Tuesday, December 11, 2007

There is snow place like home...

And snowing it is. Just as soon as we thought it had died down a bit, there it goes again. I hate driving in the snow! Ever since the big ol' blizzard of '06 I have a total phobia of getting stuck again. Oscar ( my car) Just got new tires like a month or so ago, that should help... I dunno if we can take it again!! lol. I'm a lil dramatic.. : P

I have cool news!!! Well I guess it's just cool to me... I lost 2 1/2 to 3 pounds now!!! I say that because I'm not really sure, lol. silly I know. It's because I always use a different scale, I used mike's last night and according to his, it's 3. The one I used for my initial weigh in... it would be 2 1/2... Get it? Yup so I'm stoked! You would think that would be motivation enough to keep me from getting a caramel machiato this morning, but ah you are wrong. Plus I keep eyeing The burger king on the corner of the street. It's walking distance so I don't have to drive in the snow... doesn't the walking count?? No?? Oh...

I talked to my mom yesterday, not like I don't talk to her everyday but I told her what I wanted for Christmas and what I wanted to do with my extra Cancun money. According to her, I'm selfish. It's true but why can't I be? I do have goals and she thinks I should focus on them before I splurge and get what I really want. Which brings me back to my class of Wants and Needs. I have to teach kids that and I basically suck at it :) My classes start again in January! I'm excited! I love kids and I have the same teachers this year. Plus for the Fundraiser I think I'm going to be a captain of our bowling team. I have never been captain but Riz thinks I can do it then I guess she is right!

Is it 5 Yet? I Can't wait to go home and put on some warm pj's and sit in my Mikey's arms. Today Is Vangie's surprise birthday party so it may be a while before I get to really go home. It's a thought though.

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