Friday, November 23, 2007

Post Turkey Trauma

Black friday, the day I thought I couldn't resist. Ha but behold, I did! I think it was lack or sleep to be honest. I wanted that time to myself, afterall not like I had the company or the money to actually go spending like a mad man.. WOman.

I have to say that working today sucked. It went by really fast but I would have much rather stayed at home, it's pretty cold out there. I know I appreciate it much more come Christmas eve, the day I choose. I have to take Jared home after work. Just call me a good samaritan. jk. We get along pretty well, in fact he is here telling me to add that he is peachy.. and I did so get away now, thanks. My weekend, hmm, that will most likely conist of me hanging with my buddies and moving my mom's bed. I guess her and my dad continue to fight about the noise it makes at night. I bet you guys are thinking dirty. FYI, they don't sleep in the same room anymore. It's my mom moving and my dad being an easy sleeper. Moving on before an image appears.

Yesterday was wonderfully crazy. I love my family, but they drive me up the effin wall sometimes. It all started at 8:20 am when I decided to wake up. I tried to wake Micheal up as well with less sucess. And after shaking for a few good minutes, alas he was up. So ya know this Turkey Trot thing we were to go to... It all began with a broken leg and misunderstanding of not listening at all.. To the end result of us not going. I was sooo super pissed for a while there.. I hate being late and then to not do it at all. GGGRRR!! but I quickly got over it, and so instead we headed over to walmart to get the few things that we forgot. There we saw Hannah and her boo, Rueben. He is one odd fellow.

Our and by our I mean Micheal and I, had the first thanksgiving dinner/lunch with his brother John. YUMMY! the turkey rocked. Mad props bro, mikes bro :) Then I went to see Rizzy, ah that was a story all in itself. Played uno till I was all unoed out. Then arrived to my house for madness! My dad was like so drunk already, I may be exagerating a bit, he had wine to drink in a mass consumption than most individuals couldn't endure and then he tried to uphold conversations. Yep. Then my mom was stressen for like no reason. I think she should no longer host the thanks giving festivities, she can no handle it. I cooked and I feel like so not sppreciated for it, not like I want praise or something, just a simple thank you, not a "oh how hard could that be" jerk faces. I do want to add a thank you to Greg, You are jsut so nice, he came to thank me for the slice of pie I gave him on wednesday, very kind. Mind you there are still 2 whole pies at my house that my family will not eat. You all think of all the starving african children before you throw away your food. Comtinuing, the night was full of Buzz, a new game on the ps2, it is quite fun, especiallly the making your own questions part.

Ok well Jared just headed upstairs to lock up, so that Means I have to close up shop down here. Laters and have a great weekend.

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