Thursday, December 06, 2007

Car RamRod

yo and hello!

I'm at work and let me tell ya... I was so close to callin in. Mixture of lazy, sickies and so comfy in Mike's arms. I think it may be just this week. Dunno. The interweb went down for a bit. I nearly died. Or so it felt like it. I have a new habit each and everyday.
Sign on to the bank's thingy mabob.
Turn on my phone.
Check my e-mails.
Look on MSN for any good stories.
Check the horoscope.. can't forget that now.
Look at Liz's scrapbooking blog. Ps. I love her songs!!
Look a few at photo blogs that make me wish I had my dream camera.
Look for worthy sales and coupon codes.
Surf I guess with the ocasional translation look ups for overdrawn notices.

Yep... I should be fired, jk. Hey I get my work done, and especial when proxy error pops up, I got 4 thigs of my to do list done. I think I get so tired of all the repetative things I do. I'll live.

Last night was way fun! I was there so much earlier than the other girls, I hate that, mostly because I can't stand to be late to certain things. I brought a gift card to the movies for the gift exchange and we did a white elephant type thing... I got this way cute snow man candle and matching stand with a mini red candle and this super cute snow man plate thingy. I think it would look great on the landing strip that we decorated with pretty x mas flowers in my red vase. I think if we reallly tried hard it would all look alot better. I should put that on our to do list for the weekend along with laundry. I didn't want to stay home this weekend but it seems like that may be the case.

I got some pages done last night. I won't say that they are full ones. I forgot my pictures at home so I improvised. Went to hobby lobby and got tons of paper, I'm excited! Micheal's desk is quite useful, they turned out really nice. It's hard to judge without the pics but I'll try to work those in.Tonight is scrapbooking night. I have so many ideas, I was thinking maybe I should sketch so I can get an idea placement but it comes so natural, its that flow.

Oh and when I get home, I'm so turning on super troopers with a bowl of popcorn! ye- yeah!

It's about lunch time, Riz went to the post office, she needs to get her passport for Cancun. she left without telling me.. so Mike and I are gonna grub somewhere yummy :) byes!

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