Saturday, November 10, 2007

It's Sabado!!!

Hey boys, and girls!

I'm in a great mood today! It's saturday and I'm at work, hence why I post, easy 5 hours of my job :) My week had gotten better despite all the madness. It came out to 14 hours of meetings. Crazy huh. But my team and I which consits of carole marnie and I all had a organized system and got all tickets done and almost done with DDA! Super I know! And another note of good news, Lil Lynda may work here now, I'm stoked since she rocks and would be a great addition to the department, and the 500.00 bounus never hurts.

The holiday challenge started here at work which has been going alot better than i thought it would. We have these classes that we go to, if you want to and they are really fun.. and sweaty. I did a walking circut and even a spinning class. That one was really good but my butt hurt soooo bad after that class. I want to say I'm so proud of Arizbe cuz she has done so well this week, she pushed through as well as be my little motivator. Love ya sis!!! I found that I felt alot better when I work out cuz then I'm not so stressed, and I have been waking up super early and I'm cool with it. It's hard to wake up at 5:30 ya know. Soon as I get off work I'm heading to the plex with Mike so we can get our sweat on! Appealing huh! Besides all that It's just regular stuff, clean, laundry, so on... I have monday off, Yippee!! I wanted to take a weekend get away but I'm too poor for that, But Cancun is getting closer and I have all of it saved. I still have to decide if I'm going anywhere for Christmas, It's just so pricey during the holidays. But then, who wants to just stay at home all week, and be without my other half and do nothing? That reminds me, it's holiday picure time!!!! I will have to get my haircut soon :)

Byes and have a great weekend!!

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