Saturday, January 06, 2007

Little reels of tape

Song of the day:
Alicia Keys- Karma
Kelly Clarkson- behind these hazel eyes
Weezer- say it ain't so

Its sabado. yay!! woo hoo, do ya feel the excitement? Lets see. we had decided to do something today, such as ice skate.... but it is way tooo effin cold out there and then to have to go in a rink where it is just a degree warmer... ha i don't think so. besides i'm way too tiered. Seems my insomina is kickin in, lucky me. Then we were gonna go bowling. That fell through. I don't feel like doin much anymore. I did go to work today and it went by really fast cuz me and christy was all gossipin about last night..eventhough we hung out all night..... ah let me tell ya about last night : )
After work I went over to the captains house.. chatted, ate pizza, and watched the covienant... again, lol. It was the times you watch the movie and all you do is make lil comments about the movie as it's going on. I like doin that sometimes... maybe cuz i already know what happened.
I'm listening to nsync. a lil old school... teen version. Damn they rock, or pop or whatever. Some songs are all sad. Not a good time. Sorry got side tracked. So after leavin the mini faith based party I went over to christy's house. She was not there at first but that was cool cuz katy was there with jake and tammy. Anthony actually took the time to sorta teach me how to play poker... i must say i kicked his ass for how we were playin, not sure if that is the real way you play or if he was just messin with me. But i think i'm a natural!!! Oh i also kicked jake's ass at guitar hero, on HARD!!! yeah!!! I was still on easy but i guess i'm better than i thought. : D
So last night rufio wanted to hang but then i was all busy with christy, so after i went home he came over a bit after and watched some tv. then we feel asleep. oooo lol. it was like 6:30 when my alarm went off. I was sooo sleepy this mornin. me and christy used to buddy system to wake up so we were both there for work lol.
Ah i even went to walmart after work to buy things to make pigs in a blanket, i have been cravin those lately. Maybe it was that episode of friends. Ah I MISS friends SO much : ( I feel empty now, lol.
Think this is takin forever to write. I stopped to read this thing that just totally made me break down for a split second... Maybe i will consider reposting it later.
K well i'm gonna get off now.. Oh and tommorrow i'm gonna go sleding!!!! oh yeah. this is gonna be soo effin fun!! hope i feel up to that.
Nighty nights x0

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