Friday, December 01, 2006

Flouresent Flickering

It's Friday.. yay. I don't dread the week i just like the weekend : ) I'm with my sister and she decided to clean so I will hang out here.. Ah and as much as i would love to pour myself onto these keys I will have to hold back... well at least a lil. lol. Where shall I begin. It has been soooo long. I have just been so busy. Since october, well... halloween was fun, cooooold, but fun. Christy and i were kittys at work. Everyone loved my lashes. Lol. We took meche trick o treatin and she got lots of candy. She was a lil vampire and it was fun to paint her face, lol. Oh and the blood, ewww!! Crazy how november just went by and i don't remember a thing... WEll not things I wanna say lol.
I started selling Avon!!! I love that stuff it is sooo adicting and I get it for cheaps. So if you need an avon lady... here i is. I guess i have been doing well, lol. I do it all at last minute.
I've been working a lot or so it seems. I love it though. I do enjoy my job. Thank god! This weekend us girls will be having a year end party.. should be fun it will be at debbie's not far from jose, so if i aint sober i guess i will go there, lol.
Oh thanksgiving was lota fun. WEll most of it, My dad was bein really mean to me as always but i got over it.. Me and riz had to run to walmart and try and get some bread and some pumpkin pies and they were out, cold! crazy, so we got frozen ones that my mom bitched about lol. And then we all ate, Me and riz got all tipsy and then Erick came over and we went to jose's casa and then we went over to mike's and we all hung out and did some "FUN" stuff lol. I love you guys. Oh and peace and luv to yall who couldn't have your family and friends with ya cuz that must have sucked. Your mom will be here next year, and on the bright side, if she wasn't gone... we would have never had that fun party!
Latley I have been having a minor case of isomnia. I just can't sleep. I guess the power had went out and my clock was all blinking most the night. I finally fixed it but i decided to lesve the time an hour ahead. I love the feelin of waking up to 10:00 and be like oh shit i have to get up, and then know .. oh it's really only 9:00 : )
I had a lil shoppin spree on myself the other day, I know i shouldn't have.. but i did and damn it felt goooood! I love clothes. Ha when I was in high school I thought for a while that i wanted to design clothes, and I even has lil sketches cuz I'm gay... ha and I do know how to sew, like really really well and I know all kinds of fabric and all the knits, threads and stiches, lol. I Guess I'm just torn on my whole life decision right now. sad i know. I'm way young and i don't have to have it all figured out, but i stress over it! I know I'm better of than most like already being that I'm so young but i feel like just maybe i need that self assurance that I won't end up a bum, lol.
And we all know I no wanna be a bum!!!
Ah well I gotta go cuz we are gonna return some movies and thens i gotta go see my honey.

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