Monday, January 15, 2007

Song of the day:
The postal service - Such great heights
Hello. goodbye - Here in your arms
Amanda Perez - angel
Sugar ray - when it's over

Monday... Happy martin luther king jr day!!! YAY those of us who have real jobs don't have to work!!!! Sorry Jose, lol. Ah this week end has been so crazy!! Starting friday went to the pastors house and that was just drama... But like cass's dad had a heart attack. Sad but he's ok. so we were a lil all over the place on friday and saturday. But it was all good in the end. I didn't get to go tho the wreckers concert.. That was sad. I really wanted to go! And today all my plans got changed about going to the zoo. ah it's too cold anyways, or at least i will continue to tell myself that, lol. WE hung with lynda this weekend. she is so cool! Ha we ened up watchin annie's birth video, Omg that was so graphic. I want six of that, ha I might change my mind now, lol. She did mention some scary ass stuff though. Made me really scared. I'm gonna be blunt. If that were the case I would be really scared and due to the circumstances I think i would have to think long and hard about if i even want them, it, him whatever to even be a part of it, Sad i know but things have just became that way.Last night we all hung out at gina's. cuz now she officially changed her name, lame!! just kidding. Oh i even set up my new computer and by settin up i mean put it on the desk lol. I'm so not technical.. ha but i'm waiting for my personal tech support to come, that shall be fun.
I'm with the girls and we just ate this whole thing of reese's peanut butter cup ice cream... Ah I can't belive we did that!!! This is so fun, so i'm gonna go so i can chills and then i gotsta go to walmart. go walmart!! ha i have no life.

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