Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Fa la la la la?

Hey yall!
hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I had fun with my crazy family for the most part and was around the people i love which is the best part! We made tamales, mmm they came out really yummy! We had like 4 x mas dinners, it's ok they all rocked! Very fortunate this year! I will nover forget the faces of my nephews face when they got their gifts, so sweet. I wish there could have been a few that I would have shared the holiday joy with but we aren't exactly talking at this moment. SAD :( But it's all over now and we can stop rippin our hairs out, and relax and just wait for the new year.. FUN!!!

I'm at home, was about to make a payment on my Kohls card but I kinda got distracted. I have a week to get things done but I can't bring myself to do much. Case of the lazies! Tomorrow I think we are heading to Longmont to pick up my entertainment center. I have to wait for Ari's truck. Then I have to make apps to see apartments and start washing and packing all the crap I don't want. I hate this part, Packing is sooo not my thing. I wanted to get so scraping done but the lil devils... I mean kids :) broke my paper cutter thing and heaven forbid I have no so strait lines, I'm gonna wait till I get a new one. Plus I still need stamps. I think I wanna go to Michaels and maybe find another album. I made this really cute one for abby on x mas, kind of like a last minute idea I got right before I wrapped the album. I think she really liked it, and now I want one of my own. I need Pics!

OOOHHH! I got this book from mike on photography, so sweet! I can't wait to get to that too, and then I can't wait any longer, I'm gonna buy my camera!!!! I just have to budget for it and then after the numbers for moving, it's so mine! YAY!!!!

ok well I have to make that payment and then separate my clothes and actually do stuff!!!! I will let you know how it all goes down. Have a super week! xoxo

Thursday, December 20, 2007


I bring this up because Mike seems to think that the best way to describe my nail tips is they are Jaundice. When Clearly, they are silver! Bugs me looking at them type away and think "Really?" Half tempted to change them when I get home.

Anywhooo.. I must admit I have not done anything I was supposed to do today. I am so close to vacation and I must have embedded somewhere in my mind that it has already started. Tomorrow I will be scrambling to get it all done... I leave at 2, so it should be pretty interesting. I have 12 days to sit on my butt and do "not much". I do have plans to clean and pack alot of the things I don't use or throw away the things I really don't use. I'm so excited!

On other notes. We are going to make Tamales for Christmas.. I don't like making tamales. the only way I know how to make them and the only way my mom would let us make them is by using a spoon like old fashioned mexicans. This is so difficult. We never really even make these for the holidays, but my brother wants them and we all know he always gets what he wants. :)
I'm not ready for christmas this year, I still need 4 gifts. We had some last minute visitors come in, I'm nervous to tell you the truth! Just like when I met Mike's brothers for the first time, took him like 20 min to get me to walk through the door. I guess I'm shy when it comes to that. Jared is trying to google me.. if you suceed, then you win a prize!!!! a HIGH FIVE!!!! WOOT!

I work late tonight and then I'm off to wally world. My inital plan was to go to spinning class, but then the lazy over came me and I would much rather bump into hundreds of people who like to do last minute holiday shopping. yay...

Ok well I'm going to fill out a request for transfer now.. again!! It's worth a shot. Wish me LUCK!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Object to post 7 random things about me.
I think you all know me pretty well so this may be a bit difficult. I'll try my best :)

7. I love the way the sticky side of tape or stickers feel, I could peel my fingers off of it all day if I could... and if the sticky would last.

6. I'm a concert junkie. I love love going to any music thing, as long as I like the tunes :) Oh and I have to get a shirt when I go, or else I'm a fussy muffin.

5. I am a cover thief. I try my ever so hardest to share but then some how I end up with the whole blanky. Sorries honey!!

4. I don't like Jello or vanilla pudding. ugh just the thought of it makes me quiver!! However I want to make some jello jigglers with these new cookie cutters I got, I dunno who will eat them.

3. When I was a kid I fell on my face and split my tongue, not in half but it was pretty bad... you can kinda see where the stitches were once.

2. I don't like ranch on my salad but I like to eat it with other things. It has to be good ranch cuz some brands are icky!

1. I'm really afraid to just go and do things or make big decisions on my own. I always feel it necessary to get someones approval. I wish I didn't but it's a sort of comfort thing, I want to make sure I don't fail at anything or run into problems.

As far as my personal life,all is going really well and I am so in love. It's all looking up and I'm very grateful for everyone in my life. My friends, My family and of course my Sweetie. Without them, life would be oh so crazy!! Love you all!

Remember Everything happens for a reason.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

There is snow place like home...

And snowing it is. Just as soon as we thought it had died down a bit, there it goes again. I hate driving in the snow! Ever since the big ol' blizzard of '06 I have a total phobia of getting stuck again. Oscar ( my car) Just got new tires like a month or so ago, that should help... I dunno if we can take it again!! lol. I'm a lil dramatic.. : P

I have cool news!!! Well I guess it's just cool to me... I lost 2 1/2 to 3 pounds now!!! I say that because I'm not really sure, lol. silly I know. It's because I always use a different scale, I used mike's last night and according to his, it's 3. The one I used for my initial weigh in... it would be 2 1/2... Get it? Yup so I'm stoked! You would think that would be motivation enough to keep me from getting a caramel machiato this morning, but ah you are wrong. Plus I keep eyeing The burger king on the corner of the street. It's walking distance so I don't have to drive in the snow... doesn't the walking count?? No?? Oh...

I talked to my mom yesterday, not like I don't talk to her everyday but I told her what I wanted for Christmas and what I wanted to do with my extra Cancun money. According to her, I'm selfish. It's true but why can't I be? I do have goals and she thinks I should focus on them before I splurge and get what I really want. Which brings me back to my class of Wants and Needs. I have to teach kids that and I basically suck at it :) My classes start again in January! I'm excited! I love kids and I have the same teachers this year. Plus for the Fundraiser I think I'm going to be a captain of our bowling team. I have never been captain but Riz thinks I can do it then I guess she is right!

Is it 5 Yet? I Can't wait to go home and put on some warm pj's and sit in my Mikey's arms. Today Is Vangie's surprise birthday party so it may be a while before I get to really go home. It's a thought though.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Car RamRod

yo and hello!

I'm at work and let me tell ya... I was so close to callin in. Mixture of lazy, sickies and so comfy in Mike's arms. I think it may be just this week. Dunno. The interweb went down for a bit. I nearly died. Or so it felt like it. I have a new habit each and everyday.
Sign on to the bank's thingy mabob.
Turn on my phone.
Check my e-mails.
Look on MSN for any good stories.
Check the horoscope.. can't forget that now.
Look at Liz's scrapbooking blog. Ps. I love her songs!!
Look a few at photo blogs that make me wish I had my dream camera.
Look for worthy sales and coupon codes.
Surf I guess with the ocasional translation look ups for overdrawn notices.

Yep... I should be fired, jk. Hey I get my work done, and especial when proxy error pops up, I got 4 thigs of my to do list done. I think I get so tired of all the repetative things I do. I'll live.

Last night was way fun! I was there so much earlier than the other girls, I hate that, mostly because I can't stand to be late to certain things. I brought a gift card to the movies for the gift exchange and we did a white elephant type thing... I got this way cute snow man candle and matching stand with a mini red candle and this super cute snow man plate thingy. I think it would look great on the landing strip that we decorated with pretty x mas flowers in my red vase. I think if we reallly tried hard it would all look alot better. I should put that on our to do list for the weekend along with laundry. I didn't want to stay home this weekend but it seems like that may be the case.

I got some pages done last night. I won't say that they are full ones. I forgot my pictures at home so I improvised. Went to hobby lobby and got tons of paper, I'm excited! Micheal's desk is quite useful, they turned out really nice. It's hard to judge without the pics but I'll try to work those in.Tonight is scrapbooking night. I have so many ideas, I was thinking maybe I should sketch so I can get an idea placement but it comes so natural, its that flow.

Oh and when I get home, I'm so turning on super troopers with a bowl of popcorn! ye- yeah!

It's about lunch time, Riz went to the post office, she needs to get her passport for Cancun. she left without telling me.. so Mike and I are gonna grub somewhere yummy :) byes!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

All I want for Christmas

Good afternoon! It's apears it's about to get pretty gloomy soon. I thought about asking to go home early today... hey what can I say I'm a bit lazy today.

I had a wonderful morning. Mike and I got up really well and surprise surprise, I wasn't a grouch. I love morings like that. I had a staff meeting and had to be at work by 7. Plus it helps when stop lights are in my favor. This morning we even got a bonus! woo hoo!! It was less than I expected but there I go assuming again. Last year it was a thousand and this year it was five hundred. I had plans for all that ya know... I'm not complaining. That uncle sam sure likes his share. I swear I need to have kids. Mike, lets get to that :D

Tonight we are all joining forces, all our buddies and when I say our, I mean Rizzy's and I's friend. Ha lookie that, it was cute! anyways we are gonna have dinner and do a mini gift exchange while we all catch up. Sounds Great!

After work I wanted to run to Hobby Lobby, fyi, scrapbooking items are 50% off. I think I may just spend my whole bonus there. Restrain meself no? Na!!! I do what I wanna :) I may even go during lunch.. I brought soup, mmm.
Looking up... Micheal and I decided to wait on Cancun. going with Riz and the kids seems like a total reduction of alone time, plus all the worries of the wedding.... Blah! In result we are going someother time, alone and loaded.. and hopefully sometime in the near future. saving has been so hard on us both. Since we ain't going we have this idea of blowing the money we do have to spend it on what we really want, the trip and our "wants" are around the same price.. Sucks huh. Anyways, I want a new camera sooooooooo bad. Like the one that I really really want. I realize I sound like a baby.. My bad. I just have so many ideas... ah, I can wait, I guess. We also made lists to make our lives easier instead of thining the other wants something and in reality they really don't.. yeah, we be smart.
Moving.. I want to so bad. Looks like it may be closer than I thought, maybe, the plan was after cancun.. if we weren't broke, ha ha. Maybe I will still aim for march.

Healthy update: I lost a pound and a half.. in lenght it seems like nothing but I'm really proud of myself. Considering how bad I did a few weeks of the 4 or so. Last night I dragged Micheal and Cassie to the gym, it was pretty fun.. Can't wait till basketball starts :)

The sun looks like it's peaking through, what do ya know.. Laters