fell asleep on the sofa, I Went to her first band concert today, that was so cute.. considering she is following in my foot steps. The band was good, its sixth grade for god's sake. The jazz ensamble was awesome, and the orchestra was ok, but what do you expect to hear from a first violin?? I know I know..
So this weekend was pretty kick ass.. had lotsa fun, I hung out with jose and went to the teller party, that was lotsa fun and then me and christy drank.. ha funny thing is my boss made my drinks, she is so nice. Saw Erin for a bit. She finally left john, that boy was crazy!! Jess came over for a bit, we took some crazy pics, lol. Kicked it with Erick and i even spent the night at Micheal's place. Oh and Talk about uber emotional too, maybe since sunday.. I started my pills again which kinda stinks, three more months of hell or at least untill I get used to it, which reminds me I still need to take one.
Alright so I made this wish list right, and it consisted of many electronics, ha ah .. yup and I hate hearing I always get everything I want, but lets face it.. I usualy do!
I forevers wanted an I-pod so i can listen to my musica, and MY Honey bunny got it for me, now choosing whether or not i should get the green or the blue was one of the hardest decisons of my life, lol. but it really was hard. You can tell the guy at the store was thinkin i was crazy when i asked him which one i looked better holding, lol. Ah but the blue one. Score!
I also wanted a brand spankin new computer, and I got that too! I guess it's a good one too. I just have to make room for it in my room. Along with that my mom got me a printer/ scanner. and I got a cute pink lil digital camera. I took some of jose's senior pics with. It's realllss nice.
I don't remember what I asked for, lol. I honestly don't think there was or should be more, lol. I did promise that I will try reals hard to finish this really cute Good luck care bear latch hook kit i got from Micheal last christmas, So far only 6 squares are done, hey its hard work and It's really big too.
Which then brings me to my other list. My What I plan to do before the end of the year, things i would normally not do, or want to do, should do and prolly wouldn't do if it wasn't on this list!

What I Plan To Do Before January:

Donate Plasma I promised an un named friend I would d oit with them
Clean my room god knows i need to
Get laid 21 times : ) there are only 25 days left, what does that tell ya?
Throw away a pair of shoes this one is gonna kill me.. litterally
Give a stranger a gift this is someting i stole from micheal, ha it's mine now!
Get Oscar an oil change
Poor guy, he needs it so bad too. i'm horrible
Make a photo album I'll use all the cute pics I have from my new camera
Take my sewing machine out of the box... and use it I really should
Make special "Pouches" this should be fun, and only few know what this really means....
Organize my scrapbooking stuff It's a mess and It's sad
Get or make a sewing desk I might bribe my uncle into doing this, he can make anything
Get my nails done My nails have gone to hell, I think I'm ready to get acrilic again.

I can't think of anthing else i should put on my list, and If i do I'll just add it or ignore it, That is alot to get done and very time consuming, lol. I'm sleepy now and I think I'm gonna go mimi's.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Flouresent Flickering

It's Friday.. yay. I don't dread the week i just like the weekend : ) I'm with my sister and she decided to clean so I will hang out here.. Ah and as much as i would love to pour myself onto these keys I will have to hold back... well at least a lil. lol. Where shall I begin. It has been soooo long. I have just been so busy. Since october, well... halloween was fun, cooooold, but fun. Christy and i were kittys at work. Everyone loved my lashes. Lol. We took meche trick o treatin and she got lots of candy. She was a lil vampire and it was fun to paint her face, lol. Oh and the blood, ewww!! Crazy how november just went by and i don't remember a thing... WEll not things I wanna say lol.
I started selling Avon!!! I love that stuff it is sooo adicting and I get it for cheaps. So if you need an avon lady... here i is. I guess i have been doing well, lol. I do it all at last minute.
I've been working a lot or so it seems. I love it though. I do enjoy my job. Thank god! This weekend us girls will be having a year end party.. should be fun it will be at debbie's not far from jose, so if i aint sober i guess i will go there, lol.
Oh thanksgiving was lota fun. WEll most of it, My dad was bein really mean to me as always but i got over it.. Me and riz had to run to walmart and try and get some bread and some pumpkin pies and they were out, cold! crazy, so we got frozen ones that my mom bitched about lol. And then we all ate, Me and riz got all tipsy and then Erick came over and we went to jose's casa and then we went over to mike's and we all hung out and did some "FUN" stuff lol. I love you guys. Oh and peace and luv to yall who couldn't have your family and friends with ya cuz that must have sucked. Your mom will be here next year, and on the bright side, if she wasn't gone... we would have never had that fun party!
Latley I have been having a minor case of isomnia. I just can't sleep. I guess the power had went out and my clock was all blinking most the night. I finally fixed it but i decided to lesve the time an hour ahead. I love the feelin of waking up to 10:00 and be like oh shit i have to get up, and then know .. oh it's really only 9:00 : )
I had a lil shoppin spree on myself the other day, I know i shouldn't have.. but i did and damn it felt goooood! I love clothes. Ha when I was in high school I thought for a while that i wanted to design clothes, and I even has lil sketches cuz I'm gay... ha and I do know how to sew, like really really well and I know all kinds of fabric and all the knits, threads and stiches, lol. I Guess I'm just torn on my whole life decision right now. sad i know. I'm way young and i don't have to have it all figured out, but i stress over it! I know I'm better of than most like already being that I'm so young but i feel like just maybe i need that self assurance that I won't end up a bum, lol.
And we all know I no wanna be a bum!!!
Ah well I gotta go cuz we are gonna return some movies and thens i gotta go see my honey.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Let it snow

SONG OF THE DAY : Taylor Swift--- Tim McGraw. I love this song, it is my latest obsession!

Seem like the whole posting thing is like a weekly thing, which is cool, it's like ME WEEKLY! yay, go me. It snowed today, it was cool except for driving in it. I got up all bright and early todays, had a hard time waking up mr. sleepy head. Me and Cass went to look at apartments, I fell in love with a town house. too much $$ but I dunno yet, I 'm far too confused with things in my life, lol. So hmm since last time... uh me and jose hung out and I really made his mom hate me, like she sooooo sooo hates me, she was like way mean. * tear * she is like my mom and to have her hate me too, that suxs. that was sat and half sun i guess you can say. Ah and to make it a bit worse, my credit card got declined. Sad i know. On sunday I saw the departed. Sweet movie I really liked it.. I jumped a few times, but i loved it. I got a pumpin spice latte, ah i love those too! I had a huge one today, hey it was snowing and i was cold. yummy. Oh and Sunday night was horrible, K i have a crazy moment like once every few months, but damn this week has been hell. Sunday night i has a panic/ anxiety/ heart/ my life sucks attack. I seriously could not breath. Like effing a when someone says they need you, like hello they need you, case you didn't catch that. But jose came over and made me feel all betters. I think i need to see a therapist, lol. Monday there was no work , yay, i like holidays! I was gonna go to school, but then me and my dad got into a huge fight. I know he hates me. I know it. It's depressing. But if i continue to live my life the way my parents want me to i know i will never be happy, and I'll be a bum, lol. Ah and i went to hobby lobby, I am infactuated with that store. I love all of it, Micheal got some clay and i got some cute lil boxes. ( and that clay has been sitting under that desk since tuesday) Tuesday hmmm, i went to work it was hella busy. I'm glad we finally get some cars! I decided to stay the night at regina's. It was cool except for I got no sleep at all!!!!!! So i went to work all tired, i took a lil power nap before i went, didn't feel no power though. When i came home, i like passed out.. lol funny i say home.. I didn't even go home. but yeah so that was my night, with like 15 missed calls before i turned off my phone. I don't remember waht happened thursday.. but i remember there being lots of pain, lol. oh now i remember, I had another breakdown.. I think it was then, ya like a 2 in the mornin. that was really crappppy! I guess I finally opened up to you. Bravo. Oh sat was regina's b-day so happy b day! mike and i took her to lunch at chili's yum. Then we all hung at cec and me and jose finally beat the jurassic park game.. I rock! oh and then she meet some freak! but really some 34 yr old dude, fugly! I'm lucky erick was there to save me, lol. I saw man of the year on sunday. was ok guess i though it would be different. And yesterday I didn't go to work. yay.. it was very nice. I had a lil date planned with someone special but that got ruined... but it was still really special.. we will try again wednesday nite. As of right now i'm taking care of the twins.. ah they are a hand full. ha and i want 6!! So I'm gonna be a good aunt now and watch them, lol. so laters and maybe i'll post soon so it's not like a novel : )

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Field of clovers

SONG OF THE DAY: Flogging Mollys - Drunken lullibies (this song rocks)

It's been about a week since my last update, And I know you are all desperatly awaiting an update lol. So Oktober fest was fun, I did the brat toss, and I passed the first round, what can i say i rock like that. but then I lost. Oh wells who wants a season pass to the family funplex anyways... I went to cu band day. I fell asleep in da car so I guess i got my energy back. Central really sucked, sorry but it was way better when i was in it, lol. Oh man CU rocked I admire all their dedication. Oh and i got this really cute sweater, band girl for life! moving along, I didn't get home till all late. Me and erick went to the cheese and we talked alot about everything, Your such a good listener : D So life Is better.
I saw school for scoundrals on sunday, that was funnies!! Ummm Gee i have not gone to school all week, naughty me on my part, Watch i'm gonna fail! Tuesday was fun we went to see Flogging Molly, Thought Micheal would't like them but turns out he did, it was great, oh and I got a really cute shirt and a good CD! Then I made him drive home, then we got lost so I started freakin out, Then when we arrived home safely we went mimi's, then I didn't go to school the next day, it's hard to wake up when your all comfy in your love's arms. I realized that the words I say all day are Hello, and Thank you. I guess I'm polite, but it's my job, lol. Last night I was on a quest to find shoes, I found cute brown ones and some white ethnies, but I wanted runnin shoes, and let me say finish line sucks!! I don't care who works there! Didn't find any there. Went to Wally world and finally picked out these pinkish ones, mike pressured me at the line to make a final decision, come on you know i'm indecisive! I think I want the blue one! We are supposed to go to da park and be all cute together, and walk... but i wanna run. Ha ha bet i won't get too far. I was puttin on my belt this mornin and i had to put it down one more hole, that was way sad, so now drastic measures must be taken, lol. but yeah Mikey bought me a cute jump suit, it's all black with some white, and da pink shoes oh and He bought me the Good luck care bear, the big one, aewww it is sooooo cute, that is like my fav care bear and we like never find it, and we finally did! yay, sorry i get all excited over care bears. We are still in the process of naming it lol.Well I'm gonna hang with my amigo now, laters.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday mornin

SONG OF THE DAY: Liz Pher-- Why can't I IT's early and I'm gonna go to lincon park and go to Oktober fest. Should be fun i hear. So I'll be there at 11 ish and then I'm gonna go to boulder for cu band day. I guess there is some kind of fait thing in boulder today to, dunno if I'll go I like fairs. I went to the credit union to withdrawl mone;y and i frekin waited for ever from 9 45 to 10 08 damn it was crap. But now i gots mula!! ok well just thought I would let yall know so if you wanna come on down.... Adios

Faint purple line

SONG OF THE DAY: Mario Vasquez -- Gallery It's like two in the morning and I’m using the lab top so I’ll most likely post this tomorrow. I didn’t go to school today. I guess I was too tired or at least that is the excuse I feel like giving. I took a test this morning…. most of you know how it went. I was on my way to go to have lunch with my sis then I hear on 99.9 that they are buffalo wild wings giving away cd’s and Flogging Molly tickets. I stopped by and scored tickets this Tuesday and the Blue October cd. I’m actually listening to the cd right now. I guess my morning started ok. So Arizbe and I go to cazadores to eat lunch, we talked about a lot of things. In a way I get why she tries to stay so distant from my parents, I think she may understand the reason I do the same. I felt like we were all close, I guess we are but lately it’s been so different a lot of things in our lives have seemed to drift us apart. I missed being able to tell her everything like how I used to. Went to work, today was payday. Yay I get paid and then watch it all go within 3 days of receiving it. Happens every month and now its’ worse cuz of that hospital bill. It’s life. Anyways it was really busy today, since it has been dead all week they all come on a Friday. Oh I went to youth group. That was interesting, Maybe it would be best if I keep all my thoughts to myself. OOOO hate me is on, I love that song. It makes a lot of sense if your life sucks, and mine does, or has been lately, lol. As I was saying…. I tend to question a lot of things and when you don’t have a good enough answer to back up your beliefs I don’t see the point of preaching it to others. I have fun though. Rob is one to actually go into it with me but his wife Cassandra gets all touchy and says “ If you know it’s bad it’s your guilty conscious telling you that you sinned so ask god for forgiveness because you didn’t follow the bible ” yet she disobeyed it too, somehow there is a lil loop hole just for her cuz she “knew it was wrong”. That is ok, I can’t judge anyone for their beliefs… I guess.
We talked about enemies and stuff. I don’t get how people try so hard to ruin another persons’ life, basically just cuz theirs sucks, lol. But really, I know what you’re doing and so does GOD!!! Ha aha. I think what is best for me is to just ignore everything that bothers me.. things that are negative and just let things be, they will all fall in place, I’m a true believer that everything happens for a reason, even unexpected things.
I looked up at the stars when I got home and all I could think about were old memories and how much my life and things have changed so much. It makes me kinda sad. Just a year ago the stars meant everything, everything. I’ve grown and learned to know not to believe in anything with such passion anymore.
As or yesterday I have chosen to stay from someone for a really long time…. Ah I just learned I can’t rely on things I once thought anymore. And with all this is going on right now, maybe this is best. I just don’t know what to do but distant myself at such a stressful time. What you said was hurtful and I really meant what I said, except for all the times I said I was sorry, cuz you know what…. I didn’t really mean it. And I know you didn’t either.
Tomorrow is Oktober fest, I dunno if I wanna go or if it would be fun. Also cu band day is mannana too and I wanna see central march, but it would be a really long day and I don’t know if I’m up to it yet. We’ll see in the morning. I’m gonna get some juice and then try to go to sleep which I’ve been having a hard time lately. Well till the sun rises once again. Oh and Micheal, I love you.
Nighty night.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

What a slut

Ok ok there is this song that has brought much contreversy to me and my friends, that one hinder song, lips of an angel. So lets bring it out to the open shall we.. That biotch that keeps calling him all late is a hoe! lol but really and that dude is an ass for trying to be all secretive about it. So the song goes that she calls him all late and he is all whispering... my girls in the next room sometimes i wish it was you... guess we never really moved along. Um correction.. me and vange so belive that if he hasn't move on.. why the hell is he with his "gurl" hello? And this dumb slut who is trying to jack up their relationship is prolly eating every single word he is tellin her, so you think if he loved you he would break up with his chick for ya? sure he would. Funny thing is that when he is all done talking to this stalker he hangs up and goes and prolly gets laid by his Girlfriend. This is a really good song don't get me wrong, cuz i like it and all but if this is your song, jam or life story... You are a slut!... Sorry Erick

Moving on. I didn't go to comp class yesterday.. surprise there, lol. I got talked into going to the movies instead and watching fly boys.I knocked out cold last night at micheal's, didn't go home, then my mom was upset in the morning, oopps! oh well. MMMM I love watermelon! ( I'm eating some now ) I can't wait for halloween, we are gonna have party at my casa and I get to dress up for work... usually they wouldn't let us cuz it is a credit union. Oh and i went to the store and bought some cute lil scrapbooking stuff. I'm all excited, I'm a tard. lol. Earlier arizbe called and I guess we gonna go lunch tommorrow despite me being mad at her. Dunno if I should tell her that I know what she said to mom or debbie. I guess I'll have to think about it. Part of me wonders what she wants since she called me lol. it's mean i know. I'm gonna go mimi's soon cuz I have class in da morning.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Track star

I'm here in the game room in school... Done with class and thought I would update, although there must be a sign that i shouldn'y cuz it took me forever to log on, some redirecting thingy.. dunno. I guess i should start with last week, sucked, lol. Damn my whole life sucks!!! stacy asked how my vida was, lets just say it's going in the crap hole. I haven't done much and that may be the problem, lol. my fault. Hmm last weekend I um um oh yeah went shopping and bought stuff from like every store and spent alota money i don't have, but who cares it made me feel great at the time. Oh and I went bowling, That was fun, but i could have sworn i was better before... who cares i still kicked jose's ass! Micheal and I stayed at the heritage inn on account of our "anniversary" ah lol. It was really cool it was the ceasars court thing and there was an awesome hot tub, that i wish i had in my casa ( ours is all jacked and is now in the corner of our back yard, just pretend it isn't there) YUP that was fun! there were all these huge marble pilars, uh i think they were plastic, those cheapos. The chili cheese fries were yummy, i know you wanna go again.
Had school all week, except for I haven't been going to my one night class, english comp.. kinda regret i actually have a night class. it's not hard, it's just hard to go to it after being at work then micheal's house then to have to leave again.. sux! But I will so go tonight no if ands or but.. s : )
I had like an effing breakdown moment, like hello, I'm so stressed. mostly school, not getting things done and then the test.. the hiddious tests, but i passes that is all that matters. Oh and things with my mommy are getting better, I love her sooooo much and i think I forget that somethimes, and maybe i put alot of things of, not just school but family. I don't know what the hell riz's problem is.. but she is being a bitch. long story short, she's mean, she is my big sis and is all jealous , sad huh. but her and mom are mad at each other i guess so she takes it out on me. I talked to regina last week, i feels real bad for her at times but then again you gotta learn from your mistakes. Life lesson for all. Jose is back he went to texas and came back a "man" he he , now he is an adult, the big 18. but he still didn't get the mexican cheese and mommy is pissed.. I know you know that thought i would just rub it in, cuz you know how i'm good at that. lol. I promise will go buy lotto tickets, the scratchy ones those are fun! went to see jackass 2 after work. funny funny stuff. Sad how we are entrtained by other peoples stupidity and pain. Took a long nap with micheal after eating chicken wings and pickles, sounds all sick, eww, I didn't eat them together but it was really good. Me and erick went to a chucky cheese cast party lame!!! then he hung with gabe and lori after he got off... without me, jerk face. But i got to see jose, and my second mommy. Ha I have like 7 mommies. they all love me, what can i say. Well i'm gonna go and eat with my love.. laters

ps. I'm working on this neat paper i'll have to post my draft of it some day it's way intresting and insightfull. ha what i write insightfull, hell ya!

pss. My mom got a tredmill, funny, it's all high tech. I likes.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Catch a shooting star

And put it in your pocket never let it fade away.... O likes that song, SOOO It is saturday noche and I am here with meche.. that is mercedes, mike's lil sister... she so cute. Ah and she even ran up to me on thursday here b-day and was all like... I love you. HOW SWEET!! K movin along, I noticed I forgot a few things last blog.. LIKE the yellowcard concert!! Man that soooo rocked, they were all great, I almost passed out from heat and I punched some guy in the face a few times, it was cute how after that micheal tried to protect me and was all apologizing to da guy, lol. He so deserved it! Um... I had alot more on my mind before i wrote this... oh weellss. Lets seee, like I have no idea what my home looks like anymore, or my mom, lol jk. but the past few days ( 3 ) I have been sleeping over at my baby's house, oh and we went to the rockies game last night, that was fun. Oh and I has LOTSA fun last night, wink wink... he he ha. Well the thingy was that we have kinda beens having a bit of some technical dificulties... then we decided a break would be good, so it happened then... Micheal realized how shitty life is without me, eventhough we still hung out like 24 / 7 the 2 days we were on this break.. lol. you knows you life shitty, jk I love you. So now things are just the way they were. I find it hard to belive how pathetic some people in this world can really be... Come on now and get a life.. or should I say continue with your own instead of being latched on to mine!!! OH and mind your own damn business and don't talk shit... cuz you will not get what you want... even if you lie about it. Sorry.
Ah my phone broke... yea It fell in the toilet at fernando's casa, and let me assure you it was clean when it did thanks god cuz if not I would have not gotten it. but it worked for a bit so if you got a call from me and then never heard from me again, don't worry I'm still alive. I know snack was worried lol. School is great actually I got an a on my math test already Yay! They are good classes and the teachers like me, so it all gravys. (sighs) I'm gonna get off now so I can go cuddle with my honey now, Hasta la vista.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Back to basics

IT is time again for another post, if you can't tell I have been lost in my own little world of things that may not exactly involve posting... If that made any sense. A whole lot of forevers have gone by, good thing I have a great memory. Except for I can't remember when the last time I wrote..? I'm just gonna start off with July, sounds good. MY BIRTHDAY!!! oh and MY HONEY'S BIRTHDAY too, Good times.. It was fun, nothing beats Mcdonalds and Outback, oh and Olive garden then Taco bell. Ha ha.. memories. Anyways, my mom and sis had their b day too, I like embarassing riz, that's fun. Although there is one thing that Micheal and I forgot to do, and that was go to walmart at 3 in the morning and buy some cake and milkies and go eat it outside on OUR bench. Hello it's been tradition since like last year, lol. Just wait till its like 37th annual uh... cake thingy. I don't remember anything else, so on to august. WEll I'm now a college girl, yes yes, go on and tell your friends how cool you are because you have a college friend lol.
I'n not sure if I like it... Not too time consuming, sad for ME to say. I'll get over it once it gets going and hard. Oh and I am happy to say that I'm not slow, YAY!!! I'm in real college courses thanks to my intellegence, also known as my babe. That's right no remedial classes for me, just brains, I think : ) Me and mikey are gonna be together for a year next month, cute huh, I know. Funny to think of all that has happened since last July like when we became inseparable. Deep in starbucks and lawbreaking activites, those were the days when he was nice, lol. HA remember when I kept answering my phone at walrus, and you like hated me but only for a bit cuz you were like in like like with me? I DO!!! OOO and when we went fridge and dryer looking, that was way cute, awe then I hads to go to mexico, when I was supposed to stay here with you but My dad was like NO WAY Just cuz of you, lol. Ah well I gotta go now the library is closing.
buh byes

Saturday, May 13, 2006

I'm god's gift to Earf :D

Yo and halo again. It's saturday. I'm Hot!! No really like warm hot. I just got out of tanning, ah and now I'm a lil warm. I'm staring up my tan so when me and mikey go to water world or eliches or something like that, Cuz I guess I'm really white, way white. Why do you think I wear hose with my skirts? lol. Ks well Hmm and update of my vida, all is well now I suppose. Let's just say i recived alot of information in the past few days that has thrown things off a bit. Just maybe like this whole month has been like this. I keep alot of things to myself till it's way too much. And then when it comes out it's terrible. I think my best bet is to start writting again, I haven't done it in a long time, it would do me some good. Effing Regina makes me mad sometimes but I learned that I can't hate everyone cuz they are dumb... just most people, he he he. Tommorow is mom's day, and my mom wants a treadmill, yup i know i know uh why? beats me so I think I'm gonna give her money or take her shopping, cuz you know how I'm loaded, jk. OOOOOO I cannot belive I almost forgot that I know have ONE job. well at least for now. And I feel so much better! YAY go me! it was hard but working that much and not doing what you like is really hard. Now that I have alot of time to myself i wanna start sewing again, i still haven't taken my new sewing machine out of the box. Oh and I'll try to work on that good luck carebear latch hooking set Micheal gave me for Christmas. It's way cute, well the part i have done so far. The Credit union is Fun I likes it lots. Mike says I'm very carrer based, yup yup yup cuz looksies I'm 18 have a job at a bank, was a manager at McDonalds, sad i know lol. I just need to stop rocking at everything I do, lol. Ya uh do I have an Ego much? He he I saw Mr. Azari my old orchestra teacher, along with his wife who was my band teacher, he asked if I was gonna continue to play my violin or the clarinet anymore. Um, I'm now a lil rusty so I was like I'm not sure. But he insists on me to continue, after all I was First Violin. I did promise Mr davis I would join the band over seas. Next year they are going to bulgaria, fun huh. So better save up. Ok I'm sleepy now so I'm gonna take a nap, those a nice. Peace

Saturday, April 22, 2006

D diminishing Triad

Hello again, it's me. I know you missed me, lol. ah, I just haven't updated this in forever, I guess my best excuse is that I have no time, and i bet your thinking how can you not have any time, shall i explain. I have two jobs now. I work at a bank and at walmart. It's alot now, and maybe i've been really frusterated latley, maybe to much stress, and today did so not help. I suppose i can do a mini updated of my vida. I started dating micheal in september after i got back back from mexico. we finaly did meet before he left to mexico and ohio. then i guess after he came back we were inseperable, and still are. we saw and still do see each other everyday. uh... me and all my high school friends are kinda distant except for my lil brothers, and now it's even harder cuz i'm working so much. Micheal left to texas and cali during christmas that was hard, way hard and then when he came back we declared our love for each other, sweet huh. since then uh, let me think..... oh me and regina were best frineds and then we stopped talking cuz she got physco, and me no like that. but then we started talking again, and things are back to normal. that sums it all up, cuz if i write anything else i'll proly hear about it later on another site or something, cuz people are nosy. Ah ha I really remember what i wanted to talk about, my little title. If your lame you prolly don't get it, ha ha and if you get it hurray. A d diminishing triad is a scale. best to describe how i feel as of this very moment. E G and Bb . E is low and then it gets high all da way to b flat, then if you do it like the trio, it hits low once again to e. sigh, kinda sad. This moring was blah, just blah. I went to this place I had to go to, just to find the effing closed sign. oh well now that I think about it, maybe it's best I just stop getting that, i don't need it anyways. I also went to target, and found no shoes, that's what i went for, some grey shoes, and didn't find any at payless either. Then i get home, my parents are still not home. Joser asks me to come over, he wanna talk to me, and then i see shit on the computer and then I see EVENMORE SHIT that just pisses me off. Now I'm super duper nice, that is till you piss me off. And it is the same shit everytime. It goes away then comes back, oh wait it never really goes away i'm just told that. I know I'm not like most girls, and that is why i'm awesome, lol but i still am one and some of the same things still make me mad. It's not fair to take advantage of that and make exceptions. But i's ok i'm over it. already, see how fast. My dad was talking to me the other day, he was saying something that i really wasn't paying attention to. I do remember that he did say something about my choices, that one day based on all the things i do or say i will most likley regret it. That must be why i never say anything when i'm upset, i know i will regret what i say. Thinking on this, i told him, I will never regret any decisions or actions that i do. Cuz i'm a thinker. No one is perfect however, and i know i so am not, today it dawned on me to think of all the things i did or ever have doubts on, and i am a poor decision maker. I've been told so. I can't even decide what i want at village inn. My mom thinks i need to have my priorities strait, and It's true. Which calls for some drastic decisions, which i so hate! I would get into this deeper, but i'm tired and i wanna go mimi's. laters, and hopefully not forevers laters. cuz that's a long time.