Wednesday, December 05, 2007

All I want for Christmas

Good afternoon! It's apears it's about to get pretty gloomy soon. I thought about asking to go home early today... hey what can I say I'm a bit lazy today.

I had a wonderful morning. Mike and I got up really well and surprise surprise, I wasn't a grouch. I love morings like that. I had a staff meeting and had to be at work by 7. Plus it helps when stop lights are in my favor. This morning we even got a bonus! woo hoo!! It was less than I expected but there I go assuming again. Last year it was a thousand and this year it was five hundred. I had plans for all that ya know... I'm not complaining. That uncle sam sure likes his share. I swear I need to have kids. Mike, lets get to that :D

Tonight we are all joining forces, all our buddies and when I say our, I mean Rizzy's and I's friend. Ha lookie that, it was cute! anyways we are gonna have dinner and do a mini gift exchange while we all catch up. Sounds Great!

After work I wanted to run to Hobby Lobby, fyi, scrapbooking items are 50% off. I think I may just spend my whole bonus there. Restrain meself no? Na!!! I do what I wanna :) I may even go during lunch.. I brought soup, mmm.
Looking up... Micheal and I decided to wait on Cancun. going with Riz and the kids seems like a total reduction of alone time, plus all the worries of the wedding.... Blah! In result we are going someother time, alone and loaded.. and hopefully sometime in the near future. saving has been so hard on us both. Since we ain't going we have this idea of blowing the money we do have to spend it on what we really want, the trip and our "wants" are around the same price.. Sucks huh. Anyways, I want a new camera sooooooooo bad. Like the one that I really really want. I realize I sound like a baby.. My bad. I just have so many ideas... ah, I can wait, I guess. We also made lists to make our lives easier instead of thining the other wants something and in reality they really don't.. yeah, we be smart.
Moving.. I want to so bad. Looks like it may be closer than I thought, maybe, the plan was after cancun.. if we weren't broke, ha ha. Maybe I will still aim for march.

Healthy update: I lost a pound and a half.. in lenght it seems like nothing but I'm really proud of myself. Considering how bad I did a few weeks of the 4 or so. Last night I dragged Micheal and Cassie to the gym, it was pretty fun.. Can't wait till basketball starts :)

The sun looks like it's peaking through, what do ya know.. Laters

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