Thursday, December 13, 2007


Object to post 7 random things about me.
I think you all know me pretty well so this may be a bit difficult. I'll try my best :)

7. I love the way the sticky side of tape or stickers feel, I could peel my fingers off of it all day if I could... and if the sticky would last.

6. I'm a concert junkie. I love love going to any music thing, as long as I like the tunes :) Oh and I have to get a shirt when I go, or else I'm a fussy muffin.

5. I am a cover thief. I try my ever so hardest to share but then some how I end up with the whole blanky. Sorries honey!!

4. I don't like Jello or vanilla pudding. ugh just the thought of it makes me quiver!! However I want to make some jello jigglers with these new cookie cutters I got, I dunno who will eat them.

3. When I was a kid I fell on my face and split my tongue, not in half but it was pretty bad... you can kinda see where the stitches were once.

2. I don't like ranch on my salad but I like to eat it with other things. It has to be good ranch cuz some brands are icky!

1. I'm really afraid to just go and do things or make big decisions on my own. I always feel it necessary to get someones approval. I wish I didn't but it's a sort of comfort thing, I want to make sure I don't fail at anything or run into problems.

As far as my personal life,all is going really well and I am so in love. It's all looking up and I'm very grateful for everyone in my life. My friends, My family and of course my Sweetie. Without them, life would be oh so crazy!! Love you all!

Remember Everything happens for a reason.

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