Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pushin it

Songs of the day:
Intocable- Suena
Lady soverin - Love me or hate me (i have no idea how to spell her name)
Wired - one step from a nerous break down

It's thursday.. I'm so tired!!! Basket ball kicked my ass today. It was fun tho. I joined the special olympics cuz cass kept tellin me to, her dad was in it for like evers. I'm a partner so I get to help the actual Athletes who have disabilities. It is sooo fun and I really like workin with them. Jose even went today, ha that was some funny stuff!!! Plus you would think that they would go all easy on them cuz they are special but they don't and there are some who are way way better than me, lol.
So The whole sleddin thing. It was fun till I like bashed my head on the hill, that was brutal, jk. But i did get all dizzy and had to sit the rest out. I was gonna take pics, but that didn't happen :(
Awe yesterday i was really really sick, I spent the night with cass and then when i woke up in the morin i was like ready to puke. I got home and sure enough i did. A few times actually. It couldn't have been the food cuz me and cass shared everything that night. But then my micheal offered to bring me friends and some fruit i had been craving and to baby me like old times. :) it was fun, we watched tv and then one thing led to another, lol. Ahhh doesn't it always!!!! anyways he got us dinner and then he spent the night. I had a really good moring... Considering i had like half an hour to get ready, I admit we pushed the whole time limit thing, what can i say, we rebels!!!! Funny how you stop talkin to someone for like a week and then you see them and it's like I love you, I miss you and i wanna see you and ya da ya da.. uh huh yeah i know you missed me and i knew you wouldn't give up either!! Ha but my fault i broke in, ha and christy gives me sooo much shit for that.. Hey I'm only human, and I needed it ok!!! Like her screwin you know who is any better?
Ohh it snowin, I hate the snow, i think i only like it when i can just stay home and see it fall, then go play in it afterwards, not driving in it.
I went to collins with my sis the other day to get her prize thingy from the radio station, and as we were gettin there,there was this big huge white van, we were kinda battling over the road space. K so we finally get in the building and the guy was like " did you just see Fall out boy? they just left in this big ol' van, they just got done doin a recording" OMG me and my sis were so mad!! considering we both take our camera everywhere, lol. Oh wells. Howevers we are gonna go see the Wreckers this saturday. It should be way fun! and on mlkj day we are thinkin about going to the zoo, it's free day, but it's snowin outside, hopefully it gets better.
k well i'm gonna goooos now. Be safe on the roads, be warm and ttyl.

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