Sunday, September 10, 2006

Catch a shooting star

And put it in your pocket never let it fade away.... O likes that song, SOOO It is saturday noche and I am here with meche.. that is mercedes, mike's lil sister... she so cute. Ah and she even ran up to me on thursday here b-day and was all like... I love you. HOW SWEET!! K movin along, I noticed I forgot a few things last blog.. LIKE the yellowcard concert!! Man that soooo rocked, they were all great, I almost passed out from heat and I punched some guy in the face a few times, it was cute how after that micheal tried to protect me and was all apologizing to da guy, lol. He so deserved it! Um... I had alot more on my mind before i wrote this... oh weellss. Lets seee, like I have no idea what my home looks like anymore, or my mom, lol jk. but the past few days ( 3 ) I have been sleeping over at my baby's house, oh and we went to the rockies game last night, that was fun. Oh and I has LOTSA fun last night, wink wink... he he ha. Well the thingy was that we have kinda beens having a bit of some technical dificulties... then we decided a break would be good, so it happened then... Micheal realized how shitty life is without me, eventhough we still hung out like 24 / 7 the 2 days we were on this break.. lol. you knows you life shitty, jk I love you. So now things are just the way they were. I find it hard to belive how pathetic some people in this world can really be... Come on now and get a life.. or should I say continue with your own instead of being latched on to mine!!! OH and mind your own damn business and don't talk shit... cuz you will not get what you want... even if you lie about it. Sorry.
Ah my phone broke... yea It fell in the toilet at fernando's casa, and let me assure you it was clean when it did thanks god cuz if not I would have not gotten it. but it worked for a bit so if you got a call from me and then never heard from me again, don't worry I'm still alive. I know snack was worried lol. School is great actually I got an a on my math test already Yay! They are good classes and the teachers like me, so it all gravys. (sighs) I'm gonna get off now so I can go cuddle with my honey now, Hasta la vista.

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