Friday, February 09, 2007

bittersweet goodbyes

It's two thirty in the morning and it just so happens I can't sleep. Micheal left like an hour ago. * sigh * I don't regret anything... Safe to say that. Today was my first day at the bank. I really liked it spent most the morning taking pics for the newspaper guess cuz we be brownies. Riz took me to wendy's for lunch i felt bad cuz Juan is such an ass and she way crying on the way back to work. But I got my cute name plaqe and my business cards!!! Yay I have business cards! My huge desk in this big office. I love it!!! I'm so excited!!! Let me tell ya that leaving the credit union was one of the hardest things to do in my whole life!!! I was fine till I got in my car.. Then I became a mess!! I called mike ballin my face off!! But then we went to pf changs that was soo yummy then Barnes and nobles where I found an interesting book on financial development. I'm glad I got to read some it gave great perspective. Oh we got matching journals that reminds me I have to write in it. I guess I have to try to fall asleep or I'll die by tomorrow afternoon! Peace

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