Thursday, January 25, 2007

Brightest days and darkest nights

Songs of the day

Lit- My own worst enemy
AFI- love like winter
Cartel- Honestly

SO I'm eatin ramen noodles. yummy! Wow alot has happend since last time. Very very good things!!! ; D
Last friday we all went bowling, everyone and i mean everyone, it was soooo fun. I have never been so violated!! Ha erick was super naughty, kinda like a lil too much PDA but who cares. I so won, then we ddr'ed .
Saturday i watched the girls for a bit then Juan gave me tickets to see the Eagles hockey game. Micheal and I ended up going and it was soooo much fun!! that game was crazy good and we were all jumpin around and cheerin, it's cuz we wanted subway. Then we had dinner at our place, village inn. I come to notice that we have many "places" together. Cute huh. Crazy how me and micheal are so tryin really hard to do things that are not bad and it just seems like it don't work. And on saturday things got a lil too far than what we would have wanted but hey I don't blame him.... no one can resist my kiss. lol.
Monday I decided to take my application and resume to New frontier Bank where they had position available. I took it in and i waited for the lady to give her my stuff in person and she wanted to give me an on the spot interview. It went well and then she told me she wanted to see me again the next day. So i stress and stress cuz i really do love my job at the credit union and i love everyone i work with, I just really need insurance, and they will pay me more ( i'll be makin 400 dollars a week) and they are even gonna pay for my college courses to be an accountant. Pretty sweet huh, Well me and Erick talked it over alot and he wished me luck a million times on my interviews, it was so cute. On tuesday i told debbie about me and this position and i got really sad i even stared cryin like a loser, cuz i though about all the members who love me and all the ones that i know exactly how they want their cash back, the ones who i already have their accounts pulled up when i see their cars on the street. even the ones that me and Christy joke about them bein our boy friends. But during luch that day I Got a call from marnie and i got the position. Micheal took me to applebees and i was stressin over telling the credit union. SO i had to let debbie know it was my two weeks. So hard to do!!!! Today there was an e-mail about me leaving. I have never heard so many i will miss you..'s . SO SAD!!!! So the tellers are gonna take me to pf changs for dinner next friday. How sweet. I love and will miss you alls.
On another note, becca, kristin and lauren all wanna move in together in may. Ha they want me cuz i'm crazy, hell i already know that! But we all party all the time. Match made in heaven? who knows but i think i will consider it.
Mannana i'm gonna go to basket ball and then we might go to lynda's... we need to catch up on our Mabe go bowling and then just chill. Erick might come over. Maybe a good late movie night :)
well cass wants to go to roma's... But i'm not too hungry, shouldn't have ate those ramen... damn, but good thing i stopped before it was too late. OOO and i lost 5 pounds... GO ME!!!
See ya.

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