Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey Trot

Hey guys.

It's thanksgiving eve.. You don't reallly hear it like that anymore :) Anyways, I'm at work and trying to advoid real work. A few updates,
I have been doing really well at the whole being good and working out thing.I have gone at least 3 times a week, go me! It helps to have Riz push me. I need to do a weigh in to see the progress. This is for the holiday challenge thing at work, I may have mentioned it before. I want the card so I'm gonna try super hard to lose the 5 lbs.
Yesterday was super, It was food day with yummy stuff, I seen my honey during lunch ; ), I got lots of stuff done, had fun with my temp buddy for the day Calvin, I don't like being alone and I got a raise!!! I was really surprised, I have to figure a few things out and see if I can work out some other issues but sure brought a smile to my face. I ditched working out but then Rizzy came to say bye cuz her and the Family are going to chicago to spend the holiday with Juan's family and her Best friend. Wish her a safe trip! I'm bummed that she won't be around for work, who else am i gonna email all day?

I made some pumpkin pie last night. I brought one to work to share, but I feel kinda bad because they are really dark, like i think I put too much brown sugar, mind you these are pies made from scrath with real pumpkins, I haven't tasted yet but it sure smells yummy. I have to make more tonight. I have to cook thanksgiving dinner. "supposedly" I said I would help but I guess I have to be put to the test to see if I can pull it off all by my lonesome. I'm a big girl I can handle the heat. I did last years turkey, but there is also a ham and then the stuffing and the tatoes and salads and the pies and ect. I'm a bit scared now.

Tomorrow is the 10th annual turkey Trot race! I have never done it before so this year Micheal and I are participating in it, This should make me feel less guilty for all the turkey I eat :) We are doing the 2k race, which really isn't a race at all.. the 5k is but looking at the map the 5k is like almost all around greeley or something, ok I'm exaggerating but it is really long! Plus it snowed today and it is said to snow tomorrow, So good thing we are doing the 2k, less time to freeze our butts off.

As for black Friday, I can't figure out If I want to participate in the mad shopping. Although I have become and online junkie lately. I love shopping online, Like there are so many cool things plus you can get all sorts of coups, and you all know me to be pretty thrifty. I have recently found a new walmart, with out the produce section. Kohls! I like love it now and since I have a kohls shoppers card, which was prolly a bad decision waithing to happen. They have almost everything, and if you know how to shop you can get things for cheaps. I'll have to let you know the amount I end up spending. I know I can't resist.

Some more news to add on, Jose was just in the bank and it was sooo sad. He was to leave today to visit his family in Texas for a long weekend. Last night he spoke to his grandma and then today they got the news that she passed away this morning. I have only seen Jose cry a few times and those few times were very low points so I know that this is just killing him inside. I know it's way bad when he needs a hug from me. If I could I would hug you for like ever till it doesn't hurt anymore. The whole family is going to services. My condonlences are with you and your family at this time. Sorry that what is to be a joyful occasion is to be remembered with the loss of a loved one.

With that said, hope you all have a safe and happy thanksgiving with your families. Give thanks for those who you love and still have with you. Never take them for granted. Lovies

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