Tuesday, January 02, 2007

first post of the year!!!!

Song of da day:

Grupo pesado- ojala que te mueras.. this is mine and jose's jam
Motion city soundtrack- feels like rain
Jason aldien- Amarillo sky
Carrie underwood- starts of goodbye
Hillary duff- So yesterday

Happy 2007!!! this year has gone by so fast. gee.. As of now i'm listening to flyleaf. It's one of these songs that make you all sad and all memoric, uh if that's a word.
December was fun. Um Me and mikey went to my nefews first chiors concert it was soooo cute, but i got a huge migrane shortly after.. awe and he took care of me. He even let me hog the bed.
Work has been fun and a bit busy, extra hours. It was nice having a full five days off from the blizzard of 06 as they call it. Erick did come over and we played in the snow and crawled in my window cuz we didn't wanna go around. Me and mike babysat the girls and watched a sad movie that made me cry, oh it was so fun taking them christmas shoppin!! Then christmas eve that was fun I spent time with cassie and then I came to arizbe's house and we all opened gifts. It was really nice. Then I went over to mikes and played friends scene it, which has gotten me obsessed with friends... Damn you all!!! yeah and i stayed the night and we spent all christmas together. kinda cute.
So my list... ah ha that was fun. I kinda did some of it i guess ; D
I went to the plasma center with cassie, OMG I was so effin scared!!! I get scared around ghetto people and to make it worse there were some carnie lookin people there which so freaked me out. I like ran outta there it was soo funny. I had to call mike to like calm down cuz that was some freaky shit!
Ha the whole sho thing... I haven't thrown one away but... but i bought 2 yes 2 new pairs, lol. What can i say i love shoes.. my vice. Some cute phat farms and some greenish ones that are cute too : )
I did however rearage my room but our desk don't fit in there so i will have to get a new one or move something else, don't even het me started on the sewing machine.. Oh and poor oscar has been through a whole lot these past few weeks on account of our huge blizzards. I'm gonna say that that is a good reason for not accomplishin my goals.
New years was really fun!!! Went to christy's house and we had a great time!!!! ah don't wanna reviel my lil secrets!!!! aaaaahhhhhh
It's that time of year to make resolutions.
I thought about it and i dunno.. it's all so superficial.
However i'm going to join all of you who have hopes to continue with a goal.
Lets start with eatin right... Which i have been doin... can't say that for all though, and you know who you are.. ooo and i even ran on the tread mill. oh yeah i rock!!
I also wanna save money.. that is gonna be really hard. I love shoppin!!!!
I've been thinkin and I really really just wanna forget about everything that has gone on this year. It's new and i think I should start new. I don't wanna be so worried with something that I know isn't gonna work or try to belive in somethin that isn't there. basically be realistic : )
I hope this year goes great... lovies

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