Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Fa la la la la?

Hey yall!
hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I had fun with my crazy family for the most part and was around the people i love which is the best part! We made tamales, mmm they came out really yummy! We had like 4 x mas dinners, it's ok they all rocked! Very fortunate this year! I will nover forget the faces of my nephews face when they got their gifts, so sweet. I wish there could have been a few that I would have shared the holiday joy with but we aren't exactly talking at this moment. SAD :( But it's all over now and we can stop rippin our hairs out, and relax and just wait for the new year.. FUN!!!

I'm at home, was about to make a payment on my Kohls card but I kinda got distracted. I have a week to get things done but I can't bring myself to do much. Case of the lazies! Tomorrow I think we are heading to Longmont to pick up my entertainment center. I have to wait for Ari's truck. Then I have to make apps to see apartments and start washing and packing all the crap I don't want. I hate this part, Packing is sooo not my thing. I wanted to get so scraping done but the lil devils... I mean kids :) broke my paper cutter thing and heaven forbid I have no so strait lines, I'm gonna wait till I get a new one. Plus I still need stamps. I think I wanna go to Michaels and maybe find another album. I made this really cute one for abby on x mas, kind of like a last minute idea I got right before I wrapped the album. I think she really liked it, and now I want one of my own. I need Pics!

OOOHHH! I got this book from mike on photography, so sweet! I can't wait to get to that too, and then I can't wait any longer, I'm gonna buy my camera!!!! I just have to budget for it and then after the numbers for moving, it's so mine! YAY!!!!

ok well I have to make that payment and then separate my clothes and actually do stuff!!!! I will let you know how it all goes down. Have a super week! xoxo

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