Thursday, January 25, 2007

Brightest days and darkest nights

Songs of the day

Lit- My own worst enemy
AFI- love like winter
Cartel- Honestly

SO I'm eatin ramen noodles. yummy! Wow alot has happend since last time. Very very good things!!! ; D
Last friday we all went bowling, everyone and i mean everyone, it was soooo fun. I have never been so violated!! Ha erick was super naughty, kinda like a lil too much PDA but who cares. I so won, then we ddr'ed .
Saturday i watched the girls for a bit then Juan gave me tickets to see the Eagles hockey game. Micheal and I ended up going and it was soooo much fun!! that game was crazy good and we were all jumpin around and cheerin, it's cuz we wanted subway. Then we had dinner at our place, village inn. I come to notice that we have many "places" together. Cute huh. Crazy how me and micheal are so tryin really hard to do things that are not bad and it just seems like it don't work. And on saturday things got a lil too far than what we would have wanted but hey I don't blame him.... no one can resist my kiss. lol.
Monday I decided to take my application and resume to New frontier Bank where they had position available. I took it in and i waited for the lady to give her my stuff in person and she wanted to give me an on the spot interview. It went well and then she told me she wanted to see me again the next day. So i stress and stress cuz i really do love my job at the credit union and i love everyone i work with, I just really need insurance, and they will pay me more ( i'll be makin 400 dollars a week) and they are even gonna pay for my college courses to be an accountant. Pretty sweet huh, Well me and Erick talked it over alot and he wished me luck a million times on my interviews, it was so cute. On tuesday i told debbie about me and this position and i got really sad i even stared cryin like a loser, cuz i though about all the members who love me and all the ones that i know exactly how they want their cash back, the ones who i already have their accounts pulled up when i see their cars on the street. even the ones that me and Christy joke about them bein our boy friends. But during luch that day I Got a call from marnie and i got the position. Micheal took me to applebees and i was stressin over telling the credit union. SO i had to let debbie know it was my two weeks. So hard to do!!!! Today there was an e-mail about me leaving. I have never heard so many i will miss you..'s . SO SAD!!!! So the tellers are gonna take me to pf changs for dinner next friday. How sweet. I love and will miss you alls.
On another note, becca, kristin and lauren all wanna move in together in may. Ha they want me cuz i'm crazy, hell i already know that! But we all party all the time. Match made in heaven? who knows but i think i will consider it.
Mannana i'm gonna go to basket ball and then we might go to lynda's... we need to catch up on our Mabe go bowling and then just chill. Erick might come over. Maybe a good late movie night :)
well cass wants to go to roma's... But i'm not too hungry, shouldn't have ate those ramen... damn, but good thing i stopped before it was too late. OOO and i lost 5 pounds... GO ME!!!
See ya.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Song of the day:
The postal service - Such great heights
Hello. goodbye - Here in your arms
Amanda Perez - angel
Sugar ray - when it's over

Monday... Happy martin luther king jr day!!! YAY those of us who have real jobs don't have to work!!!! Sorry Jose, lol. Ah this week end has been so crazy!! Starting friday went to the pastors house and that was just drama... But like cass's dad had a heart attack. Sad but he's ok. so we were a lil all over the place on friday and saturday. But it was all good in the end. I didn't get to go tho the wreckers concert.. That was sad. I really wanted to go! And today all my plans got changed about going to the zoo. ah it's too cold anyways, or at least i will continue to tell myself that, lol. WE hung with lynda this weekend. she is so cool! Ha we ened up watchin annie's birth video, Omg that was so graphic. I want six of that, ha I might change my mind now, lol. She did mention some scary ass stuff though. Made me really scared. I'm gonna be blunt. If that were the case I would be really scared and due to the circumstances I think i would have to think long and hard about if i even want them, it, him whatever to even be a part of it, Sad i know but things have just became that way.Last night we all hung out at gina's. cuz now she officially changed her name, lame!! just kidding. Oh i even set up my new computer and by settin up i mean put it on the desk lol. I'm so not technical.. ha but i'm waiting for my personal tech support to come, that shall be fun.
I'm with the girls and we just ate this whole thing of reese's peanut butter cup ice cream... Ah I can't belive we did that!!! This is so fun, so i'm gonna go so i can chills and then i gotsta go to walmart. go walmart!! ha i have no life.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pushin it

Songs of the day:
Intocable- Suena
Lady soverin - Love me or hate me (i have no idea how to spell her name)
Wired - one step from a nerous break down

It's thursday.. I'm so tired!!! Basket ball kicked my ass today. It was fun tho. I joined the special olympics cuz cass kept tellin me to, her dad was in it for like evers. I'm a partner so I get to help the actual Athletes who have disabilities. It is sooo fun and I really like workin with them. Jose even went today, ha that was some funny stuff!!! Plus you would think that they would go all easy on them cuz they are special but they don't and there are some who are way way better than me, lol.
So The whole sleddin thing. It was fun till I like bashed my head on the hill, that was brutal, jk. But i did get all dizzy and had to sit the rest out. I was gonna take pics, but that didn't happen :(
Awe yesterday i was really really sick, I spent the night with cass and then when i woke up in the morin i was like ready to puke. I got home and sure enough i did. A few times actually. It couldn't have been the food cuz me and cass shared everything that night. But then my micheal offered to bring me friends and some fruit i had been craving and to baby me like old times. :) it was fun, we watched tv and then one thing led to another, lol. Ahhh doesn't it always!!!! anyways he got us dinner and then he spent the night. I had a really good moring... Considering i had like half an hour to get ready, I admit we pushed the whole time limit thing, what can i say, we rebels!!!! Funny how you stop talkin to someone for like a week and then you see them and it's like I love you, I miss you and i wanna see you and ya da ya da.. uh huh yeah i know you missed me and i knew you wouldn't give up either!! Ha but my fault i broke in, ha and christy gives me sooo much shit for that.. Hey I'm only human, and I needed it ok!!! Like her screwin you know who is any better?
Ohh it snowin, I hate the snow, i think i only like it when i can just stay home and see it fall, then go play in it afterwards, not driving in it.
I went to collins with my sis the other day to get her prize thingy from the radio station, and as we were gettin there,there was this big huge white van, we were kinda battling over the road space. K so we finally get in the building and the guy was like " did you just see Fall out boy? they just left in this big ol' van, they just got done doin a recording" OMG me and my sis were so mad!! considering we both take our camera everywhere, lol. Oh wells. Howevers we are gonna go see the Wreckers this saturday. It should be way fun! and on mlkj day we are thinkin about going to the zoo, it's free day, but it's snowin outside, hopefully it gets better.
k well i'm gonna goooos now. Be safe on the roads, be warm and ttyl.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Little reels of tape

Song of the day:
Alicia Keys- Karma
Kelly Clarkson- behind these hazel eyes
Weezer- say it ain't so

Its sabado. yay!! woo hoo, do ya feel the excitement? Lets see. we had decided to do something today, such as ice skate.... but it is way tooo effin cold out there and then to have to go in a rink where it is just a degree warmer... ha i don't think so. besides i'm way too tiered. Seems my insomina is kickin in, lucky me. Then we were gonna go bowling. That fell through. I don't feel like doin much anymore. I did go to work today and it went by really fast cuz me and christy was all gossipin about last night..eventhough we hung out all night..... ah let me tell ya about last night : )
After work I went over to the captains house.. chatted, ate pizza, and watched the covienant... again, lol. It was the times you watch the movie and all you do is make lil comments about the movie as it's going on. I like doin that sometimes... maybe cuz i already know what happened.
I'm listening to nsync. a lil old school... teen version. Damn they rock, or pop or whatever. Some songs are all sad. Not a good time. Sorry got side tracked. So after leavin the mini faith based party I went over to christy's house. She was not there at first but that was cool cuz katy was there with jake and tammy. Anthony actually took the time to sorta teach me how to play poker... i must say i kicked his ass for how we were playin, not sure if that is the real way you play or if he was just messin with me. But i think i'm a natural!!! Oh i also kicked jake's ass at guitar hero, on HARD!!! yeah!!! I was still on easy but i guess i'm better than i thought. : D
So last night rufio wanted to hang but then i was all busy with christy, so after i went home he came over a bit after and watched some tv. then we feel asleep. oooo lol. it was like 6:30 when my alarm went off. I was sooo sleepy this mornin. me and christy used to buddy system to wake up so we were both there for work lol.
Ah i even went to walmart after work to buy things to make pigs in a blanket, i have been cravin those lately. Maybe it was that episode of friends. Ah I MISS friends SO much : ( I feel empty now, lol.
Think this is takin forever to write. I stopped to read this thing that just totally made me break down for a split second... Maybe i will consider reposting it later.
K well i'm gonna get off now.. Oh and tommorrow i'm gonna go sleding!!!! oh yeah. this is gonna be soo effin fun!! hope i feel up to that.
Nighty nights x0

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Three days and counting

Yo and hola. It's noonish and I'm soooooo sleepy. But is still gotta go to works. Sucks! Last night I got like a hundered pics to finally finish bookin and do some cute lil albums. Ha i think I'm gonna tear some up but who cares... not me!!! Oh i saw regina at walmart and that was real interesting.. she just kept talking like i was her friend, even abs was like wtf? she is soo silly. A part of me feels really bad for her, but ah oh well. She intoduced me to some dude named matt, ha tweeker, jk. he was all weird though. He thinks i'm pretty, ha what else is new? So tommorrow is friday.. yay except for i have to work this weekend too, will make up for new years i guess. Gonna watch a movie and pizza this friday and i think on sat i might go to da movies. Rufio and me are gonna hang. not sure who else is going. I lost my movie source so... I just have to look for movies on my own. Dunno if there is anything good tho. Oh i have to mention how much i love Jamie. She rocks and she is so cute. She is like a revenge coach for me : ) I did these cute lil frames for our pic. I love it.
Oh and thank you erick for makin me think that your dad hates me. we all know that ain't possible, lol. Tiffany told me all that you told her, biotch you are sneeky! And I lied about everything i said about yo daddy.
Ah he is a lil mini horoscope that says stuff about me, me being i'm a cancer. oh and I guess this eye color thing too.

CANCER: Most amazing kisser. Very high sex appeal. Great in bed. Love is one of a kind. Very romantic. Most caring person you will ever meet. Entirely creative. Extremely random and proud of it. Freak in bed. Spontaneous. Great tellin stories. Not a Fighter, But will Knock your lights out if it comes down to it. Someone you should hold on to.

Brown Eyes-Sexy as hell, people with brown eyes are very attractive, adorable, love to make new friends. Will do anything for that special person. Kind and polite Can make anyone laugh or cheer them up. Best in bed can last for days.... loves to please the one they care or love for, very good kissers, are straight up WARRIORS, not one to mess with,

hells to da yes, I think that totaly describes me, ask anyone!!!
Well i'm off to work now.. I think i'm gonna take the scenic route so i can think about some things, see yall latters. Peace

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

first post of the year!!!!

Song of da day:

Grupo pesado- ojala que te mueras.. this is mine and jose's jam
Motion city soundtrack- feels like rain
Jason aldien- Amarillo sky
Carrie underwood- starts of goodbye
Hillary duff- So yesterday

Happy 2007!!! this year has gone by so fast. gee.. As of now i'm listening to flyleaf. It's one of these songs that make you all sad and all memoric, uh if that's a word.
December was fun. Um Me and mikey went to my nefews first chiors concert it was soooo cute, but i got a huge migrane shortly after.. awe and he took care of me. He even let me hog the bed.
Work has been fun and a bit busy, extra hours. It was nice having a full five days off from the blizzard of 06 as they call it. Erick did come over and we played in the snow and crawled in my window cuz we didn't wanna go around. Me and mike babysat the girls and watched a sad movie that made me cry, oh it was so fun taking them christmas shoppin!! Then christmas eve that was fun I spent time with cassie and then I came to arizbe's house and we all opened gifts. It was really nice. Then I went over to mikes and played friends scene it, which has gotten me obsessed with friends... Damn you all!!! yeah and i stayed the night and we spent all christmas together. kinda cute.
So my list... ah ha that was fun. I kinda did some of it i guess ; D
I went to the plasma center with cassie, OMG I was so effin scared!!! I get scared around ghetto people and to make it worse there were some carnie lookin people there which so freaked me out. I like ran outta there it was soo funny. I had to call mike to like calm down cuz that was some freaky shit!
Ha the whole sho thing... I haven't thrown one away but... but i bought 2 yes 2 new pairs, lol. What can i say i love shoes.. my vice. Some cute phat farms and some greenish ones that are cute too : )
I did however rearage my room but our desk don't fit in there so i will have to get a new one or move something else, don't even het me started on the sewing machine.. Oh and poor oscar has been through a whole lot these past few weeks on account of our huge blizzards. I'm gonna say that that is a good reason for not accomplishin my goals.
New years was really fun!!! Went to christy's house and we had a great time!!!! ah don't wanna reviel my lil secrets!!!! aaaaahhhhhh
It's that time of year to make resolutions.
I thought about it and i dunno.. it's all so superficial.
However i'm going to join all of you who have hopes to continue with a goal.
Lets start with eatin right... Which i have been doin... can't say that for all though, and you know who you are.. ooo and i even ran on the tread mill. oh yeah i rock!!
I also wanna save money.. that is gonna be really hard. I love shoppin!!!!
I've been thinkin and I really really just wanna forget about everything that has gone on this year. It's new and i think I should start new. I don't wanna be so worried with something that I know isn't gonna work or try to belive in somethin that isn't there. basically be realistic : )
I hope this year goes great... lovies