Thursday, December 20, 2007


I bring this up because Mike seems to think that the best way to describe my nail tips is they are Jaundice. When Clearly, they are silver! Bugs me looking at them type away and think "Really?" Half tempted to change them when I get home.

Anywhooo.. I must admit I have not done anything I was supposed to do today. I am so close to vacation and I must have embedded somewhere in my mind that it has already started. Tomorrow I will be scrambling to get it all done... I leave at 2, so it should be pretty interesting. I have 12 days to sit on my butt and do "not much". I do have plans to clean and pack alot of the things I don't use or throw away the things I really don't use. I'm so excited!

On other notes. We are going to make Tamales for Christmas.. I don't like making tamales. the only way I know how to make them and the only way my mom would let us make them is by using a spoon like old fashioned mexicans. This is so difficult. We never really even make these for the holidays, but my brother wants them and we all know he always gets what he wants. :)
I'm not ready for christmas this year, I still need 4 gifts. We had some last minute visitors come in, I'm nervous to tell you the truth! Just like when I met Mike's brothers for the first time, took him like 20 min to get me to walk through the door. I guess I'm shy when it comes to that. Jared is trying to google me.. if you suceed, then you win a prize!!!! a HIGH FIVE!!!! WOOT!

I work late tonight and then I'm off to wally world. My inital plan was to go to spinning class, but then the lazy over came me and I would much rather bump into hundreds of people who like to do last minute holiday shopping. yay...

Ok well I'm going to fill out a request for transfer now.. again!! It's worth a shot. Wish me LUCK!!

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jrocson said...

hello fellow blogger friend how is your morning going.... told ya ide blog wit ya. I am a tad confused on what the purpose of a blog is if you would like to fill me in