Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Pint

Of haggen daz to mend a broken heart.
Well I wouldn't say broken but I will say hurt. I've been in a sorta crudy mood and I think it's cuz I'm been pissy and pretty bummed. Can you blame me, like no! so after I work out tonight I want to go buy some icecream, super creamy double churned butter pecan ice cream that has 1/3 less the calories than the other stuff, remember I'm on a health speal here. And watch america's next top model. that outta cheer me up.

Lastnight Mike and I got into a disagreement over the same old crap. Wouldn't you think that if it has always caused problems then maybe it should get taken care of. I do. I guess it can't be taken care of the way I would like them to be. Whatever. To be honest I am so tired of arguing and fighting and I'm to the point where I want it all to be over, no matter what it takes or what the results lead to. Drastic? a bit.

Like I hate thinking and we all know when I get to thinkin it leads to no good. I know your sorry for everything that has happened, but how do you expect me to forget it all and not think that you may do it again? You have lied and lied and promised the effin world to me and all that means nothing to me anymore. I can only try and pretend to belive you for so long. You paid dues... How? I forgave you for everything, how is that paying dues... I know you know what you did but are you really sorry for it? Defend her all you want, I don't care. It means nothing to me. I hate how I get screwed over and I have to be the one that has to settle with whatever it is that pisses me off most and deal because I'm with you, and want to stay with you. Not anymore. I shouldn't have to and I won't. I was so afraid of falling in love again due to fear that I would totally get my heart broken again. Saying I love you again was sooo hard. And to feel the way I did, not worth it. It didn't feel like you meant it. But your notorious for saying you love someone and you really don't. It's up to you, I know we need to talk but I will let you know that I'm not budging and I am surley not going to put up with lies. At the same time I feel so torn, I should get over it, afterall, I always do right. I can't begin to tell you how hard it was to sleep without you last night. I didn't get the before bedtime kisses or the cuddles. I couldn't even listen to the sleepytime mix, I just thought about you. Everytime I looked over and you weren't there, or waking up with out your arms around me. sad times. It's really hard not being with someone for one day that you spend every single one with.

As for other things, work is well. And My healthy thing is going well also. I'm going to work out tonight and tomorrow, I try not to get discouraged, Riz is so my motivator. Love ya sis! After I'm gonna go home and prolly do nothing, we'll see.
Peace out.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Post Turkey Trauma

Black friday, the day I thought I couldn't resist. Ha but behold, I did! I think it was lack or sleep to be honest. I wanted that time to myself, afterall not like I had the company or the money to actually go spending like a mad man.. WOman.

I have to say that working today sucked. It went by really fast but I would have much rather stayed at home, it's pretty cold out there. I know I appreciate it much more come Christmas eve, the day I choose. I have to take Jared home after work. Just call me a good samaritan. jk. We get along pretty well, in fact he is here telling me to add that he is peachy.. and I did so get away now, thanks. My weekend, hmm, that will most likely conist of me hanging with my buddies and moving my mom's bed. I guess her and my dad continue to fight about the noise it makes at night. I bet you guys are thinking dirty. FYI, they don't sleep in the same room anymore. It's my mom moving and my dad being an easy sleeper. Moving on before an image appears.

Yesterday was wonderfully crazy. I love my family, but they drive me up the effin wall sometimes. It all started at 8:20 am when I decided to wake up. I tried to wake Micheal up as well with less sucess. And after shaking for a few good minutes, alas he was up. So ya know this Turkey Trot thing we were to go to... It all began with a broken leg and misunderstanding of not listening at all.. To the end result of us not going. I was sooo super pissed for a while there.. I hate being late and then to not do it at all. GGGRRR!! but I quickly got over it, and so instead we headed over to walmart to get the few things that we forgot. There we saw Hannah and her boo, Rueben. He is one odd fellow.

Our and by our I mean Micheal and I, had the first thanksgiving dinner/lunch with his brother John. YUMMY! the turkey rocked. Mad props bro, mikes bro :) Then I went to see Rizzy, ah that was a story all in itself. Played uno till I was all unoed out. Then arrived to my house for madness! My dad was like so drunk already, I may be exagerating a bit, he had wine to drink in a mass consumption than most individuals couldn't endure and then he tried to uphold conversations. Yep. Then my mom was stressen for like no reason. I think she should no longer host the thanks giving festivities, she can no handle it. I cooked and I feel like so not sppreciated for it, not like I want praise or something, just a simple thank you, not a "oh how hard could that be" jerk faces. I do want to add a thank you to Greg, You are jsut so nice, he came to thank me for the slice of pie I gave him on wednesday, very kind. Mind you there are still 2 whole pies at my house that my family will not eat. You all think of all the starving african children before you throw away your food. Comtinuing, the night was full of Buzz, a new game on the ps2, it is quite fun, especiallly the making your own questions part.

Ok well Jared just headed upstairs to lock up, so that Means I have to close up shop down here. Laters and have a great weekend.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey Trot

Hey guys.

It's thanksgiving eve.. You don't reallly hear it like that anymore :) Anyways, I'm at work and trying to advoid real work. A few updates,
I have been doing really well at the whole being good and working out thing.I have gone at least 3 times a week, go me! It helps to have Riz push me. I need to do a weigh in to see the progress. This is for the holiday challenge thing at work, I may have mentioned it before. I want the card so I'm gonna try super hard to lose the 5 lbs.
Yesterday was super, It was food day with yummy stuff, I seen my honey during lunch ; ), I got lots of stuff done, had fun with my temp buddy for the day Calvin, I don't like being alone and I got a raise!!! I was really surprised, I have to figure a few things out and see if I can work out some other issues but sure brought a smile to my face. I ditched working out but then Rizzy came to say bye cuz her and the Family are going to chicago to spend the holiday with Juan's family and her Best friend. Wish her a safe trip! I'm bummed that she won't be around for work, who else am i gonna email all day?

I made some pumpkin pie last night. I brought one to work to share, but I feel kinda bad because they are really dark, like i think I put too much brown sugar, mind you these are pies made from scrath with real pumpkins, I haven't tasted yet but it sure smells yummy. I have to make more tonight. I have to cook thanksgiving dinner. "supposedly" I said I would help but I guess I have to be put to the test to see if I can pull it off all by my lonesome. I'm a big girl I can handle the heat. I did last years turkey, but there is also a ham and then the stuffing and the tatoes and salads and the pies and ect. I'm a bit scared now.

Tomorrow is the 10th annual turkey Trot race! I have never done it before so this year Micheal and I are participating in it, This should make me feel less guilty for all the turkey I eat :) We are doing the 2k race, which really isn't a race at all.. the 5k is but looking at the map the 5k is like almost all around greeley or something, ok I'm exaggerating but it is really long! Plus it snowed today and it is said to snow tomorrow, So good thing we are doing the 2k, less time to freeze our butts off.

As for black Friday, I can't figure out If I want to participate in the mad shopping. Although I have become and online junkie lately. I love shopping online, Like there are so many cool things plus you can get all sorts of coups, and you all know me to be pretty thrifty. I have recently found a new walmart, with out the produce section. Kohls! I like love it now and since I have a kohls shoppers card, which was prolly a bad decision waithing to happen. They have almost everything, and if you know how to shop you can get things for cheaps. I'll have to let you know the amount I end up spending. I know I can't resist.

Some more news to add on, Jose was just in the bank and it was sooo sad. He was to leave today to visit his family in Texas for a long weekend. Last night he spoke to his grandma and then today they got the news that she passed away this morning. I have only seen Jose cry a few times and those few times were very low points so I know that this is just killing him inside. I know it's way bad when he needs a hug from me. If I could I would hug you for like ever till it doesn't hurt anymore. The whole family is going to services. My condonlences are with you and your family at this time. Sorry that what is to be a joyful occasion is to be remembered with the loss of a loved one.

With that said, hope you all have a safe and happy thanksgiving with your families. Give thanks for those who you love and still have with you. Never take them for granted. Lovies

Saturday, November 10, 2007

It's Sabado!!!

Hey boys, and girls!

I'm in a great mood today! It's saturday and I'm at work, hence why I post, easy 5 hours of my job :) My week had gotten better despite all the madness. It came out to 14 hours of meetings. Crazy huh. But my team and I which consits of carole marnie and I all had a organized system and got all tickets done and almost done with DDA! Super I know! And another note of good news, Lil Lynda may work here now, I'm stoked since she rocks and would be a great addition to the department, and the 500.00 bounus never hurts.

The holiday challenge started here at work which has been going alot better than i thought it would. We have these classes that we go to, if you want to and they are really fun.. and sweaty. I did a walking circut and even a spinning class. That one was really good but my butt hurt soooo bad after that class. I want to say I'm so proud of Arizbe cuz she has done so well this week, she pushed through as well as be my little motivator. Love ya sis!!! I found that I felt alot better when I work out cuz then I'm not so stressed, and I have been waking up super early and I'm cool with it. It's hard to wake up at 5:30 ya know. Soon as I get off work I'm heading to the plex with Mike so we can get our sweat on! Appealing huh! Besides all that It's just regular stuff, clean, laundry, so on... I have monday off, Yippee!! I wanted to take a weekend get away but I'm too poor for that, But Cancun is getting closer and I have all of it saved. I still have to decide if I'm going anywhere for Christmas, It's just so pricey during the holidays. But then, who wants to just stay at home all week, and be without my other half and do nothing? That reminds me, it's holiday picure time!!!! I will have to get my haircut soon :)

Byes and have a great weekend!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

The Need to

I have to Vent, Like my brains out, seems to be the norm lately, but who cares, it's blog and I write what I want!

So this moring seemed fine, I woke up without wanting to but what else is new. I went to bed early so who knows why I'm so tired lately. anyways, I was up, I guess I got it all done earlier than usual cuz I even had time to watch the news, which brings me up to say what the hell is wrong with this world??? Crazy issues, its the end, I know it, yeah anyways, back to my story... I get to work and I was so waiting for today because Marnie is back!!!! I can't describe the things we had to work through and all the ugh-ness we had to deal with through her abssence. So yay, cool that! Today I have a big day with tons or meetings and such, which is fine, until they try to "put the fear of god into you", which I state as a direct quote from the meeting. so we are having another audit, since we failed the other ones. Which puts tons more pressure on us. Which stinks!! How difficult is it to fill out a general ledger ticket properly?? so yeah my job just got way more intensive, made it seem like if we suck again, you all are getting fired, lol. Plus I have to update all the lists, which felt like it took forever and I need to make note that I hate excel with a passion.. biotch doesn't want to work with me, and finally I got that squared away :) which made me very, very happy! I'm helping do GL examples for another meeting thursday at 7 am... aside for having to pull up statements for a sepina which I am trying to get done and are due mananna.. and try to get all transfers verified and then of course there is the phone that rings like non stop. I have a staff meeting on wednesday, one on thursday and a training on friday that lasts all morning.. I have my hands full.

I'm stressed but I can't say it's the worst it has ever been and of that I am greatful! I can tell you right now I don't feel like cooking dinner, but for you I will :) All weekend I have not wanted to leave my house, who knows why... Also I have been craving coke like no other.I think I have mono, lol. I doubt there is a sickness that has laziness and addiction to soda as side affects but its a way better thing to blame it on illness than own self weirdness. I have to go to the doctor and the dentist soon so I will see, lol.

I needed a break and now that I got one and seeing how it is about 10 till 1, which I have another meeting in place of my lunch hour, then one shortly after then with marnie and so forth, I will be taking off with my note pad and pen and will soon fall off the face of the earth untill the time I get off.