Monday, November 05, 2007

The Need to

I have to Vent, Like my brains out, seems to be the norm lately, but who cares, it's blog and I write what I want!

So this moring seemed fine, I woke up without wanting to but what else is new. I went to bed early so who knows why I'm so tired lately. anyways, I was up, I guess I got it all done earlier than usual cuz I even had time to watch the news, which brings me up to say what the hell is wrong with this world??? Crazy issues, its the end, I know it, yeah anyways, back to my story... I get to work and I was so waiting for today because Marnie is back!!!! I can't describe the things we had to work through and all the ugh-ness we had to deal with through her abssence. So yay, cool that! Today I have a big day with tons or meetings and such, which is fine, until they try to "put the fear of god into you", which I state as a direct quote from the meeting. so we are having another audit, since we failed the other ones. Which puts tons more pressure on us. Which stinks!! How difficult is it to fill out a general ledger ticket properly?? so yeah my job just got way more intensive, made it seem like if we suck again, you all are getting fired, lol. Plus I have to update all the lists, which felt like it took forever and I need to make note that I hate excel with a passion.. biotch doesn't want to work with me, and finally I got that squared away :) which made me very, very happy! I'm helping do GL examples for another meeting thursday at 7 am... aside for having to pull up statements for a sepina which I am trying to get done and are due mananna.. and try to get all transfers verified and then of course there is the phone that rings like non stop. I have a staff meeting on wednesday, one on thursday and a training on friday that lasts all morning.. I have my hands full.

I'm stressed but I can't say it's the worst it has ever been and of that I am greatful! I can tell you right now I don't feel like cooking dinner, but for you I will :) All weekend I have not wanted to leave my house, who knows why... Also I have been craving coke like no other.I think I have mono, lol. I doubt there is a sickness that has laziness and addiction to soda as side affects but its a way better thing to blame it on illness than own self weirdness. I have to go to the doctor and the dentist soon so I will see, lol.

I needed a break and now that I got one and seeing how it is about 10 till 1, which I have another meeting in place of my lunch hour, then one shortly after then with marnie and so forth, I will be taking off with my note pad and pen and will soon fall off the face of the earth untill the time I get off.


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